Nachtclub am 20. Juli 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Shame; One Rizla; Songs Of Praise; Dead Oceans
2. Moaning; Tired; Moaning; SubPop
3. Snail Mail; Speaking Terms; Lush; Matador
4. Jaguwar; Night Out; Ringthing; Tapete
5. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Adventures of Ew McNasty; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
6. Lorde Fredd33; Possum Play; Norf: the Legend of Hotboy Ronald; New Age Narcissism
7. Ayalew Mesfin; Hasabe (My Worries); Hasabe (My Worries); Now Again
8. 1954; It Was Love; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
9. Melody’s Echo Chamber; Visions of Someone Special, on a Wall of Reflections; Bon Voyage; Domino / Fat Possum
10. Die Nerven; Niemals; Fake; Glitterhouse
11. Heads. Wolves At the Door; Collider; This Charming Man Records
12. Suuns; Make It Real; Felt; Secretly Canadian
13. A.A.L. (Against All Logic); This Old House Is All I Have; 2012-2017; Other People
14. Tierra Whack ; Hungry Hippo; Whack World ; Tierra Whack
15. Tierra Whack ; Fruit Salad; Whack World ; Tierra Whack
16. Shitkid; All My Fears; This Is It; PNKSLM
17. Kwam E. Es Ist Kwam; Whut Da Phunk; Nur! Musik
18. DJ Koze; Drone Me Up, Flashy – feat. Sophia Kennedy; Knock Knock; Pampa
19. Lauren Auder; the Baptist; Who Carry’s You – EP; True Panther Sounds
20. Jitwam; thelove; Jitwam; Cosmic Compositions
21. Dabrye; Lil Mufukuz – feat. MF Doom; Three / Three; Ghostly International
22. Chris Carter; Blissters; Chemistry Lessons Vol. 1; Mute
23. Olden Yolk; Vital Signs; Olden Yolk; Trouble In Mind
24. Caroline Says; I Tried; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
25. Caroline Says; Mea Culpa; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
26. Galcher Lustwerk; Life; 200% Galcher; Lustwerk Music
27. Palmbomen II; Pure Tibet; Memories Of Cindy; Beats In Space Records
28. Primitive Trust; Little Love; Primitive Trust – Single; Aus Music

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