Nachtclub am 27. April 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Milk Disco; Welcome to the Milk Disco; Welcome to the Milk Disco; Ra-Ra Rok Records
2. Arthur; Scared; Challenger – Single; PLZ Make it Ruins
3. Arthur; AB; Challenger – Single; PLZ Make it Ruins
4. Ween; Push th’ Little Daisies; Pure Guava; Elektra
5. the Dean Ween Group; Someone Greased the Fatman; Rock2; Schnitzel Records
6. Arthur; Julie Returns; Julie Returns – Single; PLZ Make it Ruins
7. Arthur; Open Up the Door; Dreams And Images (1968-2015); Light in the Attic
8. Paul White; Set the Tone feat. Denai Moore; Rejuvenate; R&S
9. Paul White; Right On; Rapping With Paul White; One Handed Music
10. Paul White; Soul Reunion; Rejuvenate; R&S
11. the Cambodian Space Project; the Passenger; Spaced Out in Wonderland; Four Music
12. Mick Harvey; Contact – feat. Kak Channthy; Intoxicated Women; Mute
13. Caroline Rose; Jeannie Becomes A Mom; Loner; New West Records
14. Caroline Says; First Song; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
15. Cornelius; the Spell of a Vanishing Loveliness – Beach Fossils Rework; the Spell of a Vanishing Loveliness (Beach Fossils Rework); Warner
16. Cornelius; Star Fruit Surf Rider; Fantasma; Matador
17. Freak Heat Waves; Self Vortex; Beyond XXXL; Telephone Explosion Records
18. Freak Heat Waves; Pushin’ Beyond; Beyond XXXL; Telephone Explosion Records
19. John Maus; Dumpster Baby; Addendum; Ribbon Music
20. John Maus; Second Death; Addendum; Ribbon Music
21. R. Stevie Moore; Pink Litmus Paper Shirt; Glad Music; New Rose Records
22. Laurel Halo; Constant Index (Steve Moore Rmx); Constant Index; Hippos in Tanks
23. Negative Gemini; Infin Path; Bad Baby; 100% Electronica
24. Negative Gemini; You Weren’t There Anymore; Bad Baby; 100% Electronica
25. Ross From Friends; John Cage; Aphelion EP; Brainfeeder
26. Groeni; the Pharmacist; Nihx; Project Mooncircle
27. Al Green; I’ve Never Found A Girl; Let’s Stay Together; Hi Records
28. Groeni; Nape; Nihx; Project Mooncircle
29. Earlham Mystics; Truth; Truth EP; Notown Recordings
30. Primitive Trust; Little Love; Little Love; Aus Music / Simple

Nachtclub am 20. April 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Ought; These 3 Things; Room Inside the World; Merge
2. Scott Walker; Track 3; Climate Of Hunter; Virgin
3. Ought; Disaffectation; Room Inside the World; Merge
4. Ought; Desire; Room Inside the World; Merge
5. Medicine; 5ive; Shot Forth Self Living; Creation
6. E Ruscha V & Woo; Endless Sunday; Who Are You; Beats In Space
7. E Ruscha V & Woo; Woo Are You; Woo Are You – Single ; Beats In Space
8. Woo; Downtown Suburbia; It’s Cosy Inside; Drag City
9. Woo; Hopi; Into the Heart of Love; Emotional Rescue
10. the Rolling Stones; Heaven; Tattoo You; Rolling Stones Records
11. Jitwam; SomethingToChewOn; Jitwam; Cosmic Compositions
12. Jitwam; I Ain’t Scared Of No Devil – feat. DJ Godrey Ho; Jitwam; Cosmic Compositions
13. Gonjasufi; Duet; A Sufi and a Killer; Warp
14. Jitwam; WhereYouGonnaGo; WhereYouGonnaGo Single (12“); the Jazz Diaries
15. Mien; Earth Moon; Mien; Rocket Recordings
16. the Black Angels; I Dreamt; Death Song; Partisan
17. Amen Dunes; L.A. Freedom; Sacred Bones
18. Unknown Mortal Orchestra; How Many Zeros; Sex & Food; JagJaguwar
19. Makeness; Fire Behind the Two Louis; Loud Patterns; Secretly Canadian
20. Makeness; Day Old Death; Loud Patterns; Secretly Canadian
21. Caribou; Bees; the Milk Of Human Kindness; Leaf
22. Drinks; Real Outside; Hippo Lite; Drag City
23. White Fence; Sandra (When the Earth Dies); For the Recently Found Innocent; Drag City
24. Brazilian Girls; Pirates; Pirates -Single; Six Degrees Records
25. Die Nerven; Neue Wellen; Fake; Glitterhouse
26. Die Nerven; Roter Sand; Fake; Glitterhouse
27. Bicep; Opal – Four Tet Remix; Opal (Four Tet Remix) -Single; Ninja Tune

