Nachtclub am 24. Januar 2019

1. Jackie Lynn; Casino Queen; Casino Queen – Single; Drag City
2. Jackie Lynn; Alien Love; Jackie Lynn; Thrill Jockey
3. Circuit Des Yeux; Falling Blonde; Jackie Lynn; Drag City
4. Sonora Casino; Astronautas A Mercurio; Trompeteros; Vampisoul
5. I Marc 4; Thrilling Mortale; Thrilling Mortale; Vampisoul
6. I Marc 4; Corsa Pericolosa; Thrilling Mortale; Vampisoul
7. Contraviento; Desencanto; Various: América Invertida; Vampisoul
8. Eduardo Darnauchans; De Los Relojeros; Various: América Invertida; Vampisoul
9. Travesia; En Este Momento; Various: América Invertida; Vampisoul
10. Beak>; We Can Go; Life Goes On EP; Invada Records
11. Mr. Hopkinsons Computer; Roads; Demo; Demo
12. Anika; I Go To Sleep; Anika; Invada
13. PBDY; This State of Mine – feat. Anika; Careworn; Brainfeeder
14. PBDY; Bring Me Down – feat. Salami Rose Joe Lewis; Careworn; Brainfeeder
15. U-Bahn; Beta Boyz; U-Bahn; Melodic
16. U-Bahn; Beta Boyz; U-Bahn; Melodic
17. Devo; I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction); Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo; Virgin
18. X & Yde; Dares Soar; Dares Soar -Single; Kulør
19. Klein; Claim It; Lifetime; ijn inc.
20. Moses Boyd; Only You – ft. Klein ; Only You – Single; Exodus Records
21. Public Memory; Ledge of Ash; Illusion Of Choice EP; Felte
22. No More; Suicide Commando; Love, Noise & Paranoia – 1979-2019; Rent a Dog
23. No More; All Is Well – Senza Macchina; Sisyphus; Rent a Dog
24. Jakuzi; Ne Teselli Ne Avuntu (the Soft Moon Remix); Ne Teselli Ne Avuntu (The Soft Moon Remix) – Single; City Slang
25. Andy Stott; Take; It Should Be Us; Modern Love
26. Space Dimension Controller; PVLN; Love Beyond The Intersect; R&S
27. Space Dimension Controller; Slowtime in Reflection; Love Beyond The Intersect; R&S
28. Bohren & der Club of Gor; Total Falsch; Patchouli Blue; PIAS

Nachtclub am 17. Januar 2020

1. Holy Fuck; Deleter – feat. Angus Andrew; Deleter; Holy F / Indigo
2. Liars; Vox Tuned D.E.D. Mess; Mute
3. Holy Fuck; Endless; Deleter; Holy F / Indigo
4. FM Belfast; Pump; How To Make Friends; World Champion Records
5. Holy Fuck; Ruby; Deleter; Holy F / Indigo
6. Grace Ives; Icing On the Cake; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
7. Grace Ives; Babyyy; Really Hot EP; Dots Per Inch Music
8. the Chap; Pea Shore; Digital Technology; Staatsakt
9. Erfolg; Brillenmann; Erfolg; Staatsakt
10. the Orielles; Come Down on Jupiter / Dreamy Party Mix – feat. Jane Weaver; Come Down on Jupiter (Dreamy Party Mix) – Single; Heavenly
11. the Orielles; Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme) – Edit; Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme) – Single; Heavenly
12. the Train Set; She’s Gone; Never California; Firestation Records
13. the Chameleons; Swamp Thing; Return of the Roughnecks – the Best of the Chameleons; Dead Dead Good
14. Walrus; Cool To Who; Cool To Who; Outside Music
15. Benny Sings; Music; Music – Single; Stones Throw
16. King Krule; (Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On; (Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On – Single; XL Recordings
17. Zoo Kid; Out Getting Ribs; Ocean Bed; Zoo Kid
18. Mura Masa; Today – feat.Tirzah; R.Y.C. Polydor
19. Tirzah ; Make It Up ; Make It Up ; Greco Roman
20. Mura Masa; Deal wiv It – feat. Slowthai; R.Y.C. Polydor
21. Take A Daytrip, Rico Nasty, slowthai, ICECOLDBISHOP; Lighthouse (feat. Rico Nasty, slowthai & ICECOLDBISHOP); Lighthouse – Single; Black Butter
22. Take A Daytrip; Stressed – feat. Octavian; Stressed – Single; Black Butter
23. Mura Masa; Move Me – feat. Octavian; Move Me – Single; Polydor
24. Mura Masa; Raw Youth Collage; R.Y.C. Polydor
25. Joy Orbison; Under – feat. Keyah Blu; Slipping EP; Hinge Finger
26. Roy Orbison; In Dreams; the Best of Roy Orbison; Monument

27. Joy Orbison; Walworth Waltz – feat. Infinite; Slipping EP; Hinge Finger
28. RAMZi; Kombat – feat. Jumani; Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé; FATi Records
29. RAMZi; Balmi; Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé; FATi Records
30. Kathryn Joseph; Whole; Whole – Single; Rock Action

