Nachtclub am 21. September 2018

1. Villagers; Again; the Art of Pretending to Swim; Domino
2. Villagers; Long Time Waiting; the Art of Pretending to Swim; Domino
3. Swamp Dogg; Lonely; Love, Loss And Auto-Tune; Joyful Noise
4. Swamp Dogg; Total Destruction To Your Mind ; Total Destruction To Your Mind; Alive
5. Polica; Very Cruel; Shulamith; Memphis Industries
6. Swamp Dogg; $$$ Huntin’; Love, Loss And Auto-Tune; Joyful Noise
7. Joey Purp; Elastic; Quarterthing; Joey Purp LLC
8. Joey Purp; Quarterthing; Quarterthing; Joey Purp LLC
9. Octavian; Don’t Cry; Spaceman; Black Butter Limited
10. Octavian; Revenge; Spaceman; Black Butter Limited
11. Mura Masa; Move Me – feat. Octavian; Move Me – Single; Polydor
12. Octavian; Sleep – feat. Krimbo; Spaceman; Black Butter Limited
13. Ava Luna; Childish; Moon 2; Western Vinyl
14. Ava Luna; Acessible; Moon 2; Western Vinyl
15. Kurt Vile; Bassackwards; Bassackwards – Single; Matador
16. Dilly Dally; Believe; Heaven; Partisan Records
17. Dilly Dally; Sober Motel; Heaven; Partisan Records
18. Low; Poor Sucker; Double Negative; Sub Pop
19. Low; Fear; I Could Live in Hope; Plain Recordings
20. Low; Disarray; Double Negative; Sub Pop
21. How To Dress Well; You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Goin’; Love Remains; Lefse
22. HowToDressWell; Hunger; Nonkilling 6 / Hunger – Single; Domino
23. Fenster; Don’t Move; the Room; Altin Village & Mine Records
24. Fenster; Groovin’ With the Eternal Now; the Room; Altin Village & Mine Records
25. Lucinda Chua; Somebody Who; Somebody Who – Single; 秀燕
26. FKA Twigs; Water Me; EP2; Young Turks
27. Spiritualized; Let’s Dance; And Nothing Hurt; Bella Union
28. Spiritualized; Here It Comes (the Road) Let’s Go; And Nothing Hurt; Bella Union
29. Ian Brown; Solarized; Solarized; Polydor

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