Nachtclub am 16. Februar 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Pip Blom; I Think I’m In Love; I Think I’m In Love – Single; Toaster Records
2. Pip Blom; Babies Are a Lie; Babies Are a Lie / School – Single; Nice Swan Records
3. Shitkid; All My Fears; This Is It; PNKSLM
4. the Go Team; Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix); Apollo Throwdown Remixes; Memphis Industries
5. Eddie the Wheel; Leave Behind; Leave Behin; Anti Vibe Music Group
6. B52s; Trism; Whammy!; Warner
7. Eddie the Wheel; If I Had a Car; He’s A Scream; Anti Vibe Music Group
8. The Posse; Dream Sequence; Horse Blanket; Hidden Bay
9. Patti Smith; Kimberly; Horses; Arista
10. The Posse; Keep Me Awake; Horse Blanket; Hidden Bay
11. Underground Youth; the Outsider; What Kind of Dystopian Hellhole is This? ; Fuzz Club Records
12. Underground Youth; Morning Sun; Fuzz Club Session; Fuzz Club Records
13. New Order; Dreams Never End; the Movement; Factory
14. Chromatics & Glass Candy; Ceremony – feat. Ida No; Cherry Deluxe; Italians Do It Better
15. MGMT; She Works Out Too Much; Little Dark Age; Columbia
16. MGMT; James; Little Dark Age; Columbia
17. Gary War; Alive on Earth; Gaz Forth; Feeding Tube Records
18. Gary War; Retrograde Reality; Gaz Forth; Feeding Tube Records
19. John Maus; Rights For Gays; Love is Real; Upset! the Rhythm
20. Art Feynman; Slow Down; Blast Off Through the Wicker; Western Vinyl
21. Tomas Barfod; Bell House (feat. Luke Temple); Love Me; Secretly Canadian
22. Art Feynman; Eternity In Pictures; Blast Off Through the Wicker; Western Vinyl
23. Rejjie Snow; the Rain – feat. Cam O’bi, Krondon; Dear Annie; 300 Entertainment / BMG
24. Rejjie Snow; 1992 – feat. Loyle Carner; Rejovich EP ; Kaja Kaja Records
25. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Primal Rage – feat. Quelle Chris; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
26.. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Daupe Sell Itself – feat. SonnyJim; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
27. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Bleek Gilliam; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
28. Burial; Rodent; Rodent – Single; Hyperdub
29. Essaie Pas; Futur Parlé; Futur Parlé; DFA

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