Nachtclub am 24. November

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Karl Blau; Slow Children; Bella Union; Out Her Space
2. Karl Blau; Beckon; Bella Union; Out Her Space
3. Ahanti Afrika Jah; Onyame; Strut; Various – Nigeria 70 Lagos Jump
4. Gaika; Smoke Break; Warp; the Spectacular Empire II
5. Sequoya Tiger; Punta Otok; Morr Music; Parabolabandit
6. Lali Puna; the Frame – feat. Dntel; Morr Music; the Window
7. James Figurine; Apologies – John Tejada Mix; Monika ; Forgive Your Friends EP
8. Carla Dal Forno; Clusters; Blackest Ever Black; the Garden
9. Einstürzende Neubauten; the Garden; Mute; Ende Neu
10. Carla Dal Forno; the Garden; Blackest Ever Black; the Garden
11. Potpourri; Durchsichtig; Ahorn; Das Potpourri
12. Donna Neda; Golden Chain – feat. Michael Rother, & Desiderio; Sounding Functions; Credits
13. Dillon; Kind; PIAS; Kind
14. Dillon; Lullaby ; PIAS; Kind

Nachtclub am 17. November 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Weaves; #53; Wide Open; Kanine Records
2. Weaves; Gasoline; Wide Open; Kanine Records
3. Etta James; I’d Rather Go Blind; Tell Mama; MCA
4. Heavy Heart; Fruitfly; Keepsake; I Can & I Will
5. CCFX; the One to Wait; CCFX EP; DFA
6. CC Dust; New Ways; Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways – Single; Night School
7. Kllo; Downfall; Backwater; Ghostly International
8. Kllo; Virtue; Backwater; Ghostly International
9. Soft People; 16 Years of Somewhere Else; American Men; Soft People
10. Soft People; Alchemy of Male Feelings; American Men; Soft People
11. Wild Beasts; Punk Drunk & Trembling; Punk Drunk & Trembling EP; Domino
12. Wild Beasts; the Devil’s Crayon; Limbo, Panto; Domino
13. Wild Beasts; A Simple Beautiful Truth (DJRum Extended); A Simple Beautiful Truth Rmxs; Domino
14. Loma; Black Willow; Black Willow – Single; Sub Pop
15. Tiwa Savage; Sugarcane; Sugarcane EP; Marvin Records
16. Fela Kuti; Expensive Shit; the Best of the Black President 2; Knitting Factory
17. Mbongwana Star; Masobélé; From Kinshasa; World Circuit
18. James Holden & the Animal Spirit; Each Moment Like the First; the Animal Spirit; Border Community
19. the Bug; Bad – feat. Flowdan; Bad – Single; Ninja Tune
20. King Midas Sound; Cool Out; Waiting For You; Hyperdub
21. Tricky; the Only Way; Ununiform; Studio !K7
22. Martyn; Meaning Of Life; GL Outtakes; 3024
23. Yung Lean; Silver Arrows; Stranger; Year0001
24. Yung Lean; Red Bottom Sky; Stranger; Year0001
25. Yung Lean; Muddy Sea; Stranger; Year0001
26. DJ Seinfeld ; I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front of Me and I was Like wtf ?; Time Spent Away From U; Lobster Theremin

