Nachtclub am 19. Mai 2017

RJS am 20. Mai, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Soundgarden; Rusty Cage; Badmotorfinger; A&M
2. Soundgarden; Jesus Christ Pose; Badmotorfinger; A&M
3. Temple of the Dog; Hunger Strike; Temple of the Dog; A&M
4. Beach Fossils; This Year; This Year – Single; Captured Tracks
5. Jane Weaver; Did You See Butterflies?; Modern Kosmology; Fire Records
6. Jane Weaver; Modern Kosmology; Modern Kosmology; Fire Records
7. Andy Votel; Girl on a Go-Ped (feat. Jane Weaver); Styles of the Unexpected; Twisted Nerve
8. Rare Silk; Storm; American Eyes; Palo Alto Records
9. Buttering Trio; Refugee Song; Threesome; Raw Tapes
10. Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2; Star Stuff; Star Stuff; Company Records
11. Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2; Don’t Blame Yourself; Star Stuff; Company Records
12. Les Sins; Bellow; Michael; Carpark
13. Bernache; Your Name; Your Name; Bernache
14. Men I Trust; Humming Men; Men I Trust; Return to Analog
15. W.H.Lung; Inspiration!; Inspiration! / Nothing Is – Single; Melodic
16. Girlpool; Soup; Powerplant; Anti
17. Girlpool; Your Heart; Powerplant; Anti
18. Girlpool; Cut Your Bangs; Chinatown – Single; Wichita
19. Girlpool; Cornerstore; Powerplant; Anti
20. Aldous Harding; Blend; Party; 4AD
21. Andy Shauf; Early To the Party; the Party; Anti
22. Aldous Harding; Living the Classics; Party; 4AD
23. Juana Molina; Paraguaya; Halo; Crammed Discs
24. Horacio Molina; Te Regalo Es Canción (con Juana Molina); Te Regalo Es Canción; CBS
25.; Juana Molina; Los Pies Helados; Halo; Crammed Discs
26.; Infinite Bisous; Lost In Translation / 1; W/ Love; Tasty Morsels
27.; Infinite Bisous; Confused Porn; W/ Love; Tasty Morsels
28.; Dee Dee Sharp; I Really Love You; I Really Love You – Single; Cameo-Parkway Records
29.; Shabazz Palaces & Quazarz; Shine A Light feat. Thadillac; Shine A Light – Single; Sub Pop

Nachtclub am 12. Mai 2017

RJS am 13. Mai, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Ride; All I Want; All I Want – Single; Wichita
2. Slowdive; Everyone Knows; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
3. Cherry Glazerr; Had Ten Dollaz; Had Ten Dollaz; Suicide Squeeze
4. Cherry Glazerr; Only Kid on the Block; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
5. Chromatics; Cherry; Cherry; Italians Do It Better
6. Johnny Jewel; Windswept; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
7. Desire; Saturday; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
8. Chromatics; Blue Moon; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
9. Heaven; It’s Not Enough; It’s Not Enough – Single; Italians Do It Better
10. Raveonettes; Scout; 2016 Atomized; Beat Dies Reocrds
11. Raveonettes; Run Mascara Run; 2016 Atomized; Beat Dies Reocrds
12. Linda Scott; Every Little Star; Mulholland Drive OST; Milan
13. the Raveoettes; My Time’s Up; Raven in the Grave; Vice Records
14. Mount Kimbie; Marilyn feat. Micachu; Marilyn – Single; Warp
15. Mount Kimbie; Meter, Pale, Tone (feat. King Krule); Cold Spring Fault Less Youth; Warp
16. Micachu & the Shapes; Dreaming; Good Sad, Happy Bad; Rough Trade
17. Trans Am; Alles Verboten; California Hotel; Thrill Jockey
18. Echo & the Bunnymen; With a Hip; Heaven Up Here; Sire
19. DJ Hell; Car Car Car; Zukunftsmusik; Gigolo
20. DJ Hell; 2 Die 2 Sleep; Zukunftsmusik; Gigolo
21. DJ Hell & Melissa; This is For You; Munich Machine; Disko B
22. Public Memory; Afterlife; Veil of Counsel – Single; Felte
22. Lowly; Look At the Sun; Heba; Bella Union
23. Laurel Halo; Jelly; Jelly – Single; Hyperdub
24.; UK Lonely; UK Lonely EP; Hotflush
25. Lapalux; Rottet Arp feat. Louisahhh; Rottet Arp – Single; Brainfeeder

