Nachtclub am 06. Januar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Sir Was; In the Midst; In the Midst; City Slang
2. Sir Was; Falcon; Says Hi; City Slang
3. Blond Ambition; Hurricanes; Hurricanes; CSCN
4. Ex Cops; the Millionaire; You Are a Lion, I am A Lamb – Single; Other Music Recording Co.
5. Minks; The Funeral Song; By the Hedge; Captured Tracks
6. Karies; Keine Zeit für Zärtlichkeit; Es Geht Sich Aus; This Charming Man Records
7. Blumfeld; Zeittotschläger; Ich-Maschine; What’s So Funny About
8. Karies; Es Geht Sich Aus; Es Geht Sich Aus; This Charming Man Records
9. Eyedress; Sofia Coppola; Sofia Coppola Single; Manimal Records
10. Sevdaliza; Marilyn Monroe; Children of Silk EP; Sevdaliza
11. L.A. Salami; I Shook Hands With the Strange Boys; I Shook Hands With the Strange Boys – Single; Sunday Best
12. Strange Boys; Be Brave; Be Brave; Rough Trade
13. the Seeds; Can’t Seem to Make You Mine; the Seeds; Sonet
14. Jess Williamson; Heart Song; Heart Song; Brutal Honest
15. Wildhart; Heal; Shine; Gaphals
16. ADR; Lost Ya; Throat; PAN
17. Dave Aju; Anyway; Open Wide; Circuscompany
18. PVT; Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend; Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend; Felte
19. PVT; Shiver; Homosapien; Felte
20. Gold Class; the Soft Delay; It’s You; Felte
21. Felt; Something Sends Me to Sleep; Gold Mine Trash; Rough Trade
22. Hideous Towns; Value; Disquiet Living; the Lost and Lonesome Recording Co.
23. Jim James; Hide in Plain Sight; Eternally Even; Capitol
24. My Morning Jacket; Lowdown; At Dawn; Darla
26. Jess Williamson; White Bed; Heart Song; Brutal Honest
27. Cat Power; Cross Bones Style; Moon Pix; Matador

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