Nachtclub am 24. Mai 2019

1. Cate Le Bon; Mother’s Mother’s Magazines; Reward; Mexican Summer
2. Cate Le Bon; Here It Comes Again; Reward; Mexican Summer
3. Gruff Rhys; Shark Ridden Waters – feat. Andy Votel; Hotel Shampoo; Ovni
4. LCD Soundsystem vs. John Cale; All My Friends; All My Friends Single; DFA / EMI
5. Cate Le Bon; Me Oh My; Me Oh My; Irony Bored
6. Davidge; Gallant Foxes ft. Cate Le Bon; Slo Light; 7Hz
7. Cate Le Bon; Daylight Matters; Reward; Mexican Summer
8. Grace Ives; Mirror; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
9. Grace Ives; Icing On the Cake; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
10. Solex; Solex All Licketysplit; Solex vs. the Hitmeister; Matador
11. Grace Ives; Lucky; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
12. Infinite Bisous; Charnwood; Period; Tasty Morsels
13. Mac DeMarco; Finally Alone; Here Comes the Cowboy; Mac’s Record Label
14. Mac DeMarco; Preoccupied; Here Comes the Cowboy; Mac’s Record Label
15. Infinite Bisous; Sole Mate; Period; Tasty Morsels
16. Toro Y Moi; Baby Drive It Down; Outer Peace; Car Park / Indigo
17. Hayden Thorpe; Stop Motion; Diviner; Domino
18. Hayden Thorpe; Anywhen; Diviner; Domino
19. Wild Beasts; the Fun Powder Plot; Two Dancers; Domino
20. Holly Herndon; Alienation; Proto; 4AD
21. Holly Herndon; Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt; Proto; 4AD
22. Dean Blunt & Poison Anna; Beefa; Soul On Fire; Blunt
23. Joanne Robertson & Dean Blunt; Fuckboy Anthem; Wahalla; Textile Records
24. Dean Blunt; Blow; Black Metal; Rough Trade
25. Dean Blunt; Papi; the Redeemer; Hippos in Tanks
26. Doug Hream Blunt; Gentle Persuasion ft. Elizabeth Lane; My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt; Luaka Bob
27. Babyfather; Greezebloc; BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow; Hyperdub
28. Com Truise; Ultrafiche Of You; Persuasion System; Ghostly International
29. Com Truise; Memory; Iteration; Ghostly International

Nachtclub am 17. Mai 2019

1. Froth; Laurel; Laurel – Single; Wichita
2. Drahla; Serenity; Useless Coordinates; Captured Tracks
3. Maximum Joy; In the Air; Unlimited (1979-83); Crippled Dick Hot Wax
4. Maximum Joy; Silent Street / Silent Dub; Stretch; Y Records
5. MXMJoy; P.E.A.C.E. P.E.A.C.E. London Field Recordings
6. Drahla; Stimulus For Living; Useless Coordinates; Captured Tracks
7. Olden Yolk; Blue Paradigm; Living Theatre; Trouble In Mind
8. Olden Yolk; 240D; Living Theatre; Trouble In Mind
9. Ela Orleans; The Season; Movies For Ears: An Introduction to Ela Orleans; Night School
10. Ela Orleans; Light At Dawn; Movies For Ears: An Introduction to Ela Orleans; Night School
11. Ela Orleans; Walkingman; Movies For Ears: An Introduction to Ela Orleans; Night School
12. Hassle Hound; The Night Of The Great Season; Limelight Cordial; Staubgold
13. Meetsysteem; Teal; Teal – Single; Nous’klaer Audio
14. Meetsysteem; Daar; Daar – Single; Nous’klaer Audio
15. Tropical Fuck Storm; the Planet Of Straw Men; The Planet Of Straw Men – Single; Joyful Noise Recordings
16. the Drones; Taman Shud; Feelin Kinda Free; Tropical Fuck Storm Records
17. Levin Goes Lightly; Rote Lippen; Nackt; Tapete
18. Levin Goes Lightly; Alles In Blau; Nackt; Tapete
19. Goetz Steeger; Der Wahn Von Alten Männern; Am Ende Der Parade; Plattenbau
20. J-E-T-S; Fire Fly; Zoospa; Innovative Leisure
21. Machinedrum; Gunshotta; Vapor City; Ninja Tune
22. Jets; Real Truth – feat. Tkay Maidza; Zoospa; Innovative Leisure
23. Queen Key; Substitute; Eat My Pussy Again; Machine Entertainment Group
24. Queen Key; Evil; Eat My Pussy Again; Machine Entertainment Group
25. Grand Puba; I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are); 2000; Elektra
26. Dolenz; Pull – ft. Guilty Simpson (Dakhouse Family Remix); Pull – Single; Exit Records
27. A Tribe Called Quest; Jazz (We’ve Got); the Low End Theory; Jive
28. Dolenz; Geminus; Lingua Franca; Exit Records
29. Dolenz; Contains Syncrolon feat. Hector Plimmer; Lingua Franca; Exit Records