Nachtclub am 05. Mai 2017

RJS am 6. Mai, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Day Wave; Home; the Days We Had; Harvest Records
2. Fripp + Eno; the Heavenly Music Corporation; (No Pussyfooting); Island
3. Day Wave; Bring You Down; the Days We Had; Harvest Records
4. Fazerdaze; Lucky Girl; Morningside; Grönland Records
5. the Chills; Pink Frost; Kaleidoscope World; Flying Nun Records
6. Fazerdaze; Little Uneasy ; Morningside; Grönland Records
7. Mac DeMarco; My Old Man; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
8. Mac DeMarco; For the First Time; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
9. Mac DeMarco; Goodbye Weekend; Salad Days; Captured Tracks
10. Mac DeMarco; On the Level; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
11. Emma Ruth Rundle; Marked For Death; Marked For Death; Sargent House
12. Astrobal; Ma Recontre; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
13. Astrobal; Australasie feat. Laetitia Sadier; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
14. Brian Eno; Kurt’s Rejoinder; Before and After Science; Island
15. Astrobal; Isao & Io; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
16. Der Plan; Lass die Katze Stehn!; Lass die Katze Stehn!; Bureau B
17. Der Plan; Space-Bob; Gummitwist Single; WEA
18. Andreas Dorau & Moritz Reichelt; Der Letzte Pop Song des Jahrhunderts; Various – PopTics; Bungalo
19. Slowdive; Don’t Know Why; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
20. Slowdive; Slomo; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
21. Slowdive; Celia’s Dream; Just For A Day; Creation Records
22. Neil Halstead; Driving With Bert; Sleeping On Roads; 4AD
22. Thomas Cohen; Honeymoon; Bloom Forever; Stolen Recodings
23. Trentemöller; Hands Down feat. Jennylee; Hands Down – Single; In My Room
24. Jennylee; Boom Boom – Trenmöller Remix; Boom Boom Remix – Single; Rough Trade
25. Matthew Dear; Wrong With Us; DJ-Kicks (Matthew Dear); !K7
26. Lapalux; Rottet Arp feat. Louisahhh; Rottet Arp – Single; Brainfeeder

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Sophia Kennedy; Build Me a House; Sophia Kennedy; Pampa
2. Sophia Kennedy; Dizzy Izzy; Sophia Kennedy; Pampa
3. Vashti Bunyan; Glow Worms; Just Another Diamond Day; Dicristina Stair
4. the Seeds; Pushin’ Too Hard; the Seeds; Sonet
5. Egoexpress; Weiter – feat. Dirk v. Lowtzow; Bieker; Ladomat
6. Ezra; Garten Meiner Fantasie; Garten Meiner Fantasie; a sexy
7. Sophia Kennedy; Being Special; Sophia Kennedy; Pampa
8. Stella; Extralife; Extralife; L’Age D’or
9. Sophia Kennedy; William by the Windowsill; Sophia Kennedy; Pampa
10. the Beatles; Happiness is a Warm Gun; Weißes Album; Apple
11. Sophia Kennedy; A Bug On A Rug In A Building; Sophia Kennedy; Pampa
12. Jealous Of the Birds + Ryabn Vail; Love Is A Crow; Love Is A Crow – Single; Quiet Arch
13. Madeline Kenney; Delicate; Signals EP; Company Records
14. Madeline Kenney; Signals; Signals EP; Company Records
15. Toro Y Moi; Still Sound; Underneath the Pine; Carpark
16. Vinyl Williams; L’Quasar; Brunei; Company Records
17. Vinyl Williams; World Soul; Into
; Company Records
18. Hype Williams; Corn Brazy; Chalice; HW
19. Blue Iverson; Hush Money; Hotep; World Music
20. Lauryn Hill; Final Hour; the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill; Columbia
21. Blue Iverson; Jenna’s Interlude; Hotep; World Music
22. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland; 11; Black Is Beautiful; Hyperdub
22. Dean Blunt; Papi; the Redeemer; Hippos in Tanks
23. Pink Floyd; Echoes; Meddle; Harvest

