Nachtclub am 25. Oktober 2019

1. Vagabon; Secret Medicine; Vagabon; Vagabon / Nonesuch
2. Vagabon; Water Me Down; Vagabon; Vagabon / Nonesuch
3. Vagabon; Cleaning House; Infinite Worlds; Father/Daughter Records
4. Corridor; Domino; Junior; SubPop
5. Corridor; Topographe; Junior; SubPop
6. Corridor; Le Grand Écart; Supermercado; Requiem Pour Un Twister
7. Happa; Only Darkness – feat. Shame; Only Darkness – Single; Fnord Communications
8. Shame; Concrete; Songs Of Praise; Dead Oceans
9. B Boys; Bad Decisions; Bad Decesisions; Captured Tracks
10. the B-Boys; Girls; Girls – Single; Streetwave
11. B Boys; Instant Pace; Dudu; Captured Tracks
12. Kaputt; Rats; Carnage Hall; Upset the Rhythm
13. No Vacation; Out Of Place; Phasing; Topshelf
14. No Vacation; Changes; Phasing; Topshelf
15. No Vacation; Days; Phasing; Topshelf
16. Maria Usbeck; Nostalgia; Envejeciendo; Cascine
17. Maria Usbeck; Retirement Home; Envejeciendo; Cascine
18. Selebrities; Regret; Various – Kitsune America; Kitsune
19. Maria Usbeck; Amor Anciano; Envejeciendo; Cascine
20. Carla Dal Forno; So Much Better; Look Up Sharp; Kallista
21. Black Marble; Private Show; Bigger Than Life; Sacred Bones
22. Black Marble; Grey Eyeliner; Bigger Than Life; Sacred Bones
23. Black Marble; Cruel Summer; A Different Arrangement; Hardly Art
24. Black Marble; Daily Driver; Bigger Than Life; Sacred Bones
25. Automatic; Mind Your Own Business; Mind Your Own Business – Single; Stones Throw
26. Automatic; Too Much Money; Signal; Stones Throw
27. Minyo Crusaders; Otemoyan; Echoes Of Japan; Mais Um Discos
28. Salami Rose Joe Louis; Tell Meeeee; Son of a Sauce!; SRJL
29. Hiatus Kaiyote; Nakamarra; Tawk Tomahawk; Flying Budda
30. Karl Hector & the Malcouns; Kingdom Of D’mt; Out Own Voices 6 – 50 Jahre Trikont; Trikont

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