Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; Talking Straight; Hope Downs; Sub Pop
2. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; Time In Common; Hope Downs; Sub Pop
3. Melody’s Echo Chamber; Desert Horse; Bon Voyage; Domino / Fat Possum
4. Melody’s Echo Chamber; Var Har Du Vart; Bon Voyage; Domino / Fat Possum
5. Dungen; Svart Är Himlen; Tio Bitar; Kemado
6. Melody’s Echo Chamber; Quand Les Larmes D’un Ange Font Danser La Neige; Bon Voyage; Domino / Fat Possum
7. Tame Impala; Endors Toi; Lonerism; Modular
8. Melody’s Echo Chamber; Quand Vas Tu Rentrer; Melody’s Echo Chamber; Weird World Record Company
9. Dauerfisch; My Mailbox Is an Echo Chamber; 1000 Ganz Legale Steuertricks; Bungalow
10. MC Paul Barman; (((echo chamber) – feat. Open Mike Eagle + ?uestlove; Echo Chamber; Mello Music Group
11. Multiboy; Best Guy; Dance Like No One’s Looking; Echokammer
12. Coldcut + On U Sound; Kajra Mohabbat Walla – feat. Hamsika Iyer; Outside the Echo Chamber; Ahead of Our Time
13. Melody’s Echo Chamber; Visions of Someone Special, on a Wall of Reflections; Bon Voyage; Domino / Fat Possum
14. the Brian Jonestown Massacre; Melody’s Actual Echo Chamber; Don’t Get Lost; A Records
15. Brian Jonestown Massacre; Hold That Thought; Something Else; A Records
16. Odetta Hartman; Misery; Misery – Single; Memphis Industries
17. M.I.A. Paper Planes; Kala; XL Recordings
18. Wreckx n Effect; Rump Shaker; Hard or Smooth; MCA
19. Odetta Hartman; Sweet Teeth; Sweet Teeth – Single; Memphis Industries
20. Odetta Hartman; Creektime; 222; Northern Spy
21. CocoRosie; Noah’s Ark; Noah’s Ark; Touch And Go
22. Okay Kaya; Vampire; Both; Heavy Body Records
23. Porches; Äkeren; The House; Domino
24. Okay Kaya; Hindsight’s a Bitch; Both; Heavy Body Records
25. Frankie Cosmos; the Ballad of R & J; Vessel; Sub Pop
26. Okay Kaya; Dance Like U; Both; Heavy Body Records
27. Vive La Void; Death Money; Vive La Void; Sacred Bones
28. Moon Duo; Zero; Shadow Of The Sun; Sacred Bones
29. Black Moth Super Rainbow; Baby’s In the Void; Panic Blooms; Rad Cult
30. Tobacco; Human Om; Sweatbox Dynasty; Ghostly International
31. Black Moth Super Rainbow; Panic Blooms; Panic Blooms; Rad Cult
32. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; An Intention – Cumulonimbus Remix by Joe Godard; An Intention – Single; Western Vinyl

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