Nachtclub am 21. April 2017

RJS am 23. April, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Jay Som; the Bus Song; Everybody Works; Polyvinyl
2. Jay Som; Everybody Works; Everybody Works; Polyvinyl
3. Snail Mail ; Thinning; Habit EP; Sister Polygon Records
4. Snail Mail ; Habit; Habit EP; Sister Polygon Records
5. Marie Möör; Pretty Day; Pretty Day – Single; AAAA
6. Powell; Jonny (feat. Jonny); Sport; XL Recordings
7. Les Rita Mitsouko; C’est Comme Ca; The No Comprendo; Virgin
8. Kiki Hitomi; Yellow Story; Karma No Kusari; Jahtari
9. King Midas Sound; Spin Me Around (Cooly G Revoice); Without You; Hyperdub
10. Sylvan Esso; Kick Jump Twist – Machinedrum Remix; Kick Jump Twist – Single; Loma Vista
11. Sylvan Esso; Die Young; Die Young – Single; Loma Vista
12. Octo Octa; Move On (Let Go) (De Stress Mix) (Edit); Where Are We Going?; HNYTRYX
13. Octo Octa; Bad Blood; Between Two Selves; 100% Silk
14. Octo Octa; Adrift; Where Are We Going?; HNYTRYX
15. Jay Som; Remain; Everybody Works; Polyvinyl
16. Jay Som; Turn Into; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
17. Big Thief; Mythological Beauty; Mythological Beauty – Single; Saddle Creek
18. Candelilla; Wüste; Camping; Trocadero
19. Gangly; Whole Again; Whole Again – Single; AMF Records
20. Bernice; Don’t Want To Be European; Don’t Want To Be European -Single; Arts & Crafts
21. Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble; Deep Background; Find Me Finding You; Drag City
22. Stereolab; Brittle; Switched On; Too Pure
22. Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble; Reflectors; Find Me Finding You; Drag City
23. Kendrick Lamar; Yah. Damn; Aftermath
24. Kendrick Lamar; XXX feat. Bono; Damn; Aftermath
26. Kendrick Lamar; Feel; Damn; Aftermath
27. Kendrick Lamar; Fear; Damn; Aftermath

