Nachtclub am 19. Oktober – best of 3. Quartal 2018

1. Fenster; HBW; the Room; Altin Village & Mine
2. Fenster; The Room; the Room; Altin Village & Mine
3. Spiritualized; Let’s Dance; And Nothing Hurt; Bella Union
4. Aretha Franklin; See Saw; Queen of Souil; Rhino
5. Aretha Franklin; Rock Steady; the Kings of Techno – History of Detroit; bbe
6. Tirzah; Glady ; Devotion; Domino
7. Okzharp & Mante Ribane; Dun; Closer Apart; Hyperdub
8. Travis Scott; 5% Tint; Astroworld; Epic
9. Travis Scott; Coffee Bean; Astroworld; Epic
10. Galcher Lustwerk; Wristbands; 200% Galcher; Lustwerk Music
11. Channel Tres; Topdown; Channel Tres EP; Godmode
12. KYO ; All the Same Dream – feat. Jeuru; All the Same Dream; Posh Isolation
13. Planningtorock; Transome; Transome – Single; DFA
14. 1000 Gram; Ember Leaves; By All Dreams Necessary; Staatsakt
15. Kurt Vile; Bassackwards; Bassackwards – Single; Matador
16. Odetta Hartman; Sweet Teeth; Old Rockhounds Never Die; Memphis Industries
17. Low; Poor Sucker; Double Negative; Sub Pop
18. Low; Dancing and Fire; Double Negative; Sub Pop
19. Liars; Face In Ski Mask Bodies to the Wind; Titles With the Word Foundation; Mute
20. Liars; Past Future Split; Titles With the Word Foundation; Mute
21. Stella Sommer; Dark Princess, Dark Prince; 13 Kinds of Happiness; Affairs of the Heart
22. Vinyl Williams; Aphelion; Opal; Requiem Pour Un Twister
23. Astronauts, Etc. ; Visitor; Living In Symbol; Company Records
24. Tanukichan; the Best; Sundays; Company Records
25. Gia Margaret; Groceries; There’s Always Glimmer; Orindal
26. Steve Hauschildt; Syncope (feat. Gabi); Dissolvi; Ghostly International
27. Steve Hauschildt; M Path; Dissolvi; Ghostly International