Nachtclub am 15. September – Man Duo, Moon Duo, Moon King, Sun King

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Baxter Dury; Miami; Miami – Single; Heavenly
2.; Baxter Dury; Claire; Happy Soup; Regal
3.; Ian Dury & the Blockheads; Reasons To Be Cheerful, Pt. 3; Reasons To Be Cheerful; Stiff
4.; Superorganism; Something For Your M.I.N.D.; Something For Your M.I.N.D. – Single; Domino
5.; Superorganism; It’s All Good; It’s All Good / Nobody Cares; CYH Records
6.; Frànçois
& the Atlas Mountains, Marc Melia; Apres Après – Marc Melia Remix; Apres Après; Domino
7.; Syd Arthur; Evolution; Apricity; Harvest Records
8.; Love; the Red Telephone; Forever Changes; Elektra
9.; Ariel Pink; Time To Meet Your God; Dedicated To Bobby Jameson; Mexican Summer
10.; Chris Lucey (Bobby Jameson); Girl from the East; Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest; Surrey Records
11.; Ariel Pink; Feels Like Heaven; Dedicated To Bobby Jameson; Mexican Summer
12.; Ariel Pink; Santa’s In the Closet; Dedicated To Bobby Jameson; Mexican Summer
13.; John Maus; the Combine; the Combine; Ribbon Music
14.; Torres; Skim; Skim; 4AD
15.; Princess Nokia; Bart Simpson; 1992 Deluxe; Rough Trade Records
16.; Princess Nokia; Brujas; 1992 Deluxe; Rough Trade Records
17.; Princess Nokia; Saggy Denim ft. Wiki; 1992 Deluxe; Rough Trade Records
18.; Wiki; Face It; No Mountains In Manhattan; XL Recordings
19.; Ratking; Puerto Rican Judo feat. Wavy Spice; So It Goes; XL Recordings
20.; Princess Nokia; Goth Kid; 1992 Deluxe; Rough Trade Records
21.; Princess Nokia; Receips; 1992 Deluxe; Rough Trade Records
22.; Young MC; Know How; Stone Cold Rhymin’; Delicious Vinyl
23.; Man Duo; Vanessa; Orbit; Kaya Kaya Records
24.; Man Duo; One Formula; Orbit; Kaya Kaya Records
25.; Moon Duo; New Dawn; Occult Architecure Vol. 2; Sacred Bones Records
26.; Moon King; Apocalypse; Secret Life; Last Gang
27.; Moon King; Ordinary Lover; Hamtramck ‘16; Arbutus
28.; the Beatles; Sun King; Abbey Road; Apple

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