Nachtclub am 30. Oktober 2020

1.; Martin Rev; Pillars; See Me Ridin’; Bureau B
2.; Smokescreens; Fork in the Road; A Strange Dream; Slumberland
3.; the Clean; Draw(in)g to a W(hole); Vehicle; Captured Tracks
4.; American Analog Set; Anything Could Happen; Various: Not Given Lightly; Morr
5.; Smokescreens; Streets of Despair; A Strange Dream; Slumberland
6.; Lunchbox; Dream Parade; After School Special; Slumberland
7.; Lunchbox; Over Way Too Soon; After School Special; Slumberland
8.; Fenne Llly; Alapathy; Breach; Dead Oceans
9.; Martin Rev; Secret Teardrops; See Me Ridin’; Bureau B
10.; Suicide; Ghostrider; Suicide; Mute
11.; Ramones; Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue; Ramones; Sire
12.; Martin Rev; Sparks; Strangeworld; Bureau B
13.; Alan Vega; Jukebox Babe; Alan Vega; Ze Records
14.; Suicide; Misery Train; American Supreme; Mute
15.; Elvis Presley; Mystery Train; the Complete Sun Sessions; RCA
16.; Machinedrum; Star – feat. Mono / Poly + Tanerélle; A View Of U; Ninja Tune
17.; Machinedrum; Spin Blocks – feat. Father; A View Of U; Ninja Tune
18.; Machinedrum; Kane Train – feat. Freddie Gibbs; A View Of U; Ninja Tune
19.; Quakers; Approach with Caution – feat. Sampa the Great; Approach With Caution – Single; Stones Throw
20.; Talking Heads; Once in a Lifetime; Remain In Light; Sire
21.; Talking Heads; Making Flippy Floppy; Speaking In Tongues; Sire
22.; Tom Tom Club; Genius Of Love; Tom Tom Club; Island
23.; Grandmaster Flash + the Furious Five; It’s Nasty (Genius Of Love); the Message; Sanctuary
24.; Redman; Brick City Mashin’; Doc’s Da Name 2000; Def Jam
25.; X-ecutioners; Genius Of Love 2002 – feat. Biz Markee; Built From Scratch; Epic
26.; the Modern Lovers; Roadrunner; the Modern Lovers; Sanctuary
27.; Talking Heads; Crosseyed and Painless; Remain In Light; Sire
28.; Oneohtrix Point Never; Long Road Home – feat. Caroline Polacheck; Magic Oneohtrix Point Never; Warp
29.; Oneohtrix Point Never; No Nightmares – feat. the Weekend + Caroline Polacheck; Magic Oneohtrix Point Never; Warp
30.; Lake Turner; No Way Back Forever; Videosphere; Kompakt
31.; Lake Turner; Outland; Videosphere; Kompakt
32.; Bärchen und die Milchbubis; Tiefseefisch; Und Dann Macht Es Bumm; No Fun

Nachtclub am 23. Oktober

1.; the Springfields; This Perfect Day; Singles 1986-91; Slumberland
2.; the Beatles; Rain; Hey Jude; Apple
3.; the Springfields; Sunflower; Singles 1986-91; Slumberland
4.; Good Sad Happy Bad; Honey; Shades; Textile Records
5.; Micachu & the Shapes; Dreaming; Good Sad Happy Bad; Rough Trade
6.; Good Sad Happy Bad; Blessed; Shades; Textile Records
7.; Tirzah; I’m Not Dancing; I’m Not Dancing – EP; Greco-Roman
8.; Good Sad Happy Bad; Bubble; Shades; Textile Records
9.; Tirzah; Make it Up; Make It Up – EP; Greco-Roman
10.; Slow Pulp; Trade It; Moveys; Winspear
11.; Slow Pulp; At It Again; Moveys; Winspear
12.; Skullcrusher; Lift; Farm b/w Lift; Secretly Canadian
13.; Skullcrusher; Places / Plans; Skullcrusher EP; Secretly Canadian
14.; Fanclubwallet; Car Crash in G Major; Car Crash in G Major – Single; Gavel Tapes
15.; Talking Heads; Seen And Not Seen; Remain In Light; Sire
16.; Talking Heads; Listening Wind; Remain In Light; Sire
17.; Talking Heads; Born Under Punches (the Heat Goes On); Remain In Light; Sire
18.; Magdalena Bay; Woww; Woww – Single; Luminelle Recordings
19.; Deradoorian; Corsican Shores; Find the Sun; Anti
20.; Deradoorian; Devil’s Market; Find the Sun; Anti
21.; Darkside; Paper Trails; Psychic; Other People
22.; Isola; Ischia; EP1; Godmode
23.; Isola; Said It Again; EP1; Godmode
24.; Channel Tres; Topdown; Channel Tres EP; Godmode
25.; Khotin; Groove 32; Finds You Well; Ghostly International
26.; Boards of Canada; Rue the Whirl; Music Has the Right to Children; Warp
27.; the Sugarhill Gang; Rapper’s Delight; the Sugarhill Gang; Bellaphon
28.; Nightmares On Wax; Pipes Honour; Smokers Delight; Warp
29.; Nightmares On Wax; Nights Introlude; Smokers Delight; Warp

Nachtclub am 02. Oktober 2020

1. Sylvan Esso; Ring; Free Love; Loma Vista
2. Sylvan Esso; Free; Free Love; Loma Vista
3. Sylvan Esso; Frequency; Free Love; Loma Vista
4. Kurt Vile; How Lucky – feat. John Prine; Speed, Sound, Lonely KV – EP; Matador
5. John Prine; Illegal Smile; John Prine; Atlantic
6. Kurt Vile; My Sympathy; God Is Saying This To You; Gulcher Records
7. Thurston Moore; Benediction; Demolished Thoughts; Matador
8. Thurston Moore; Dreamers Work; By the Fire; Daydream Library
9. Sonic Youth; Bull in the Heather; Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star; Geffen
10. Kurt Vile; Pearls; Speed, Sound, Lonely KV – EP; Matador
11. Led Zeppelin; Going To California; IV; Atlantic
12. Kurt Vile; Dan-D-Lion; Speed, Sound, Lonely KV – EP; Matador
13. Canned Heat; Time Was; Magic; Hallelujah
14. the Green Child; Low Desk: High Shelf; Shimmering Basset; Upset the Rhythm
15. Grass Widow; Milo Minute; Internal Logic; HLR
16. Total Control; Luxury Vacuum; Laughing At the System; Alter
17. the Green Child; Dreamcom; Shimmering Basset; Upset the Rhythm
18. Future Islands; Old Friend; Wave Like Home; Upset the Rhythm
19. Sleeper & Snake; Flats Falling; Fresco Shed; Upset the Rhythm
20. Pirx; To Move In Herds; Pirx; Pirx
21. Candelilla; Intimität; Camping; Trocadero
22. Friends Of Gas; Schrumpfen; Kein Wetter; Staatsakt
23. Culk; Nacht; Zerstreuen Ãœber Euch; Siluh
24. Culk; Helle Kammer; Zerstreuen Ãœber Euch; Siluh
25. Culk; Starrsinn und Wahnsinn; Zerstreuen Ãœber Euch; Siluh
26. Raute; Käse Drauf; Fünf Stücke / Phase Vier; Nine to Five Recordings
27. Ziur; I Vanish; ATO; Planet Mu
28. Ziur; All Lessons Unlearned – feat. Samantha Urbani; ATO; Planet Mu