Nachtclub am 25. August 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Pia Fraus; That’s Not All; That’s Not All – Single; Seksound
2. Pia Fraus; 400 & 57; In Solarium; SekSound
3. Pia Fraus; How Fast Can You Love; In Solarium; SekSound
4. Widowspeak; Warmer; Expect the Best; Captured Tracks
5. Widowspeak; the Dream; Expect the Best; Captured Tracks
6. Liars; Staring At Zero; TFCF; Mute
7. Liars; No Help Pamphlet; TFCF; Mute
8. Liars; Houseclouds; Liars; Mute
9. Liars; Vox Tuned D.E.D. Mess; Mute
10. Liars; I’m No Gold; Mess; Mute
11. Liars; The Grand Delusional; TFCF; Mute
12. Liars; Tumbling Walls Buried Me in the Debris With E.S.G. They Threw Us in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top; Blast First
13. ESG; UFO; ESG; Fire Records
14. Happyness; Anytime; Write In; Moshi Moshi
15. Happyness; Through Window; Write In; Moshi Moshi
16. New Jackson; Put the Love In It (Peaking Lights Rmx); Put the Love In It; All City Records
17. New Jackson; From Night to Night; From Night To Night; All City Records
18. David Kitt; Pale Blue Light; the Big Romance; Blanco Y Negro
19. Frankie Broyles; L Bright; Slow Return; Skeleton Realm Records
20. Frankie Broyles; Capturer; Color Set / Capturer – Single; Lefse
21. Wrackspurts; Paradies; Die Welt, die nicht mehr ist, wie sie nie war; Wrackspurts
22. Love-Songs; Selbst Die Randerscheinung; ID; Love-Songs
23. Liars; Brats; WIXIW; Mute
24. Liars; Octagon; WIXIW; Mute

Nachtclub am 18. August 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Wolf Alice; Beautifully Unconventional; Beautiful Unconventional; Wolf Alice
2. Wolf Alice; Your Loves Whore; My Love Is Cool; Dirty Hit
3. H. Grimace; Thoroughbred; Self Architekt; Opposite Number
4. H. Grimace; 2.1. Woman; Self Architekt; Opposite Number
5. Frankie Rose; Dyson Sphere; Cage Tropical; Slumberland
6. Frankie Rose; Love In Rockets; Cage Tropical; Slumberland
7. Love And Rockets; An American Dream; Express; Beggars Banquet
8. Bauhaus; Slice Of Life; Burning From the Inside; A&M
9. Tones on Tail; Lions; Pop; Beggars Banquet
10. Tones on Tail; Rain; Pop; Beggars Banquet
11. the Beatles; Rain; Hey Jude; Apple
12. Frankie Rose; Cage Tropical; Cage Tropical; Slumberland
13. Los Planetas; Espiritou Olimpico; Zona Temporalmente Autónoma; El Volcán Música
14. Wild Honey; Torres Blancas; Torres Blancas; Lovemonk
15. the High Llamas; Checking In, Checking Out; Gideon Gaye; Alpaca Park
16. Wild Honey; Acantilado; Torres Blancas; Lovemonk
17. Tim Gane & Sean O’Hagan; Metro, Boulot, Hippo; La Vie D’artiste; Too Pure
18. Caroline Says; I Think I’m Alone Now; 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong; Western Vinyl
19. the Velvet Underground; Stephanie Says; V.U. Verve
20. Caroline Says; Streetlights; 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong; Western Vinyl
21. Elvis Presley; I Got Stung; 50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong; RCA
22. Boat; I Wanna Be Your Sam Cooke; 50 Sweaty BOAT Fans Can’t Be Wrong – the Early Recordings Vol. 1; Hail the Sound Records
23. the Fall; Cruiser’s Creek; 50.000.Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong; Sanctuary
24. Blumfeld; Verstärker; L’Etat Et Moi; Big Cat
25. Caroline Says; Winter is Cold; 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong; Western Vinyl
26. Best Coast; Our Deal; Crazy For You; Mexican Summer
27. Caroline Says; Gravy Days; 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong; Western Vinyl
28. Grizzly Bear; Mourning Sound; Painted Ruins; RCA

Nachtclub am 11. August 2017: 1997

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1997 – alles heute im Nachtlub 20 Jahre alt

