Nachtclub am 31. März 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Manuela; Supermarket; Manuela; Lost Map
2.; Sneaks; Look Like That; It’s A Myth; Merge
3.; Sneaks; Hair Slick Back; It’s A Myth; Merge
4.; Sneaks; X.T.Y.; Gymnastics; Merge
5.; Sneaks; Inside Edition; It’s A Myth; Merge
6.; Sneaks; Tough Luck; It’s A Myth; Merge
7.; Pinc Louds; Shaking; Pinc Louds EP; PL
8.; Pinc Louds; Haunted; Pinc Louds EP; PL
9.; Manuela; Cracks in the Concrete; Manuela; Lost Map
10.; Box Codax; Naked Smile (Metronomy Remix); Naked Smile – Single; Gomma
11.; Franz Ferdinand; Darts of Pleasure; Franz Ferdinand; Domino
12.; Manuela; Invincible Dub; Manuela; Lost Map
13.; Sir Was; Digging A Tunnel; Digging A Tunnel; City Slang
14.; Bombay Show Pig; King of the Cornershop; King of the Cornershop – Single; Obey Records
15.; Cornershop; Natch feat. M.I.A.; Topknot / Natch Single; Rough Trade
16.; Bonobo; Outlier; Migration; Ninja Tune
17.; Bonobo; Break Apart – feat. Rhye; Migration; Ninja Tune
18.; DJ Koze; Amygdala feat. Milosh; Amygdala; Pampa Records
19.; Milosh; Remember the Good Things; iii; !K7
20.; Makeness / Adult Jazz; Other Life; Other Life – Single; Meno Records
21.; Anna Wise; Your Maker – Anna Wise Remaker; Mandela Effect; Warp
22.; Gonjasufi; Kobwebz; A Sufi and a Killer; Warp
23.; Gonjasufi; Your Maker – Daddy G Remix; Mandela Effect; Warp
24.; Anna Wise; Free from the Normal; the Feminine: Act 2 ; Anna Wise
26.; Don Philippe; I Stumble and Fall and Rise; Between Now And Now / A Long and Silent Street; Groove Attack
27.; Don Philippe; I Turn Nobody; Between Now And Now / A Long and Silent Street; Groove Attack
28.; Gibmafuffi; Immernoch; Spielschulden LP; Wortsport
29.; Aesop Rock; Mystery Fish; the Impossible Kid; Rhymesayers Entertainment
30.; Aesop Rock; I’ll Be Ok; Float; Mush
31.; Rejjie Snow; 1992; Rejovich EP ; Kaja Kaja Records
32.; Jacques Greene; To Say; Feel Infinite; Lucky Me
33.; Jacques Greene; True ft. How To Dress Well; Feel Infinite; Lucky Me
34.; Jacques Greene; On Your Side ft. How To Dress Well; On Your Side – Single; Lucky Me

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