Nachtclub am 27. April 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Milk Disco; Welcome to the Milk Disco; Welcome to the Milk Disco; Ra-Ra Rok Records
2. Arthur; Scared; Challenger – Single; PLZ Make it Ruins
3. Arthur; AB; Challenger – Single; PLZ Make it Ruins
4. Ween; Push th’ Little Daisies; Pure Guava; Elektra
5. the Dean Ween Group; Someone Greased the Fatman; Rock2; Schnitzel Records
6. Arthur; Julie Returns; Julie Returns – Single; PLZ Make it Ruins
7. Arthur; Open Up the Door; Dreams And Images (1968-2015); Light in the Attic
8. Paul White; Set the Tone feat. Denai Moore; Rejuvenate; R&S
9. Paul White; Right On; Rapping With Paul White; One Handed Music
10. Paul White; Soul Reunion; Rejuvenate; R&S
11. the Cambodian Space Project; the Passenger; Spaced Out in Wonderland; Four Music
12. Mick Harvey; Contact – feat. Kak Channthy; Intoxicated Women; Mute
13. Caroline Rose; Jeannie Becomes A Mom; Loner; New West Records
14. Caroline Says; First Song; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
15. Cornelius; the Spell of a Vanishing Loveliness – Beach Fossils Rework; the Spell of a Vanishing Loveliness (Beach Fossils Rework); Warner
16. Cornelius; Star Fruit Surf Rider; Fantasma; Matador
17. Freak Heat Waves; Self Vortex; Beyond XXXL; Telephone Explosion Records
18. Freak Heat Waves; Pushin’ Beyond; Beyond XXXL; Telephone Explosion Records
19. John Maus; Dumpster Baby; Addendum; Ribbon Music
20. John Maus; Second Death; Addendum; Ribbon Music
21. R. Stevie Moore; Pink Litmus Paper Shirt; Glad Music; New Rose Records
22. Laurel Halo; Constant Index (Steve Moore Rmx); Constant Index; Hippos in Tanks
23. Negative Gemini; Infin Path; Bad Baby; 100% Electronica
24. Negative Gemini; You Weren’t There Anymore; Bad Baby; 100% Electronica
25. Ross From Friends; John Cage; Aphelion EP; Brainfeeder
26. Groeni; the Pharmacist; Nihx; Project Mooncircle
27. Al Green; I’ve Never Found A Girl; Let’s Stay Together; Hi Records
28. Groeni; Nape; Nihx; Project Mooncircle
29. Earlham Mystics; Truth; Truth EP; Notown Recordings
30. Primitive Trust; Little Love; Little Love; Aus Music / Simple

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