Nachtclub am 10. Mai 2019

1. Clinic; Rubber Bullets; Wheeltappers and Shunters; Domino
2. Clinic; Laughing Cavalier; Wheeltappers and Shunters; Domino
3. Clinic; the Return of Evil Bill; Internal Wrangler; Domino
4. Augustus Pablo; Java; Earth Rightful Ruler: Emperor Haile Selassie I; Message
5. Gorillaz; Clint Eastwood; Gorillaz; Virgin
6. Fatoni; Clint Eastwood; Clint Eastwood – Single; Universal
7. Star Slinger; Choose Yourself; Choose Yourself – Single; Star Slinger
8. Riton + Kah Lo; Betta Riddim; Foreign Ororo; Riton Time
9. Riton + Kah Lo; Rinse & Repeat; Foreign Ororo; Riton Time
10. Mickey Moonlight; Interplanetary Music Riton Rmx; Interplanetary Music; Ed Banger
11. Sun Ra And His Arkestra; Interplanetary Music; the Space Age Is Here To Stay; Modern Harmonic
12. Ty Segall; Low Rider; Fudge Sandwich; In the Red Records
13. War; Low Rider; Why Can’t We Be Friends; United Artists Records
14. Cheeseslider; Sweat Major; Mopedland; Yo Mama
15. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Was Das Was Das; TNG; Euphorie
16. Leah Senior; Graves; Graves – Single; Flightless Records
17. Tim Buckley; Buzzin’ Fly; Happy Sad; Elektra
18. She Keeps Bees; Coyote; Kinship; BB*Island
19. She Keeps Bees; Dominance; Kinship; BB*Island
20. Death And Vanilla; A Flaw in the Iris; Are You A Dreamer; Fire Records
21. Death And Vanilla; Eye Bath; Are You A Dreamer; Fire Records
22. Stereolab; Three-Dee Melody; Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Version); Duophonic / UHF
23. Stereolab; Ping Pong-Demo; Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Version); Duophonic / UHF
24. Stereolab; Pack Yr Romantic Mind; Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (Expanded Version); Duophonic / UHF
25. Von Spar; Extend the Song – feat. Laetitia Sadier; Under Pressure; Bureau B
26. Von Spar; A Dream (Pt. 1) – feat. Eiko Ishibashi; Under Pressure; Bureau B
27. Von Spar; A Dream (Pt. 2) – feat. Christopher Cummings; Under Pressure; Bureau B
28. Von Spar; Ist das noch Populär?; die Uneingeschränkte Freiheit der privaten Initiative; L’Age D’Or

Nachtclub am 03. Mai 2019

1. the Sundays; Can’t Be Sure; Reading, Writing & Arithmetic; Parlophone
2. Honeyblood; Super Rat; Honeyblood; Fat Cat
3. New Order; Love Less; Technique; Factory
4. the Stone Roses; I Wanna Be Adored; the Stone Roses; Silvertone
5. the Stone Roses; Fools Gold; the Stone Roses; Silvertone
6. De La Soul; Plug Tunin’; 3 Feet High & Rising; Tommy Boy
7. Johnny Cash; Five Feet High and Rising; Songs Of Our Soil; Columbia
8. the Jungle Brothers; Done By the Forces of Nature – feat. Towha Towha; Done By the Forces of Nature; Warner Bros.
9. Stereo MCs; On 33; 33 45 78; Gee Street
10. Pixies; Debaser; Doolittle; 4AD
11. Huah!; 35 Stunden; Various: Dies Ist Hamburg (Nicht Boston); L’age D’Or
12. Kolossale Jugend; Einer Packt; Heile Heile Boches; L’Age D’Or
13. the Legendary Pink Dots; the More It Changes; the Golden Age; PIAS
14. Soundgarden; Hands All Over; Louder Than Love; A&M
15. Technotronic; Pump Up the Jam; Pump Up the Jam (the Album); SBK Records
16. Einstürzende Neubauten; Feurio; Haus der Lüge; Some Bizarre
17. Nirvana; Blew; Bleach; SubPop
18. Julee Cruise; Falling; Floating Into the Night; Warner
19. Kronos Quartett; America, Before the War; Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint; Nonesuch
20. Beastie Boys; Hey Ladies; Paul’s Boutique; Capitol
21. Queen Latifah; Ladies First – feat. Monie Love; All Hail the Queen; Tommy Boy
22. Boogie Down Productions; Jah Rulez; Ghetto Music; Jive
23. EPMD; So What Cha Sayin’; Unfinished Business; Priority Records
24. XTC; Mayor Of Simpleton; Oranges & Lemons; Virgin
25. Peter Murphy; Cuts You Up; Deep; Beggars Banquett
26. Klez.e; Flammen; Desintegration; Staatsakt
27. the Cure; Pictures Of You; Disintegration; Elektra