Nachtclub am 29. Mai 2020

1.; White Poppy; Broken; Paradise Gardens; Not Not Fun
2.; White Poppy; Orchid Child; Paradise Gardens; Not Not Fun
3.; Black Marble; Iron Lung; It’s Immaterial; Ghostly International
4.; the Radio Dept.; Keen On Boys; Lesser Matters; XL Recordings
5.; the Radio Dept.; You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby; You Fear the Wrong Thing – Single; Just So!
6.; the Radio Dept.; The Absence of Birds; the Absence of Birds – Single; Just So!
7.; Vinal Williams; LA Egypt; LA Egypt; Vinyl Williams
8.; Golden Diskó Ship; Wildly Floral, Slightly Damp; Araceae; Karaoke Kalk
9.; Golden Diskó Ship; Clouds of Neon Limelight; Araceae; Karaoke Kalk
10.; Owen Pallett; Fire-Mare; Island; Domino
11.; Owen Pallett; Polar Vortex; Island; Domino
12.; Jerry Paper; Cholla; Abracadabra; Stones Throw
13.; Jerry Paper; Puppeteer; Abracadabra; Stones Throw
14.; Tyler, the Creator; Hot Chocolate – feat. Jerry Paper; Music Inspired by Illumination & Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch; Columbia
15.; Jerry Paper; Slow Down, Buddy; Abracadabra; Stones Throw
16.; Moodymann; Do Wrong; Taken Away; KDJ
17.; Moodymann; Let Me In; Taken Away; KDJ
18.; Moodymann; Goodbye Everybody; Taken Away; KDJ
19.; Dopehead; Guttah Guttah; Various – Moodymann – DJ Kicks; !K7
20.; Jitwam; Keepyourbusinesstoyourself; Various – Moodymann – DJ Kicks; !K7
21.; Jitwam; I Ain’t Scared Of No Devil – feat. DJ Godfrey Ho; selftitled; Cosmic Compositions / hhv
22.; Jitwam; Alone; selftitled; Cosmic Compositions / hhv
23.; Mindsight; Herzkasperl; Herzkasperl – Single; Mindsight
24.; Mindsight; Trojan Mattter; Trojan Matter – Single; Mindsight
25.; Brain; Boss; the World EP; Planet E
26.; Matthew Dear; Wrong With Us; DJ-Kicks (Matthew Dear); !K7

Nachtclub am 22. Mai

1. Peter Thomas Sound Orchester; Space-Patrol (Raumpatrouille); Raumpatrouille; Bungalow
2. Peter Thomas ; Vergiss Mich Wenn Du Kannst – feat. Senta Berger; Moonflowers + Mini-Skirts; Marina
3. Yoshinori Sunahara; PTvsYS; Warp Back To Earth; Bunaglow
4. Peter Thomas; Zero Zoom November; Warp Back To Earth; Bunaglow
5. Peter Thomas; Lobby And Supercomputer; Warp Back To Earth; Bunaglow
6. Peter Thomas; Synthesizer’s Melody; Warp Back To Earth; Bunaglow
7. Peter Thomas; Aum; Warp Back To Earth; Bunaglow
8. Colccut; Peter In Space; Warp Back To Earth; Bunaglow
9. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Kein Bock Auf Frühstück; Kein Bock Auf Frühstück / Langeweile – Single; Schlappvogel Records
10. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Langeweile; Kein Bock Auf Frühstück / Langeweile – Single; Schlappvogel Records
11. Nina Hagen Band; Unbeschreiblich Weiblich; Nina Hagen Band; CBS
12. Sofia Portanet; Planet Mars; Planet Mars – Single; Duchess Box Records
13. Belts; Almost Always; Belts; Anette Records
14. Trixsi; Wannabe; Wannabe – Single; Glitterhouse
15. Love A; Die Anderen; Nichts Ist Neu; Rookie Records
16. Belts; Consensual Collapse; Belts; Anette Records
17. Dirty Projectors; Lose Your Love; Lose Your Love – Single; Domino
18. Dirty Projectors; On the Breeze; Windows Open – EP; Domino
19. Prison Kit; Tischtennis & Heelflips; Tischtennis & Heelflips – Single; Anette Records
20. Ol‘ Burger Beats + Vuyo; Do Me That Favor; All Yours; Jakarta Records
21. Ol‘ Burger Beats + Vuyo; One Time For Burger; All Yours; Jakarta Records
22. Wandl; Double Exposure; Double Exposure – Single; Affine
23. Wandl; Honey Soldja; It’s All Good Tho; Affine
24. Wandl; It’s all Good Tho; It’s All Good Tho; Affine
25. Slowthai; Bodybag; Body Bag – Single; Method Records
26. Owen Pallett; Transformer; Island; Domino
27. Owen Pallett; In Conflict; In Conflict; Domino
28. Owen Pallett; The Sound of Engines; Island; Domino
29. Owen Pallett; Lewis Gets Fucked Into Space; Island; Domino
30. Owen Pallett; Tryst With Mephistopheles; Heartland; Domino
31. Owen Pallett; A Bloody Morning; Island; Domino