Nachtclub am 14. April 2017

RJS am 15. April, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Lusine; Won’t Forget feat. Vilja Larjosto; Sensorimotor; Ghostly International
2.; JW Ridley; Everything (Deathless); Everything (Deathless) – Single; Speedy Wunderground
3.; Jakuzi; Geriye Dönemiyor; Fantezi Müzik; City Slang
4.; Jakuzi; Bir Düsmanim Var; Fantezi Müzik; City Slang
5.; Geneva Jacuzzi; Clothes on the Bed; Lamaze; Vinyl International
6.; Future Islands; Aladdin; the Far Field; 4AD
7.; Future Islands; Old Friend; Wave Like Home; Upset the Rhythm
8.; Future Islands; Shadows – feat. Debbie Harry; the Far Field; 4AD
9.; Vagabon; the Embers; Infinite Worlds; Father/Daughter Records
10.; Vagabon; Cleaning House; Infinite Worlds; Father/Daughter Records
11.; Vagabon; 100 Years; Infinite Worlds; Father/Daughter Records
12.; the Black Angels; Grab as Much (As You Can); Death Song; Partisan
13.; Joan Baez; Nasty Man; Nasty Man; Baez
14.; Arca; Desafio; Arca; XL Recordings
15.; Arca; Reverie; Arca; XL Recordings
16.; Wasuremono; Cuddling; Kaboom; the Wilderness Records
17.; Rei Harakami; Wasuremono; Wasuremono; Sublime Records
18.; Japan; European Son; European Son – Single; Hansa
19.; Kreidler; Boots; European Song; Bureau B
20.; Anohni; Marrow; Hopelessness; Rough Trade
21.; Drakkar Nowhere; Higher Now; Drakkar Nowhere; Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records
22.; Talking Heads; Making Flippy Floppy; Speaking In Tongues; Rhino
23.; Raoul Vignal; Hazy Days; the Silver Veil; Talitres
24.; Nick Drake; Place to Be; Pink Moon; Island
25.; Raoul Vignal; Under the Same Sky; the Silver Veil; Talitres
26.; Raoul Vignal; Side By Side; the Silver Veil; Talitres
27.; Pan Sonic; Hahmo; Kulma; Blast First
28.; Mika Vainio / Ilpo Vaisänen / Alan Vega; Red Light Down; Endless; Blast First

Nachtclub am 07. April 2017

RJS am 8. April, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Dawg Yawp; I’ll Quit Tomorrow; Dawg Yawp; Old Flame Records
2.; Dawg Yawp; I Wanna Be A Dawg; Dawg Yawp; Old Flame Records
3.; the Stooges; I Wanna Be Your Dog; the Stooges; Elektra
4.; Boss Hog; Billy; Brood X; Bronze Rat Records
5.; Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; Talk About the Blues; Acme; Mute
6.; Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; Sick Bug; the French Press EP; SubPop
7.; Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; French Press; the French Press EP; SubPop
8.; the Clean; Stars; Getaway; Matador
9.; Real Estate; Holding Pattern; In Mind; Domino
10.; Real Estate; Time; In Mind; Domino
11.; Lord Echo; Whoa! There’s No Limit; Harmonies; Soundway
12.; Lord Echo; In Your Life; Harmonies; Soundway
13.; Sophia Kennedy; Build Me A House; Build Me A House – Single; Pampa Records
14.; Babyman; the Bees; Babyman 2; A-sexy
15.; Geotic; Nav; Abysma; Ghostly International
16.; Baths; Lovely Bloodflow; Cerulean; Anticon
17.; Geotic; Actually Smiling; Abysma; Ghostly International
18.; Ezechiel Pailhes; Eternel Ä-Tä; Tout Va Bien; Circus Company
19.; Ezechiel Pailhes; Promesse; Tout Va Bien; Circus Company
20.; Nicolas Jaar; Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust; Space is Only Noise; Circus Company
21.; Sneaks; Devo; It’s A Myth; Merge
22.; Devo; Girl U Want; Freedom Of Choice; Warner
23.; Sneaks; Future; It’s A Myth; Merge
24.; Sneaks; PBNJ; It’s A Myth; Merge
26.; Forrest Swords; Arms Out; Arms Out – Single; Ninja Tune
27.; Dead Can Dance; Advent; Spleen And Ideal; 4AD

