Nachtclub am 27. Oktober 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Fever Ray; Wanna Sip; Plunge; Rabid Records
2. Fever Ray; A Part of Us; Plunge; Rabid Records
3. Fever Ray; Mama’s Hand; Plunge; Rabid Records
4. the Knife; Like A Pen; Silent Shout; Rabid Records
5. Honey Is Cool; Nach Heart; Crazy Love; MVG Records
6. John Maus; Bombs Away; Screen Memories; Ribbon Music
7. John Maus; Find Out; Screen Memories; Ribbon Music
8. Ariel Pink; Death Patrol; Dedicated To Bobby Jameson; Mexican Summer
9. John Maus; Time To Die; Songs; Upset the Rhythm
10. John & Judy; Hideout; Hideout – Single ; Dore
11. Scott Walker; It’s Raining Today; Scott 3; Mercury
12. John Maus; Teenage Witch; Screen Memories; Ribbon Music
13. Johnny Mauser; Montag; Mausmission; Audiolith
14. Wu-Tang Clan; Lessons Learned – feat. Inspectah Deck + Redman; the Saga Continues; 36 Chambers / SPV
15. Wu-Tang Clan; Protect Ya Neck; Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers); Loud
16. Beck; Seventh Heaven; Colors; Fonograf / Capitol
17. Beck; Already Dead; Sea Change; Geffen
18. the Beatles; I’ve Got a Feeling; Let It Be; Apple
19. Beck; Wow; Colors; Fonograf / Capitol
20. Beck; Debra; Midnight Vultures; Geffen
21. Aphex Twin; Windowlicker; Windowlicker – Single; Warp
22. King Krule; Dum Surfer; the Ooz; XL Recordings
23. King Krule; Bisquit Town; the Ooz; XL Recordings
24. Sylvan Esso; the Glow; What Now; Loma Vista
25. Sylvan Esso; Signal; What Now; Loma Vista
26. Mountain Man; Soft Skin; Made the Harbor; Bella Union / Partisan
27. Sam Amidon; Juma Mountain; the Following Mountain; Nonesuch
28. Sam Amidon; Another Story Told; the Following Mountain; Nonesuch
29. Sam Amidon; Tribulation; But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted; Plug Research

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