Nachtclub am 11. August 2017: 1997

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1997 – alles heute im Nachtlub 20 Jahre alt

1. Portishead; All Mine; Portishead; Go! Beat
2. the Sea & Cake; the Argument; the Fawn; Thrill Jockey
3. Stereolab; Miss Modular; Dots & Loops; Elektra
4. Yo La Tengo; Moby Octopad; I Can Hear Your Heart Beating As One; Matador
5. Photek; Smoke Rings; Modus Operandi; Science / Virgin
6. Roni Size; Heroes; New Forms; Talkin Loud
7. Erykah Badu; Appletree; Baduizm; Universal
8. Missy Elliott; Izzy Izzy Ahh; Supa Dupa Fly; Elektra
9. Notorious B.I.G. Ten Crack Commandments; Life After Death; Bad Boy Entertainment
10. the Modernist; Hellbent To Paradise; Opportunity Knox; Harvest
11. Kirlian; Pleasure Yourself; Please Yourself; Disco B
12. I-F; Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass; Fucking Consumer; Disco B
13. Chris Cacavas; E-Z Living; Anonymous; Normal
14. Prefab Sprout; A Prisoner Of the Past; Andromeda Heights; Epic
15. Plaid; Lilith ft. Björk; Not For Threes; Warp
16. Autechre; Cipater; Chiastic Slide; Warp
17. Aphex Twin; Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Remix); Come To Daddy; Warp
18. X-Ecutioners; Word Play; X-Pressions; Asphodel
19. Mouse On Mars; Sui Shop; Audiotacker; Our Choice
20. Movietone; Sun Drawing; Day And Night; Domino
21. Movietone; Useless Landscapes; Day And Night; Domino
22. Sleater Kinney; One More Hour; Dig Me Out; Matador
23. Maurizio; M7; Maurizio; Maurizio
24. Daft Punk; Around the World; Homework; Virgin
25. Kante; Tourisme / Im Vorbeigehen; Zwischen den Orten; Kitty Yo

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