Nachtclub am 13. April 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. DJ Koze; Pick Up; Pick Up – Single; Pampa
2. Glass Candy; Geto Boys; Geto Boys 12”; Italians Do It Better
3. Alfie Templeman; My Strange Addiction; 5th Avenue Revisited; Alfie Templeman
4. Mac DeMarco; Treat Her Better; Salad Days; Captured Tracks
5. Drinks; Corner Shops; Corner Shops – Single; Drag City
6. the National Jazz Trio of Scotland; Heaven; Standards Vol. IV; Karaoke Kalk
7. the National Jazz Trio of Scotland; Passing By; Standards Vol. IV; Karaoke Kalk
8. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat; Let’s Stop Here; Everything’sGettingOlder; Chemical Underground
9. Goat Girl; Cracker Drool; Goat Girl; Rough Trade
10. Goat Girl; Country Sleaze; Goat Girl; Rough Trade
11. PJ Harvey; Sheela-Na-Gig ; Dry; Too Pure
12. Arms & Sleepers; It Was Us; Find the Right Place; Pelagic Records
13. Tandem; Ein Typ Wie Du; Ein Typ Wie Du – Single; Hansa
14. Althea & Donna; Gone To Negril; Gone To Negril – Single; Pressure Sounds
15. Black Box Recorder; Uptown Top Ranking; England Made Me; Chrysalis
16. Snail Mail; Pristine; Pristine – Single; Matador
17. Soccer Mommy; Cool ; Clean; Fat Possum
18. Osmar Milito; A Famous Myth; …e Deixa O Relógio Andar!; Vinilísssimo
19. Osmar Milito; Rita Jeep; …e Deixa O Relógio Andar!; Vinilísssimo
20. Chrome Sparks; Still Think; Chrome Sparks; Counter Records
21. Princess Nokia; For the Night; A Girl Cried Red; Rough Trade
22. Princess Nokia; ABCs of New York; 1992 Deluxe; Rough Trade Records
23. Princess Nokia; At the Top; A Girl Cried Red; Rough Trade
24. Knxwledge; Relapse feat. Traffic; Gladwemet EP; Stones Throw
25. NxWorries; Suede; Yes Lawd!; Stones Throw
26. Saba; Life; Care For Me; Saba Pivot
27. Saba; Fighter – feat. Kaina; Care For Me; Saba Pivot
28. Rival Consoles; Unfolding; Persona; Erased Tapes
29. Rival Consoles; Phantom Grip; Persona; Erased Tapes
30. Palmbomen II; Carina Sayles; Palmbomen 2; Beats In Space Records

Nachtclub Hörproben am 10. April 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Isolation Berlin; Vergifte Dich; Vergifte Dich; Staatsakt
2. Misses Next Match + WKR Band; Ein Herz
aus Lotus; Ein Herz aus Lotus / Mah Ader Nam – Single; Hans E. Platte
3. DJ Koze; Illumination – feat. Roisin Murphy; Illumination – Single; Pampa
4. DJ Koze; Ich Schreib Dir Ein Buch – feat. Hildegard Knef; Amygdala; Pampa Records
5. Die Wilde Jagd; 2000 Elefanten; Uhrwald Orange; Bureau B
6. Die Wilde Jagd; Stangentanz; Uhrwald Orange; Bureau B
7. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft; der Räuber und der Prinz; Alles ist Gut; Virgin
8. Station 17; Über der Stadt – feat. Pyrolator; Blick; Bureau B
9. Der Plan; Copyright Slavery; Die Verschwörung; Marina
10. UFO Hawaii; Tele-Krümmer; Tele-Krümmer; Psychofon
11. Dauerfisch; Hi Hi Hi Ha Ha Ha; 1000 Ganz Legale Steuertricks; Bungalow
12. Dauerfisch; Endlich Vögeln; Crime of the Century; Bungalow
13. Yeah But No; The Way We Chose; Yeah But No; Sinnbus
14. Locust Fudge; Green; Business Express; Sticksister