Nachtclub am 31. März 2017

RJS am 6. April, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Manuela; Supermarket; Manuela; Lost Map
2.; Sneaks; Look Like That; It’s A Myth; Merge
3.; Sneaks; Hair Slick Back; It’s A Myth; Merge
4.; Sneaks; X.T.Y.; Gymnastics; Merge
5.; Sneaks; Inside Edition; It’s A Myth; Merge
6.; Sneaks; Tough Luck; It’s A Myth; Merge
7.; Pinc Louds; Shaking; Pinc Louds EP; PL
8.; Pinc Louds; Haunted; Pinc Louds EP; PL
9.; Manuela; Cracks in the Concrete; Manuela; Lost Map
10.; Box Codax; Naked Smile (Metronomy Remix); Naked Smile – Single; Gomma
11.; Franz Ferdinand; Darts of Pleasure; Franz Ferdinand; Domino
12.; Manuela; Invincible Dub; Manuela; Lost Map
13.; Sir Was; Digging A Tunnel; Digging A Tunnel; City Slang
14.; Bombay Show Pig; King of the Cornershop; King of the Cornershop – Single; Obey Records
15.; Cornershop; Natch feat. M.I.A.; Topknot / Natch Single; Rough Trade
16.; Bonobo; Outlier; Migration; Ninja Tune
17.; Bonobo; Break Apart – feat. Rhye; Migration; Ninja Tune
18.; DJ Koze; Amygdala feat. Milosh; Amygdala; Pampa Records
19.; Milosh; Remember the Good Things; iii; !K7
20.; Makeness / Adult Jazz; Other Life; Other Life – Single; Meno Records
21.; Anna Wise; Your Maker – Anna Wise Remaker; Mandela Effect; Warp
22.; Gonjasufi; Kobwebz; A Sufi and a Killer; Warp
23.; Gonjasufi; Your Maker – Daddy G Remix; Mandela Effect; Warp
24.; Anna Wise; Free from the Normal; the Feminine: Act 2 ; Anna Wise
26.; Don Philippe; I Stumble and Fall and Rise; Between Now And Now / A Long and Silent Street; Groove Attack
27.; Don Philippe; I Turn Nobody; Between Now And Now / A Long and Silent Street; Groove Attack
28.; Gibmafuffi; Immernoch; Spielschulden LP; Wortsport
29.; Aesop Rock; Mystery Fish; the Impossible Kid; Rhymesayers Entertainment
30.; Aesop Rock; I’ll Be Ok; Float; Mush
31.; Rejjie Snow; 1992; Rejovich EP ; Kaja Kaja Records
32.; Jacques Greene; To Say; Feel Infinite; Lucky Me
33.; Jacques Greene; True ft. How To Dress Well; Feel Infinite; Lucky Me
34.; Jacques Greene; On Your Side ft. How To Dress Well; On Your Side – Single; Lucky Me

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Karies; Keine Zeit für Zärtlichkeit; Es Geht Sich Aus; This Charming Man Records
2.; Der Herr Polaris; Deine Wege; Mehr Innen Als Außen; Grand Hotel Van Cleef
3.; Der Herr Polaris; Uns Verbindet; Mehr Innen Als Außen; Grand Hotel Van Cleef
4.; Karies; A; Es Geht Sich Aus; This Charming Man Records
5.; Kolossale Jugend; Bessere Zeiten; Heile Heile Boches; L’Age D’Or
6.; Erneuerbare Energien; Supermodern Lovesong; Supermodern Lovesong; Hand11
7.; Lauter Bäumen; Bessere Zeiten Klingt Gut; Mieser in den Miesen; Tumbleweed Records
8.; Lauter Bäumen; Streichel die Katze; Mieser in den Miesen; Tumbleweed Records
9.; Fehlfarben; Club der Schönen Mütter; Knietief im Dispo; !K7 Records
10.; Fatoni; Echt; Im Modus; Fatoni
11.; Fatoni; Wie Ein Dschungel; Im Modus; Fatoni
12.; Gibmafuffi; Katersonntag; Spielschulden LP; Wortsport
13.; Scarf Face; Chapter II: Going Back To Kotti; Broke Aber High; VinylDigital
14.; Scarf Face; Harp Song; Let Them Eat Cake; SchwaRecords
15.; Cráneo + Made in M; Jarabe (feat. Scarf Face); Dalsy; Guayaba Records