Nachtclub am 10. Januar 2020

1. Sui Zhen; Perfect Place; Losing, Linda; Cascine
2. Sui Zhen; Natural Progression; Losing, Linda; Cascine
3. Haruomi Hosono; Sports Men; Hosono Box 1969-2000; Re-Wind
4. Galcher Lustwerk; Another Story; Information; Ghostly International
5. Galcher Lustwerk; I See A Dime; Information; Ghostly International
6. Kaytranada; Puff Lah; Bubba; RCA
7. Kaytranada; 10% feat. Kali Uchis; Bubba; RCA
8. Kali Uchis; Mucho Gusto; Drunken Babble; Kali Uchis LLC
9. Kaytranada; Need It – feat. Masego; Bubba; RCA
10. Kaytranada; Vex Oh – feat. GoldLink, Eight9fly, Ari Pensmith; Bubba; RCA
11. Burna Boy; Money Play; Money Play – Single; Atlantic
12. Wegz; علي راحتي; علي راحتي – Single; CNL Music
13. Van Der Brügge; Gecko; Gecko – Single; Hand11
14. Sand 11; Do You Want To Permanently Destroy This Audio; Around the Day in a World; Ladomat
15. PVA; Divine Intervention; Divine Intervention – Single; Speedy Wunderground
16. Roland Tings; Always Rushing – feat. Mild Minds; Salt Water; Cascine
17. Caribou; Jamelia (DJ Kozes Alarmclock); Swim – Remixes; City Slang
18. Mildlife; the Magnificent Moon; Phase – EP; Research Records
19. Kit Sebastian; Senden BaÅŸka; Mantra Moderne; Mr. Bongo
20. Kit Sebastian; Mantra Moderne; Mantra Moderne; Mr. Bongo
21. Kit Sebastian; Pangea; Mantra Moderne; Mr. Bongo
22. Broadcast; Pendulum; Ha Ha Sound; Warp
23. Boys Age; An Undersea Stone; An Undersea Stone – Single; Boys Age
24. Salomea; Magnolia Tree; Various – Kraut Jazz Futurism; Kryptox
25. David Nesselhauf; Space Station; Various – Kraut Jazz Futurism; Kryptox
26. Karaba; Der Inder; Various – Kraut Jazz Futurism; Kryptox
27. Embryo; Abdul Malek; Various : Get in Touch / Rhythm and Sounds; MPS
28. Karl Hector & the Malcouns; Kingdom Of D’mt; Out Own Voices 6 – 50 Jahre Trikont; Trikont

Nachtclub am 03. Januar 2020

1.; Die Türen; Ich Bin Eine Krise; Exoterik; Staatsakt
2.; Grace Ives; Mirror; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
3.; Grace Ives; Icing On the Cake; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
4.; Little Simz; Offence; Grey Area; Age 101
5.; Al Nather + Shabjdeed; Mtaktak; Sindibad El Ward; BLTNM
6.; Slowthai; Inglorious – feat. Skepta; Nothing Great About Britain; Method R
7.; Madlib & Freddie Gibbs; Crime Pays; Bandana; Keep Cool Records
8.; Fokn Bois; Wo Nim Mi – feat. Medikal; Afrobeats LOL; FOKN
9.; Rap; Young Persuasion; Export; Jolly Discs
10.; Rap; NSEW Ravers; Export; Jolly Discs
11.; Automatic; Too Much Money; Signal; Stones Throw
12.; Black Marble; One Eye Open; Bigger Than Life; Sacred Bones
13.; Shari Vari; Dance Alone; Now; Malka Tuti
14.; Shit And Shine; You Were Very High; Very High EP; Diagonal Records
15.; Panda Bear; Dolphin; Buoys; Domino
16.; Bibio; Old Graffiti; Ribbons; Warp
17.; Angelo De Augustine; Time – feat. Sufjan Stevens; Tomb; Astmatic Kitty
18.; Vagabon; Water Me Down; Vagabon; Vagabon / Nonesuch
19.; Vagabon; Secret Medicine; Vagabon; Vagabon / Nonesuch
20.; Tycho; Japan; Weather; Ninja Tune
21.; Toro Y Moi; Baby Drive It Down; Outer Peace; Carpark / Indigo
22.; Rhi; Plain Jane; the Pale Queen; Tru Thoughts
23.; Angel Olsen; Summer; All Mirrors; JagJaguwar
24.; Jessica Pratt; This Time Around; Quiet Signs; City Slang
25.; Jessica Pratt; Poly Blue; Quiet Signs; City Slang
26.; Bill Callahan; Morning is my Godmother; Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest; Drag City
27.; Julia Shapiro; Around the Block; Perfect Version; Hardly Art
28.; ReckonWrong; Paris Is Melting; Whities018; Whities
29.; Leif; Myrtus; Loom Dream; Whities