Nachtclub am 08. Mai 2020

1. Buscabulla; Ta Que Tiembla; Regresa; Domino
2. Buscabulla; La Fiebre; Regresa; Domino
3. Buscabulla; El Aprieto; Regresa; Domino
4. Blood Orange; Best To You – feat. Empress Of; Freetown Sound; Domino
5. Twin Limb; Blood Orange; Haplo; Suretone Associates
6. Buscabulla; Caer; EP I; Ribbon Music
7. Buscabulla; NTE; Regresa;
8. the Soft Pink Truth; Shall; Shall We Go On Sinning so that Grace May Increase?; Thrill Jockey
9. the Soft Pink Truth; We; Shall We Go On Sinning so that Grace May Increase?; Thrill Jockey
10. Björk; Pagan Poetry; Vespertine; Polydor
11. Led Zeppelin; the Rain Song; Houses Of the Holy; Atlantic
12. Harkin; Nothing The Night Can’t Change; Harkin; Hand Mirror
13. Heart; Sylvan Song; Little Queen; Sony
14. Heart; Dream of the Archer; Little Queen; Sony
15. Benny Sings; Sunny Afternoon; Sunny Afternoon – Single; Stones Throw
16. Ronald Langestraat; Lowdown; Apollo; South of North
17. Ronald Langestraat; Orpheus; Apollo; South of North
18. David Sylvian; Let the Happniess In; Secrets Of the Beehive; Virgin
19. Ronald Langestraat; In the Middle Of the Night; Searching; South of North
20. Yves Jarvis; That Don’t Make It So; The Same But By Different Means; Anti
21. Little Simz; Might Bang, Might Not; Drop 6; Age 101 Music
22. Little Simz; You Should Call Mum; Drop 6; Age 101 Music
23. Dean Blunt; Neva – feat.Posion Anna; Roaches 2012-2019; World Music
24. Dean Blunt; Nitro Girls – feat.Joanne Robertson; Roaches 2012-2019; World Music
25. Joanne Robertson; The Gardener; The Lighter; Textile Records
26. Dean Blunt; Stalker; Stalker – Single; World Music
27. Dean Blunt; Widow Freestyle; Roaches 2012-2019; World Music
28. Dean Blunt; Troll – feat. Joanne Robertson + Vegyn; Troll; World Music
29. Vegyn; 100 Leagues V2; Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God!; PLZ Make It Ruins
30. Vegyn; Thoughts Of Offing One; Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds; PLZ Make It Ruins
31. Frivolous; Things That Happen To You; Somewhere In the Suburbs; Karloff Recordings
32. Vegyn; It’s Nice to Be Alive; Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds; PLZ Make It Ruins

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