Nachtclub am 24. März 2017

RJS am 25. März, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Desperate Journalist; Hollow; Grow Up; Fierce Panda
2.; Colleen Green; Deeper Than Love; I Want To Grow Up; Hardly Art
3.; Desperate Journalist; All Over; Grow Up; Fierce Panda
4.; Echo & the Bunnymen; Clay; Porcupine; Sire
5.; Desperate Journalist; Why Are You So Boring; Grow Up; Fierce Panda
6.; Frigs; Diana; Slush – EP; Arts & Crafts
7.; Frigs; Chest; Chest / Trashyard – Single; Arts & Crafts
8.; Sporting Life; Court Vision feat. Evy Jane; Slam Dunk, Vol. 02; R&S
9.; Kelly Lee Owens; Evolution; Kelly Lee Owens; Smalltown Supersound
10.; Kelly Lee Owens; Anxi. (feat. Jenny Hval); Kelly Lee Owens; Smalltown Supersound
11.; Jenny Hval; Kingsize (Kelly Lee Owens Rework); Kingsize – Single; Hval / Owens
12.; the Other People Place; Let Me Be Me; Lifestyles of the Laptop Café; Warp
13.; Kelly Lee Owens; Throwing Lines; Kelly Lee Owens; Smalltown Supersound
14.; Erneuerbare Energien; Supermodern Lovesong; Supermodern Lovesong; Hand11
15.; Sand 11; Do You Want To Permanently Destroy This Audio; Around the Day in a World; Ladomat
16.; Buscabulla; Titán; EP 2; Baby Making Records
17.; Jeanette; Porque Te Vas; Porque Te Vas; Polydor
18.; Buscabulla; Perdón; EP 2; Baby Making Records
19.; Danny Boy; Diskomix (Disco Version); Various – Selectors 002; Dekmantel
20.; Danny Boy; Diskomix; Disko Mix; Klaver Vier
21.; Ghostwriters; Swizzle; Various – Selectors 002; Dekmantel
22.; Zulu Pearls, Young Marco; Not Like the Others – Young Marco Remix; Sorry for the Late Reply: Various Remixes For Various Reasons; Safe Trip
23.; Acid Pauli; Ayam; BLD; Ouie
24.; Acid Pauli; Abbebe; BLD; Ouie
26.; Console; Freiburg V3.0; Various – WIR L’Age D’Or Compilation; Lado
27.; the Jesus And Mary Chain; Get On Home; Damage And Joy; Artificial Plastic Records
28.; the Jesus And Mary Chain; Song for a Secret feat. Isobel Campbell; Damage And Joy; Artificial Plastic Records

Nachtclub am 17. März 2017

RJS am 23. März, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Rose Elinor Dougall; Colour Of Water; Stellular; Vermilion Records
2.; Beverly; Bulldozer; the Blue Swell; Kanine Records
3.; Frankie Rose; Gospel / Grace; Interstellar; Slumberland
4.; Horsebeach; Alone; Alone – Single; O Genesis
5.; Laura Marling; Wild Fire; Semper Femina; More Alarming
6.; Laura Marling; Don’t Let Me Bring You Down; Short Movie; Virgin
7.; the Pretenders; Up the Neck; the Pretenders; Sire
8.; Moon Duo; Cold Fear ; Occult Architecure Vol. 1; Sacred Bones Records
9.; Moon Duo; Will of the Devil; Occult Architecure Vol. 1; Sacred Bones Records
10.; Mourn; Gertrudis, Get Through This!; Ha, Ha, He; Captured Tracks
11.; Mourn; President Bullshit; Ha, Ha, He; Captured Tracks
12.; Anomie Belle; As We Are; Flux; Diving Bell
13.; Rozi Plain; Friend City – Boxed in Remix; Friend of a Friend; Lost Map Records
14.; Karies; Als Es Schon Zu Spät War; Als Es Schon Zu Spät War – Single; This Charming Man Records
15.; Candelilla; Pool; Camping; Trocadero
16.; Lauter Bäumen; Streichel die Katze; Mieser in den Miesen; Tumbleweed Records
17.; Wolf People; Night Witch; Ruins; JagJaguwar
18.; Wolf People; Kingfisher; Ruins; JagJaguwar
19.; Wolf People; Kingfisher; Ruins; JagJaguwar
20.; G.Love And Special Sauce; Blues Music; G.Love And Special Sauce; OKeh
21.; Wolf People; Not Me, Sir; Ruins; JagJaguwar
22.; Blanck Mass; Please; World Eater; Sacred Bones Records
23.; Blanck Mass; Silent Treatment; World Eater; Sacred Bones Records
24.; Talaboman; Safe Changes; the Night Land; R&S
26.; John Talabot; So Will Be Now ft. Pional; Fin; Permanent Vacation
27.; Talaboman; Dins El Llit; the Night Land; R&S