Nachtclub am 08. Mai 2020

1. Buscabulla; Ta Que Tiembla; Regresa; Domino
2. Buscabulla; La Fiebre; Regresa; Domino
3. Buscabulla; El Aprieto; Regresa; Domino
4. Blood Orange; Best To You – feat. Empress Of; Freetown Sound; Domino
5. Twin Limb; Blood Orange; Haplo; Suretone Associates
6. Buscabulla; Caer; EP I; Ribbon Music
7. Buscabulla; NTE; Regresa;
8. the Soft Pink Truth; Shall; Shall We Go On Sinning so that Grace May Increase?; Thrill Jockey
9. the Soft Pink Truth; We; Shall We Go On Sinning so that Grace May Increase?; Thrill Jockey
10. Björk; Pagan Poetry; Vespertine; Polydor
11. Led Zeppelin; the Rain Song; Houses Of the Holy; Atlantic
12. Harkin; Nothing The Night Can’t Change; Harkin; Hand Mirror
13. Heart; Sylvan Song; Little Queen; Sony
14. Heart; Dream of the Archer; Little Queen; Sony
15. Benny Sings; Sunny Afternoon; Sunny Afternoon – Single; Stones Throw
16. Ronald Langestraat; Lowdown; Apollo; South of North
17. Ronald Langestraat; Orpheus; Apollo; South of North
18. David Sylvian; Let the Happniess In; Secrets Of the Beehive; Virgin
19. Ronald Langestraat; In the Middle Of the Night; Searching; South of North
20. Yves Jarvis; That Don’t Make It So; The Same But By Different Means; Anti
21. Little Simz; Might Bang, Might Not; Drop 6; Age 101 Music
22. Little Simz; You Should Call Mum; Drop 6; Age 101 Music
23. Dean Blunt; Neva – feat.Posion Anna; Roaches 2012-2019; World Music
24. Dean Blunt; Nitro Girls – feat.Joanne Robertson; Roaches 2012-2019; World Music
25. Joanne Robertson; The Gardener; The Lighter; Textile Records
26. Dean Blunt; Stalker; Stalker – Single; World Music
27. Dean Blunt; Widow Freestyle; Roaches 2012-2019; World Music
28. Dean Blunt; Troll – feat. Joanne Robertson + Vegyn; Troll; World Music
29. Vegyn; 100 Leagues V2; Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God!; PLZ Make It Ruins
30. Vegyn; Thoughts Of Offing One; Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds; PLZ Make It Ruins
31. Frivolous; Things That Happen To You; Somewhere In the Suburbs; Karloff Recordings
32. Vegyn; It’s Nice to Be Alive; Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds; PLZ Make It Ruins

Nachtclub am 01. Mai 2020

1. James Blake; You’re Too Precious; You’re Too Precious – Single; Polydor
2. Mount Kimbie; Maybes (James Blake Remix); Mount Kimbie Remixes – Part 1; Hotflush Recordings
3. James Blake; I Need a Forest Fire – feat. Bon Iver; The Colour In Anything; Universal
4. Populous; Flores No Mar – feat. Emmanuelle; Flores No Mar – Single; Wonderwheel Recordings
5. Populous; Man Overboard; Drawn in Basic; Morr Music
6. Lido Pimienta; Nada; Miss Colombia; Anti
7. Lido Pimienta; Te Queria; Miss Colombia; Anti
8. Chancha Via Circuito; Jardines – feat. Lido Pimienta; Amansara; Crammed Discs
9. Renata Zeiguer; Bug; Old Ghost; Double Denim Records
10. Kelly Lee Owens; Night ; Night – Single; Smalltown Supersound
11. Kelly Lee Owens; S.O. ; Kelly Lee Owens; Smalltown Supersound
12. Tom Misch / Yussef Dayes; Nightrider; What Kinda Music; Caroline
13. Clinic; 2 / 4; Internal Wrangler; Domino
14. Clinic; T.K. Internal Wrangler; Domino
15. Clinic; the Return of Evil Bill; Internal Wrangler; Domino
16. KeiyaA; Negus Poem 1&2; Forever, Ya Girl; Forever Recordings
17. KeiyaA; Every Nigga Is a Star; Forever, Ya Girl; Forever Recordings
18. Nicolette; No Government; Now Is Early; !K7
19. Lou Donaldson; Pot Belly; Pretty Things; Blue Note
20. A Tribe Called Quest; If the Papes Come; Can I Kick It 12”; Jive
21. Charlotte Adigery; Cursed and Cussed; Zandoli; PIAS
22. KeiyaA; I! Gits! Weary!; Forever, Ya Girl; Forever Recordings
23. KeiyaA; A Mile, A Way; Forever, Ya Girl; Forever Recordings
24. Serengeti; Ajai; Ajai; Cohn Corporation
25. Serengeti; How I Look; Ajai; Cohn Corporation
26. Serengeti; Check Kenny; Ajai; Cohn Corporation
27. Westside Gunn; Shawn vs. Flair; Pray For Paris; Griselda Records
28. Westside Gunn; Allah Sent Me – Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine; Pray For Paris; Griselda Records
29. Teebs; Daughter Calling – feat. Pink Siifu; Anicca; Brainfeeder
30. Teebs; Studie – feat. Panda Bear; Anicca; Brainfeeder