1. Portishead; All Mine; Portishead; Go! Beat
2. the Sea & Cake; the Argument; the Fawn; Thrill Jockey
3. Stereolab; Miss Modular; Dots & Loops; Elektra
4. Yo La Tengo; Moby Octopad; I Can Hear Your Heart Beating As One; Matador
5. Photek; Smoke Rings; Modus Operandi; Science / Virgin
6. Roni Size; Heroes; New Forms; Talkin Loud
7. Erykah Badu; Appletree; Baduizm; Universal
8. Missy Elliott; Izzy Izzy Ahh; Supa Dupa Fly; Elektra
9. Notorious B.I.G. Ten Crack Commandments; Life After Death; Bad Boy Entertainment
10. the Modernist; Hellbent To Paradise; Opportunity Knox; Harvest
11. Kirlian; Pleasure Yourself; Please Yourself; Disco B
12. I-F; Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass; Fucking Consumer; Disco B
13. Chris Cacavas; E-Z Living; Anonymous; Normal
14. Prefab Sprout; A Prisoner Of the Past; Andromeda Heights; Epic
15. Plaid; Lilith ft. Björk; Not For Threes; Warp
16. Autechre; Cipater; Chiastic Slide; Warp
17. Aphex Twin; Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Remix); Come To Daddy; Warp
18. X-Ecutioners; Word Play; X-Pressions; Asphodel
19. Mouse On Mars; Sui Shop; Audiotacker; Our Choice
20. Movietone; Sun Drawing; Day And Night; Domino
21. Movietone; Useless Landscapes; Day And Night; Domino
22. Sleater Kinney; One More Hour; Dig Me Out; Matador
23. Maurizio; M7; Maurizio; Maurizio
24. Daft Punk; Around the World; Homework; Virgin
25. Kante; Tourisme / Im Vorbeigehen; Zwischen den Orten; Kitty Yo

Nachtclub am 04. August 2017 – 1987

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1987 – Musik von vor 30 Jahren

1. the Jesus and Mary Chain; Darklands; Darklands; Blanco Y Negro
2. Sonic Youth; Schizophrenia; Sister; SST
3. Public Enemy; You’re Gonna Get Yours; Yo! Bum Rush The Show; Def Jam
4. Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band; Getting It On; Evolution; Sussex
5. Opal; Happy Nightmare Baby; Happy Nightmare Baby; SST
6. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; You’re Gonna Get It; You’re Gonna Get It; ABC Records
7. the Smiths; A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours; Strangeways Here We Come; Rough Trade
8. Eric B. & Rakim; I Know You Got Soul; Paid In Full; 4th & Broadway
9. M/A/R/R/S; Pump up the Volume; Pump Up the Volume – Singleq; 4AD
10. Sugarcubes; Birthday; Birthday – Single; One Little Indian
11. 39 Clocks; Eternal Yesterdays; 13 More Protest Songs; What’s So Funny About
12. the Gun Club; the Breaking Hands; Mother Juno; What’s So Funny About
13. Dead Can Dance; Xavier; Within the Realm of a Dying Sun; 4AD
14. the Go Betweens; RIght Here; Tallulah; Beggars Banquet
15. My Bloody Valentine; She Loves You No Less; Ecstasy; Lazy Records
16. Die Goldenen Zitronen; Dein Langes Haar; Porsche, Genscher, Hallo HSV; Weser Label
17. Hüsker Dü; These Important Years; Warehouse: Songs And Stories; Warner
18. Wire; Ahead; the Ideal Copy; Mute
19. Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris; Those Memories of You; Trio; Warner Brothers
20. Lyle Lovett; If I Had A Boat; Pontiac; Curb
21. firehose; From One Cums One; If’n; SST
22. LL Cool J; Get Down; Bigger + Deffer; Def Jam
23. Dukes of Stratosphear; You’re My Drug; Psonic Psunspot; Virgin
24. Xmal Deutschland; Matador; Viva; Xile
25. Love And Rockets; Rain Bird; Earth Sun Moon; Beggars Banquet
26. Cocteau Twins; Crushed; Various: Lonely Is An Eyesore; 4AD
27. Dif Juz; No Motion; Various: Lonely Is An Eyesore; 4AD
28. David Sylvian; Orpheus; Secrets of the Beehive; Virgin