Nachtclub am 10. März 2017

RJS am 11. März, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Wild Pink; Great Apes; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
2.; Wild Pink; Albert Ross; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
3.; Pinback; Non Photo-Blue; Summer In Abaddon; Touch And Go
4.; Sir Was; Leave It Here; Digging A Tunnel; City Slang
5.; Sir Was; A Minor Life; Digging A Tunnel; City Slang
6.; Temples; How Would You Like To Go? ; Volcano; Heavenly Recordings
7.; Temples; the Golden Throne; Sun Structures; Heavenly
8.; Temples; Born into the Sunset; Volcano; Heavenly Recordings
9.; Methyl Ethel; L’Heure Des Sorcières; Everything Is Forgotten; 4AD
10.; Methyl Ethel; Schlager; Everything Is Forgotten; 4AD
11.; Lusine; Just A Cloud feat. Vilja Larjosto; Sensorimotor; Ghostly International
12.; Lusine; Two Dots ft. Vilja Larjosto; A Certain Distance; Ghostly International
13.; Lusine; Witness feat. Benjamin Piolard; Sensorimotor; Ghostly International
14.; Thundercat; Captain Stupido; Drunk; Brainfeeder
15.; Frank Zappa; Sy Borg; Joe’s Garage; EMI
16.; Thundercat; Bus in These Streets; Drunk; Brainfeeder
17.; Thundercat; Tokyo; Drunk; Brainfeeder
18.; Thundercat; Friend Zone; Drunk; Brainfeeder
19.; Porter Ray; East Seattle; Watercolor; SubPop
20.; L7; Fast And Frightening; Smell the Magic; SubPop
21.; Porter Ray; Arithmetic (feat. Infinite and Stas of Thee Satisfaction); Watercolor; SubPop
22.; TheeSatisfaction; QueenS; Awe Naturale; Subpop
23.; Pete Rock feat. the UN; Nothin’ Lesser; Underground Classics; Rapster
24.; Rejjie Snow; Crooked Cops (feat. Tish Hyman); Crooked Cops – Single; BMG
26.; Rejjie Snow; Loveleen; Rejovich EP ; Kaja Kaja Records
27.; Feather; Like No Other; Like No Other; Independent
28.; Chrome Sparks; Wake; Wake – Single; Counter Records