Nachtclub am 10. November 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Pinkshinyultrablast; Find Your Saint; Find Your Saint –Single; ClubAC30
2.; Pinkshinyultrablast; Blaster; Happy Songs For Happy Zombies – EP; ClubAC30
3.; Pia Fraus; It’s Over Now; Field Ceremony; Seksound
4.; Pia Fraus; Autumn Winds; Field Ceremony; Seksound
5.; Jefre Cantu-Ledesma; Tenderness; On the Echoing Green; Mexican Summer
6.; Beaches; Void; Second of Spring; Chapter Music
7.; Neu!; Hallogallo; Neu!; Grönland
8.; Beaches; Contact; Second of Spring; Chapter Music
9.; Torres; Three Futures; Three Futures; 4AD
10.; SPC ECO; Waking Up Again; Calm; Tapete
11.; Sampa the Great; Flowers feat. Remi; Birds and the Bee9; Big Dada
12.; Nai Palm; Crossfire / So Into You; Needle Paw; Masterworks / Sony
13.; Sampa the Great; Protect Your Queen; Birds and the Bee9; Big Dada
14.; Sampa the Great; Rhymes To the East; Birds and the Bee9; Big Dada
15.; Yaeji; Raingurl; EP2; Godmode
16.; Yaeji; Feelings Change; EP2; Godmode
17.; Wolf Alice; Don’t Delete the Kissess; Visions of a Life; Dirty Hit
18.; Wolf Parade; You’re Dreaming; Cry Cry Cry; Sub Pop
19.; Odonis Odonis; One; No Pop; Felte
20.; Odonis Odonis; Check My Profile; No Pop; Felte
21.; Sab Janoh & O-Mann-O; Staubsauger – Robag Wruhme Rmx; Various: Operation Pudel 2010; Staatsakt
22.; Hey Elbow; Quest; Quest – Single; Adrian Recordings
23.; the Sound of Ceres; Humaniora; the Twin; Joyful Noise Recordings
24.; Carpenters; We’ve Only Just Begun; the Singles 1969-73; A&M
25.; the Sound of Ceres; Dagger Only Run; Nostalgia for Infinity; Joyful Noise Recordings
26.; Sonic Youth; Superstar; the Carpenters Are Cool; A&M
27.; Dillon; Lullaby ; Kind; PIAS

Nachtclub am 03. November 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Bully; Feel the Same; Losing; Sub Pop
2. Bully; Kills To Be Resistant; Losing; Sub Pop
3. the Breeders; Happiness is a Warm Gun; Pod; 4AD
4. Lina Tullgren; Summer Sleeper; Won; Captured Tracks
5. Lina Tullgren; Perfect; Won; Captured Tracks
6. The Weather Station; Thirty; the Weather Station; Paradise of Bachelors
7. Joni Mitchell; Help Me; Court And Spark; Asylum
8. The Weather Station; Free; the Weather Station; Paradise of Bachelors
9. Will Stratton; Gray Lodge Wisdom (feat. the Weather Station); Gray Lodge Wisdom; Talitres
10. Jessica Lea Mayfield; Wish You Could See Me Now; Sorry Is Gone; ATO / Pias
11. Jessica Lea Mayfield; Bum Me Out; Sorry Is Gone; ATO / Pias
12. Fatima Al Qadiri; Galby feat. Naigow; Shaneera EP; Hyperdub
13. Future Brown; Vernáculo; Future Brown; Warp
14. Fatima Al Qadiri; Is2aleeha feat. Bobo Secret & Chaltham; Shaneera EP; Hyperdub
15. Jackie Shane; Any Other Way; Any Other Way; the Numero Group
16. Jackie Shane; Comin’ Down; Any Other Way; the Numero Group
17. Golden Teacher; Sauchiehall Withdrawal; No Luscious Life; Golden Teacher
18. Golden Teacher & Dennis Bovell; Instigator feat. Dennis Bovell; Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell; Optimo Music
19. Golden Teacher; The Kazimier; No Luscious Life; Golden Teacher
20. Rhi; Night Driving; Reverie; Tru Thoughts
21. RIN; Monica Belluci; Eros; Division
22. RIN; Bass; Eros; Division
23. RIN; Vagabundo; Eros; Division
24. Baxter Dury; August; Prince Of Tears; Heavenly
25. Baxter Dury; Porcelain; Prince Of Tears; Heavenly
26. Sleaford Mods; I Feel So Wrong; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
27. Jean Paul „El Troglodita“; Any Time; Vudú; Vinilisssimo
28. Jean Paul „El Troglodita“; Everything Is Gonna Change; Vudú; Vinilisssimo
29. Anchorsong; Gyotens Kalimba – Wa Wu We Simplification; Gyotens Kalimba – Single; Tru Thougths
30. Sebastian Mullaert; Broken Mirror (Wa Wu We Reflection); Broken Mirror EP; Mule Musique