Nachtclub am 06. April 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra; Hunnybee ; Sex & Food; JagJaguwar
2. Kraftwerk; Neonlicht 45 vs. 33; Das Model; Kling Klang
3. Block Barley; Beat For Pro Era; Beat For Pro Era; Block Barley
4. Eddy Grant; Time Warp 45 vs. 33; Electric Avenue – Single; CBS
5. Gorillaz; Stylo feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack; Plastic Beach; Parlophone
6. Münchener Freiheit; Tausendmal Du 45 vs. 33; Tausendmal Du; CBS
7. the Normal; tvod 45 vs. 33; Warm Leatherette / the Normal; Mute
8. Plaza Hotel; Bewegliche Ziele; Bewegliche Ziele; Delphin
9. Daniele Baldelli; Isotropofunk; Cosmic Temple / Chapter 3; Mondo Groove
10. Sternenmädchen; Downtown; Gilles Zeitschiff; Kosmische Musik 45 vs. 33; Showcase; Burial Mix
11. Manuel Göttsching; E2-E4; E2-E4; Da Music
12. Kiru Stars; Family Planning
45 vs. 33; Family Planning – Single; Afro7 Records
13. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas; Boney M. Down; Lindstrom & Prins Thomas; Eskimo Recordings
14. the Scorpios; Yaelhajarok (They Leave You For Me) 45 vs. 33; Yaelhajarok; Afro7 Records
15. Stephen Encinas; Lypso Illusion; Disco Illusion / Lypso Illusion; Kalinda
16. Squarepusher; Port Rhombus – on 33; Port Rhombus EP; Warp
17. Z-Ro; 25 Lighters
45 vs. 33 ; Crack; Rap-A-Lot
18. Axel Boman; Purple Drank; Holy Love; Pampa
19. Claudette et Ti Pierre; Zanmi Camarade 45 vs. 33; Zanmi Camarade; Macaya Records
20. Sun Ra And His Arkestra; Space is the Place; the Other Side of the Sun; Sweet Earth Records
21. Mickey Moonlight; Interplanetary Music; …and the Time Axis Manipulation Corporation; Ed Banger
22. Joel Graham; Night 45 vs. 33; Geomancy; Music From Memory

Nachtclub am 30. März 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Caroline Says; Sweet Home Alabama; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
2. Caroline Says; Mea Culpa; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
3. Caroline Says; A Good Thief Steels Clean; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
4. Altin Gün; Goca Dunya; On; Le Disques Bongo Joe
5. Altin Gün; Cemalim; On; Le Disques Bongo Joe
6. Selda Bagcan; Utan Utan; Selda; Finders Keepers
7. Parade Ground; I Shut My Eyes; the Golden Years; Dark Entries Records
8. Chris Carter; Cernubicua; Chemistry Lessons Vol. 1; Mute
9. Chris Carter; Pillars Of Wah; Chemistry Lessons Vol. 1; Mute
10. Chris Carter; Rehndim; Chemistry Lessons Vol. 1; Mute
11. Chris + Cosey; October; October (Love Song) – Single; Mute
12. Chris Carter; Ghosting; Chemistry Lessons Vol. 1; Mute
13. Vox Low; Now We’re Ready To Spend; Vox Low; Born Bad Records
14. Vox Low; Trapped on the Moon; Vox Low; Born Bad Records
15. Jane Weaver; The Lighting Back – Sex Swing Remix; The Lighting Back – Single; Fire Records
16. Locust Fudge; Kill A Friend Today; Royal Flush; Glitterhouse
17. Locust Fudge; Light And Grace; Oscillation; Play Loud Productions
18. Locust Fudge; Hormones; Oscillation; Play Loud Productions
19. Sharon Stoned; Down; Sample & Hold; Columbia
20. Virginia Wing; The Second Shift; the Second Shift; Fire Records
21. Jefferson Airpl^anel; She Has Funny Cars; Surrealistic Pillow; RCA
22. Olden Yolk; Takes One to Know One; Olden Yolk; Trouble In Mind
23. Laurie Anderson; It Tango; Big Science; Warner Bros.
24. Palmbomen II; RTL Unifeeder; Memories Of Cindy; Beats In Space Records
25. Palmbomen II; Pure Tibet; Memories Of Cindy; Beats In Space Records
26. Palmbomen II; Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy; Memories Of Cindy; Beats In Space Records
27. Ford & Lopatin; Too Much MIDI – Please Forgive Me (Alan Braxe Bonus Rmx); Channel Pressure Remixes; Software
28. Palmbomen II; Cindy Savalas; Palmbomen 2; Beats In Space Records