Nachtclub am 31. Juli 2020

1. Pozi; Whitewashing; 176 – EP; Prah Recordings
2. Pozi; 176; 176 – EP; Prah Recordings
3. Fontaines D.C.; A Lucid Dream; Televised Mind; Partisan
4. Fontaines D.C.; Sha Sha Sha; Dogrel; Partisan
5. the Beach Boys; Your Summer Dream; Surfer Girl; Capitol
6. Fontaines D.C.; Love Is the Main Thing; Televised Mind; Partisan
7. Midwife; 2018; Forever; the Flenser
8. Midwife; Anyone Can Play Guitar; Forever; the Flenser
9. Midwife; Language; Forever; the Flenser
10. Shinichi Atobe; Lake 2; Yes; DDS
11. Darkstar; Jam – Horsepower Productions Remix; Jam – Horsepower Productions Remixes – Single; Warp
12. Sweatson Klank; Together In Love; Good Days; Friends Of Friends
13. Sweatson Klank; And Then You; Good Days; Friends Of Friends
14. Ata Records; Planet Nine; The Library Archive, Vol. 01; Ata Records
15. Ata Records; Nuclear Wind I; The Library Archive, Vol. 01; Ata Records
16. Cindygod; Rhys; EP2; Fire Talk
17. Sharada Shashidhar; Messages; Rahu; Leaving Records
18. Sharada Shashidhar; Loose Ends; Rahu; Leaving Records
19. Idris Muhammad; Piece Of Mind; Power Of Soul; CTI Records
20. Bishop Nehru; Meathead – feat. MF Doom; Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts; Nehruvia
21. Lorde Fredd33; Kane; Norf: the Legend Of Hotboy Ronald; New Age Narcissism
22. Finn Foxell, Lord Apex, Flowzart; Money Calling; Stuck In Motion EP; Elevation / Meditation
23. Visit Venus; First Man on the Moog; Music For Space Tourism Vol. 1; Yo Mama
24. Apollo Brown + Che Noir; the Apple – feat. Planet Asia; As God Intended; Mello Music Group
25. Apollo Brown + Che Noir; Blood Is Thicker; As God Intended; Mello Music Group
26. Raekwon; Knowledge God; Only Built For Cuban Linx…; Loud Records
27. Raekwon; Incarcerated Scarfaces; Only Built For Cuban Linx…; Loud Records
28. SD9; Jukebox; 40Ëš.40; On-Retainer
29. SD9; Numeros; 40Ëš.40; On-Retainer
30. Cass McCombs; the Wine of Lebanon; the Wine of Lebanon – Single; Anti
31. Fontaines D.C.; No; A Hero’s Death; Partisan

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