Nachtclub am 25. August 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Pia Fraus; That’s Not All; That’s Not All – Single; Seksound
2. Pia Fraus; 400 & 57; In Solarium; SekSound
3. Pia Fraus; How Fast Can You Love; In Solarium; SekSound
4. Widowspeak; Warmer; Expect the Best; Captured Tracks
5. Widowspeak; the Dream; Expect the Best; Captured Tracks
6. Liars; Staring At Zero; TFCF; Mute
7. Liars; No Help Pamphlet; TFCF; Mute
8. Liars; Houseclouds; Liars; Mute
9. Liars; Vox Tuned D.E.D. Mess; Mute
10. Liars; I’m No Gold; Mess; Mute
11. Liars; The Grand Delusional; TFCF; Mute
12. Liars; Tumbling Walls Buried Me in the Debris With E.S.G. They Threw Us in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top; Blast First
13. ESG; UFO; ESG; Fire Records
14. Happyness; Anytime; Write In; Moshi Moshi
15. Happyness; Through Window; Write In; Moshi Moshi
16. New Jackson; Put the Love In It (Peaking Lights Rmx); Put the Love In It; All City Records
17. New Jackson; From Night to Night; From Night To Night; All City Records
18. David Kitt; Pale Blue Light; the Big Romance; Blanco Y Negro
19. Frankie Broyles; L Bright; Slow Return; Skeleton Realm Records
20. Frankie Broyles; Capturer; Color Set / Capturer – Single; Lefse
21. Wrackspurts; Paradies; Die Welt, die nicht mehr ist, wie sie nie war; Wrackspurts
22. Love-Songs; Selbst Die Randerscheinung; ID; Love-Songs
23. Liars; Brats; WIXIW; Mute
24. Liars; Octagon; WIXIW; Mute

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