Nachtclub am 24. August 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Krush Puppies; PetalHead; PetalHead; Babeloque
2. Fröst; Record Still Spinning; Record Still Spinning; Lost Room Records
3. Fujiya & Miyagi; Ankle Injuries; Transparent Things; Grönland
4. Tirzah; Basic Need; Devotion; Domino
5. Annavr; Under the Sand; Hallucination EP; Zero Hours Records
6. Annavr; Rome; Hallucination EP; Zero Hours Records
7. Altopalo; Mono; Mono – Single; Samedi Records
8. Joy Division; Atmosphere; Substance; Factory
9. Low; Disarray; Disarray – EP; Sub Pop
10. Low; Shame; Long Division; Vernon Yard
11. Big Red Machine; Gratitude; Big Red Machine; People / JagJaguwar
12. KYO ; All the Same Dream – feat. Jeuru; All the Same Dream; Posh Isolation
13. KYO ; Take Me Home – feat. Jeuru; All the Same Dream; Posh Isolation
14. Jerry Paper; Grey Area; Grey Area – Single; Stones Throw
15. Art Feynman; The Shape You’re In; the Shape You’re In – Single; Western Vinyl
16. Trevor Powers; Clad in Skin; Mulberry Violence; Baby Halo
17. Youth Lagoon; Mute; Wondrous Bughouse; Fat Possum
18. Trevor Powers; XTQ Idol; Mulberry Violence; Baby Halo
19. Mathilde Bataillé; Crying In Public; Le Soleil Dans L’Oeil – EP; NX Records
20. Everything But the Girl; Fascination; Eden; Blanco y Negro
21. Lala Lala; Destroyer; Destroyer – Single; Hardly Art
22. Cat Power; Woman – feat. Lana Del Rey; Woman – Single; Domino
23. Cat Power; Aretha, Sing One For Me; Jukebox; Matador
24. Bambus; Atypical; Atypical; Weltgast
25. Bambus; Neonfarben – feat. Laca; Atypical; Weltgast
26. Thomas Bartlett & Nico Muhly; Dominic; Peter Pears: Balinese Ceremonial Music; Nonesuch Records
27. Peter Pears + Benjamin Britten; Come You Not From Newcastle?; Folk Songs; London Records
28. Thomas Bartlett & Nico Muhly; Grendel; Peter Pears: Balinese Ceremonial Music; Nonesuch Records

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