Nachtclub am 23. Februar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Beach House; Lemon Glow; Lemon Glow; Bella Union
2. Noseholes; Danger Dance; Danger Dance; Chu Chu Records
3. Das Ende; Moby Dick; Der Teufel ist ein Silbefisch; This Charming Man
4. Noseholes; Bed Smoker; Danger Dance; Chu Chu Records
5. A Certain Ratio; Do the Du ; The Graveyard & the Ballroom; Mute
6. Sleaford Mods; Face to Faces; Key Markets; Harbinger Sound
7. Duds; No Remark; Of A Nature or Degree; Castle Face Records
8. Big Boys; Identity Crisis; Wherer’s My Towel / Industry Standard; Wasted Talent Records
9. Noseholes; Lush Box; Danger Dance; Chu Chu Records
10. the Knife; Forest Families; Silent Shout; Rabid Records
11. Noseholes; Styling; Danger Dance; Chu Chu Records
12. Chinese Stars; Cheap City Halo; A Rare Sensation; Three One G
13. PJ Harvey; To Bring You My Love ; To Bring You My Love; Island
14. Noseholes; Ex-Driver; Danger Dance; Chu Chu Records
15. Jeremy Jay; We Stay Here (In Our Secret World); Airwalker EP; K Records
16. Dabrye; Tunnel Vision – feat. Guilty Simpson; Three / Three; Ghostly International
17. Dabrye; Lil Mufukuz – feat. MF Doom; Three / Three; Ghostly International
18. Dabrye; Fightscene – feat. La Peace; Three / Three; Ghostly International
19. Dabrye; With a Professional; One / Three; Ghostly
20. Dabrye; Pretty – feat. Jon Wayne; Three / Three; Ghostly International
21. The Sea And Cake; Any Day; Any Day – Single; Thrill Jockey
22. Tortoise; Galapagos (Spring Heel Jack Rmx); Galapagos 12”; Warp
23. The Sea And Cake; The Transaction; The Biz; Moll
24. Courtney Barnett; Nameless, Faceless; Nameless, Faceless; Marathon Artists
25. The Breeders; Nervous Mary; Nervous Mary – Single; 4AD
26.. The Low Anthem; Drowsy Drowsing Dolls; The Salt Doll Went To Measure the Depth of the Sea; Joyful Noise Recordings
27. The Low Anthem; The Krill Whistle Their Fight Song; The Salt Doll Went To Measure the Depth of the Sea; Joyful Noise Recordings
28. Isolation Berlin; Vergifte Dich; Vergifte Dich; Staatsakt
29. Isolation Berlin; Wenn Ich Eins Hasse, Dann ist das Mein Leben; Vergifte Dich; Staatsakt
30. Portico Quartet; Lines Glow; Art in the Age of Automation; Gondwana Records

Nachtclub am 16. Februar 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Pip Blom; I Think I’m In Love; I Think I’m In Love – Single; Toaster Records
2. Pip Blom; Babies Are a Lie; Babies Are a Lie / School – Single; Nice Swan Records
3. Shitkid; All My Fears; This Is It; PNKSLM
4. the Go Team; Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix); Apollo Throwdown Remixes; Memphis Industries
5. Eddie the Wheel; Leave Behind; Leave Behin; Anti Vibe Music Group
6. B52s; Trism; Whammy!; Warner
7. Eddie the Wheel; If I Had a Car; He’s A Scream; Anti Vibe Music Group
8. The Posse; Dream Sequence; Horse Blanket; Hidden Bay
9. Patti Smith; Kimberly; Horses; Arista
10. The Posse; Keep Me Awake; Horse Blanket; Hidden Bay
11. Underground Youth; the Outsider; What Kind of Dystopian Hellhole is This? ; Fuzz Club Records
12. Underground Youth; Morning Sun; Fuzz Club Session; Fuzz Club Records
13. New Order; Dreams Never End; the Movement; Factory
14. Chromatics & Glass Candy; Ceremony – feat. Ida No; Cherry Deluxe; Italians Do It Better
15. MGMT; She Works Out Too Much; Little Dark Age; Columbia
16. MGMT; James; Little Dark Age; Columbia
17. Gary War; Alive on Earth; Gaz Forth; Feeding Tube Records
18. Gary War; Retrograde Reality; Gaz Forth; Feeding Tube Records
19. John Maus; Rights For Gays; Love is Real; Upset! the Rhythm
20. Art Feynman; Slow Down; Blast Off Through the Wicker; Western Vinyl
21. Tomas Barfod; Bell House (feat. Luke Temple); Love Me; Secretly Canadian
22. Art Feynman; Eternity In Pictures; Blast Off Through the Wicker; Western Vinyl
23. Rejjie Snow; the Rain – feat. Cam O’bi, Krondon; Dear Annie; 300 Entertainment / BMG
24. Rejjie Snow; 1992 – feat. Loyle Carner; Rejovich EP ; Kaja Kaja Records
25. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Primal Rage – feat. Quelle Chris; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
26.. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Daupe Sell Itself – feat. SonnyJim; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
27. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Bleek Gilliam; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
28. Burial; Rodent; Rodent – Single; Hyperdub
29. Essaie Pas; Futur Parlé; Futur Parlé; DFA

