Nachtclub am 30. Juni 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Yaeji; Noonside; Yaeji – EP; Godmode
2. Yaeji; Feel It out; Yaeji – EP; Godmode
3. Washed Out; Floating By; Mister Mellow; Stones Throw
4. Washed Out; Get Up; Life of Leisure EP; Mexican Summer
5. Neil Young; Mellow My Mind; Tonight’s the Night; Reprise
6. Washed Out; Million Miles Away; Mister Mellow; Stones Throw
7. Washed Out; I’ve Been Daydreaming My Whole Life; Mister Mellow; Stones Throw
8. Lost Midas; Yucaipa; Undefined; Tru Thoughts
9. Lost Midas; Undefined – feat. Rachel Geller; Undefined; Tru Thoughts
10. Washed Out; Burn Out Blues; Mister Mellow; Stones Throw
11. Bibio + Knxwledge; Feeling – Knx Remix; Feeling – Knx Remix – Single; Warp
12. Suzi Analogue, Jax; Numba 1 – feat. Jax; Zones V.3.: the World Unwinds But the Sound Holds me Tight; Never Normal Records
13. Methodman; Bring the Pain; Various: the RZA Hits; Epic
14. Dexter; Ich Bin Wavy; Haare Nice, Socken Fly; WSP Records
15. Dexter; San Francisco H (feat. DJ Adlib); the Trip ; Melting Pot Music
16. Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse & David Lynch; Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It); Dark Night of the Soul; Parlophone / Lex Records
17. Santo & Johnny; Sleepwalk; Santo & Johnny; Canadian-American Records
18. David Lynch; Good Day Today; Crazy Clown Time; Sunday Best
19. Bones; CtrlAltDelete; Unrendered; Bones
20. Bones; MyNephewHasAWhitePickupTruck; Unrendered; Bones
21. Bones; MissingProjectFiles; Unrendered; Bones
22. Lando Chill; Break Them Shackles ; the Boy Who Spoke to the Wind; Mello Music Group
23. Maliibu Miitch; 4AM; 4AM Single; MM
24. NAS; N.Y. State of Mind; Illmatic; Columbia
25. Mobb Deep; Give Up the Goods (Just Step); the Infamous; Loud Records
26. Peaking Lights; Coyote Ghost Melodies; the Fifth State Of Consciousness; Two Flowers Records
27. Peaking Lights; Everytime I See the Light; the Fifth State Of Consciousness; Two Flowers Records
28. James Place; Courage to Ask; Voices Bloom; Umor Rex
29. Yaeji; Guap; Yaeji – EP; Godmode

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