Nachtclub am 07. Dezember 2018

1. Free Love; Pushing Too Hard; Luxury Hits; Full Ashram
2. the Seeds; Pushin’ Too Hard; the Seeds; Sonet
3. Happy Meals; Altered Images; Apéro; Night School
4. Dita Von Teese, Sebastien Tellier, Jam City; Porcelaine – Jam City Dub; Remix; Record Makers
5. Instruments of Science + Technologie; Inst; Music from Films of R. Swift; Secretly Canadian
6. Richard Swift ; Broken Finger Blues; the Hex; Secretly Canadian
7. Richard Swift ; Sep20; the Hex; Secretly Canadian
8. Angelo De Augustine; Time (feat. Sufjan Stevens); Tomb; Astmatic Kitty
9. Sufjan Stevens; Death With Dignity; Carrie & Lowell; Asthmatic Kitty
10. Still Parade; Soon Enough; Soon Enough; Feel Flows Recordings
11. Todd Rundgren; Hello It’s Me; Various – Tocotronic Pop Portrait ; PIAS
12. Still Parade; Portals; Soon Enough; Feel Flows Recordings
13. Christopher Cross; Ride Like the Wind; Christopher Cross; Warner
14. Die Kerzen; True Love; Erotik International EP; Staatsakt
15. Prefab Sprout; Wild Horses; Jordan: the Comeback; Epic
16. Die Kerzen; Baby Motoride; Erotik International EP; Staatsakt
17. Tess Roby; Catalyst; Beacon; Italians Do It Better
18. Tess Roby; Given Signs; Beacon; Italians Do It Better
19. Lina Tullgren; Always Fine – feat. NTHNL; Always Fine – Single; Captured Tracks
20. Lina Tullgren; Asktell; Won; Captured Tracks
21. Capital Punishment; Muzak Anonymous; Roadkill; Captured Tracks
22. Hxxs; Seppuku; Mkdrone; Captured Tracks
23. Hxxs; Widowmaker; Mkdrone; Captured Tracks
24. Liars; Mask Maker; Mess; Mute
25. Hxxs; Witch Hunt; Mkdrone; Captured Tracks
26. Elsa Hewitt; Guilt-Free; Quilt Jams; ERH
27. Elsa Hewitt; Invisible Threads; Invisible Threads – Single; Saffron Records

Nachtclub am 30. November 2018

1. Crack Cloud; Drab Measure; Crack Cloud; Meat Machine
2. Shy Layers; Gateway; Midnight Marker; Beats in Space
3. Shy Layers; 1977; Shy Layers; Growing Bin Records
4. Grandbrothers; Bloodflow – Sir Was Remix; Bloodflow Remixes; City Slang
5. Sumsuch; Find Home – feat. Matty Eeles; Sumsuch Presents Colours and Pitch V1; BBE
6. Pip Blom; Come Home; Paycheck EP; Persona Non Grata
7. Pip Blom; The Shed; Paycheck EP; Persona Non Grata
8. Paint; Plastic Dreams; Paint; Mexican Summer
9. the Beatles; I’m Only Sleeping; Revolver; Parlophone
10. Paint; Daily Gazette; Paint; Mexican Summer
11. Allah-Las; Strange Heat; Calico Review; Mexican Summer
12. Ian Sweet; Holographic Jesus; Crush Crusher; Hardly Art
13. Ian Sweet; Spit; Crush Crusher; Hardly Art
14. Hen Ogledd; Sky Burial; Mogic; Domino