Nachtclub am 09. Februar 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Porches; Leave the House; The House; Domino
2. Porches; Anymore; The House; Domino
3. Porches; Äkeren; The House; Domino
4. Frankie Cosmos; Jesse; Jesse – Single; Sub Pop
5. Frankie Rose; Trouble; Cage Tropical; Slumberland
6. Frankie Reyes; Flor de Azalea; Boleros Valses Y Mas; Stones Throw
7. Frankie Goes to Hollywood; Black Night White Light; Welcome to the Pleasuredome; Island
8. the Buggles; Clean Clean; the Age of Plastic; Island
9. Yellow Magic Orchestra; La Femme Chinoise; Solid State Survivor; Epic
10. Death And Vanilla; Dioz Delirium; the Tenant; Fire Records
11. Death + Vanilla; Necessary Distortions; To Where the Wild Things Are… Fire Records
12. Amen Dunes; Miki Dora; Miki Dora – Single; Sacred Bones
13. Mike Wexler; the Engram; Syntropy; Three:four Records
14. Forever Pavot; La Soup à la Grolle; La Pantoufle; Born Bad Records
15. Forever Pavot; Le Beefteak; La Pantoufle; Born Bad Records
16. Forever Pavot; Les Cordes; La Pantoufle; Born Bad Records
17. Eduardo De La Calle; Mr Dewey D; Icosahedrite EP; Planet E
18. Los Yetis; Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop; Los Yetis; Vinilisssimo
19. Kala Brisella; Endlich Krank; Endlich Krank; Späti Palace
20. LeVent; Lisa; LeVent; A Recordings LTD
21. No Age; Drippy; Snares Like a Haircut; Drag City
22. No Age; Snares Like A Haircut; Snares Like a Haircut; Drag City
23. No Age; Stuck In the Charger; Snares Like a Haircut; Drag City
24. Khruangbin; Lady And Man; Con Todo El Mundo; Dead Oceans
25. Khruangbin; White Gloves; The Universe Smiles Upon You; Night Time Stories
26.. Schlammpeitziger; Ekirlu Kong; Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill; Bureau B
27. Schlammpeitziger; Angerrestbay; Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill; Bureau B
28. Porches; Goodbye; The House; Domino

Nachtclub am 02. Februar 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; the Fall; I Feel Voxish; Totally Wired; Sanctuary
2.; Tocotronic; Ich hab geträumt, ich wäre Pizza essen mit Mark E. Smith; Various: Perverted by Mark E – A Tribute to the Fall; Zick Zack
3.; von Südenfed; Fledermaus Can’t Get It; Tromatic Reflexxions; Domino
4.; the Fall; Cruiser’s Creek; Live in Braunschweig; the Fall
5.; Pictish Trail; Who’s Coming In (Joe Goddard Remix); Who’s Coming In Remix Single; Fire Records
6.; Hot Chip; the Warning; the Warning; EMI
7.; 1954; Pleiade; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
8.; the Chordettes; Mr. Sandman; the Chordettes; Solid Records
9.; 1954; Blue Boy – feat. Loup Na; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
10.; 1954; Flowers of the Dead Man; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
11.; Raoul Vignal; Side By Side; the Silver Veil; Talitres
12.; Midlife; the Magnificent Moon; the Magnificent Moon; Research Records
13.; Jenny Wilson; Rapin; Rapin – Single; Gold Medal Recordings
14.; Jenny Wilson; Summertime – the Roughest Time; Love and Youth; V2
15.; Rhye; Waste; Blood; Caroline / Concord
16.; Rhye; Sinful; Blood; Caroline / Concord
17.; Milosh; You Make Me Feel; You Make Me Feel; Plug Research
18.; Solid Space; Destination Moon; Space Museum; In Phaze Records
19.; Solid Space; New Statue; Space Museum; In Phaze Records
20.; Solid Space; Please Don’t Fade Away; Space Museum; In Phaze Records
21.; the Legendary Pink Dots; Legacy; Brighter Now; In Phaze Records
22.; Jaguwar; Lunatic; Ringthing; Tapete
23.; My Bloody Valentine; She Found Now; M B V; My Bloody Valentine
24.; the Go! Team; Hey!; Semicircle; Memphis Industries
25.; Jaguwar; Night Out; Ringthing; Tapete
26..; Jaguwar; Gone; Ringthing; Tapete