Nachtclub am 10. April 2020

1. Forever / Just John; Make It Happen ; Make It Happen – Single; Cascine
2. Jackie Lynn; Casino Queen; Jacqueline; Drag City
3. Jackie Lynn; Short Black Dress; Jacqueline; Drag City
4. Jackie Lynn; Bright Lights; Jackie Lynn; Thrill Jockey
5. Circuit Des Yeux; Paper Bag; Reaching For Indigo; Thrill Jockey
6. Jackie Lynn; Alien Love; Jackie Lynn; Thrill Jockey
7. Jackie Lynn; Dream St. ; Jacqueline; Drag City
8. Jackie Lynn; Odessa; Jacqueline; Drag City
9. Cabaret Voltaire; Just Fascination; Electropunk to Technopop 1978 – 1985; Mute
10. Jackie Lynn; Traveler’s Code of Conduct; Jacqueline; Drag City
11. Grace Jones; Private Life; Warm Leatherette; Island
12. the Pretenders; Private Life; Pretenders; Rhino
13. Chastity Belt; the Process; The Process / Lonely – Single; Hardly Art
14. Jackie Lynn; Shugar Water; Jacqueline; Drag City
15. Cibo Matto; Sugar Water; Viva! La Woman; Warner
16. Bitchin Brajas; May Life Throw You a Pleasant Curve – feat. Bonnie „Prince“ Billy; Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties; Drag City
17. The Stooges; Down On the Street; Fun House; Elektra
18. Circuit Des Yeux; Falling Blonde; Reaching For Indigo; Drag City
19. Jackie Lynn; Diamond Glue; Jacqueline; Drag City
20. Martin Frawley; In A Better World; In A Better World – Single; Merge
21. Twerps; I Don’t Mind; Range Anxiety; Chapter Music
22. These New Puritans; The Mirage; the Cut (2016-2019); Infectious Music
23. These New Puritans; Angels Come Down; the Cut (2016-2019); Infectious Music
24. Braille; Constellation Conversation; Too Much; Hotflush Recordings
25. Braille; Too Much; Too Much; Hotflush Recordings

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