Nachtclub am 14. August 2020

1.; Peel Dream Magazine; New Culture; Moral Panics; Tough Love
2.; Peel Dream Magazine; Verfremdungseffekt; Moral Panics; Tough Love
3.; Stereolab; Changer; Switched On; Duophohnics
4.; Peel Dream Magazine; Eyeballs; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
5.; Peel Dream Magazine; Dialectrics; Moral Panics; Tough Love
6.; Lena Platonos; Bloody Shadows From A Distance; Gallop; Lyra
7.; Obel; Familiar; Citizen Of Glass; PIAS
8.; Wye Oak; No Place; No Horizon EP; Merge
9.; Wye Oak; Better (For Esther); Tween; City Slang
10.; Dead Man’s Bones; Pa Pa Power; …featuring the Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Children’s Choir; Anti
11.; Wye Oak; AEIOU; No Horizon EP; Merge
12.; Bon Iver; Auatc; Auatac – Single; JagJaguwar
13.; Bon Iver; Michicant; Bon Iver; 4AD
14.; Wye Oak; Sky Witness; No Horizon EP; Merge
15.; Otta; I’ll Always Be the Man; Songbook; PIAS
16.; Otta; Sick Inside; Songbook; PIAS
17.; B.C. Camplight; I Only Drink When I’m Drunk; Shortly After Takeoff; Bella Union
18.; B.C. Camplight; Ghosthunting; Shortly After Takeoff; Bella Union
19.; Vinyl Williams; Mithras; Azure ; Vinyl Williams
20.; Vinyl Williams; Never Tell the World; Azure ; Vinyl Williams
21.; Washed Out; Too Late; Purple Noon; SubPop
22.; Washed Out; Good Luck; High Times; Mirror Universe Tapes
23.; Washed Out; Hold Out; Life Of Leisure EP; Kemado
24.; Washed Out; Floating By; Mister Mellow; Stones Throw
25.; Blu + Exile; Miles Davis; Miles; Dirty Science Records
26.; Blu + Exile; True & Livin’; Miles; Dirty Science Records
27.; the Impressions; Moonlight Shadows; We’re A Winner; ABC Records
28.; Blu + Exile; Bright As Stars; Miles; Dirty Science Records
29.; Helado Negro; We Will You; Island Universe Story Two; Asthmatic Kitty

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