Nachtclub am 03. März 2017

RJS am 4. März, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Sleaford Mods; Messy Anywhere; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
2.; the Stooges; Not Right; the Kings of Techno – History of Detroit; bbe
3.; Sleaford Mods; I Feel So Wrong; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
4.; Ja König Ja; Temptation; Temptation; JKJ
5.; New Order; The Village; Power, Corruption & Lies; Rhino
6.; the Range; Naught; Superimpose (Music From the Documentary) – EP; Domino
7.; Pick a Piper; Geographically Opposed; Distance; Tin Angel Records
8.; Pick a Piper; Nikko; Distance; Tin Angel Records
9.; LLLL; Memories feat. Yeule; Memories – Single; Zoom Lens
10.; Pick a Piper; Still Awake; Distance; Tin Angel Records
11.; PVT; A Feeling You Can Find; New Spirit; Felte
12.; PVT; Circle of Friends; Church With No Magic; Warp
13.; Carsten Jost; Atlantis II; Perishable Tactics; Dial
14.; Kathryn Joseph; the Worm; the Bird / the Worm; Hits the Fan Records
15.; Fufanu; Tokyo; Sports; One Little Indian
16.; Fufanu; Sports; Sports; One Little Indian
17.; Joachim Witt; Denn Ich Bin So Einsam; Edelweiß; WEA
18.; Can; Spoon – Sonic Youth Remix; Sacrilege; Mute
19.; Froth; New Machine; Outside (Briefly); Wichita
20.; Froth; Passing Thing; Outside (Briefly); Wichita
21.; Candelilla; Trocken und Staubig; Camping; Trocadero
22.; Candelilla; Transformer; Camping; Trocadero
23.; Lou Reed; I’m So Free; Transformer; RCA
24.; Candelilla; Hand; Camping; Trocadero
26.; Stove ; Graduate & Congraduate; Is A Toad in the Rain; Exploing in Sound Records
27.; Jefre Cantu-Ledesma; Love’s Refrain; In Summer; Geographic North

Nachtclub am 24. Februar 2017

RJS am 25. Februar, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; No Joy; Califone; Creep EP; Grey Market
2.; Califone; Vampiring Again; Quicksand / Cradlesnakes; Thrill Jockey
3.; No Joy; Moon in my Mouth; More Faithful; Mexican Summer
4.; Wray; Hypatia; Hypatia; Communicating Vessels
5.; Link Wray & His Ray Men; Rumble; Link Wray & the Wraymen; Edsel Records
6.; Wray; Below; Hypatia; Communicating Vessels
7.; Max Shrager; Thoughts Of You; Thoughts Of You EP; Big Crown Records
8.; the Shacks; Orchids; the Shacks EP; Big Crown Records
9.; Max Shrager; Silver; Thoughts Of You EP; Big Crown Records
10.; ShitKid; 666; ShitKid EP; PNKSLM
11.; ShitKid; Whyte; ShitKid EP; PNKSLM
12.; ShitKid; Hillside; ShitKid EP; PNKSLM
13.; Daeva; Dream; Beta Persei; Furious Hooves
14.; Daeva; Ache; Beta Persei; Furious Hooves
15.; Tropic Of Cancer; A Color; the Sorrow of Two Blooms; Blackest Ever Black
16.; Dirty Projectors; Death Spiral; Dirty Projectors; Domino
17.; Dirty Projectors; Winner Take Nothing; Dirty Projectors; Domino
18.; Amber Coffmann; All to Myself; All to Myself; Columbia
19.; Dirty Projectors; Cool Your Heart; Dirty Projectors; Domino
20.; PVT; Salt Lake Heart; New Spirit; Felte
21.; PVT; Fake Sun in China ; New Spirit; Felte
22.; PVT; Another Lfe; New Spirit; Felte
23.; Nils Bech; Glimpse Of Hope – Joe Goddard Remix; Glimpse Of Hope (Joe Goddard Remix); DFA
24.; Michael Mayer; For You feat. Joe Goddard (DJ Koze Mbira Mix); For You (DJ Koze Remixes); !K7
26.; Coldcut, Roots Manuva, Matthew Herbert; Only Heaven – Matthew Herbert Remix; Only Heaven Remixed; Ahead Of Our Time

Nachtclub am 17. Februar 2017

RJS am 18. Februar, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Marika Hackman; Boyfriend; Boyfriend – Single; AMF
2.; Dutch Uncles; Streetlight; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
3.; Dutch Uncles; Combo Box; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
4.; Dutch Uncles; Jetson; Dutch Uncles; Tapete
5.; Shi; Pretty When I Cry; 6.; Shi; Finally Russian; 7.; Moiré; Bootleg (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
8.; Moiré; Lost You (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
9.; JonWayne; Out Of Sight; Rap Album 2; Authors
10.; JonWayne; Green Light; Jonwayne is Retired EP; Authors
11.; Kamaiyah; Fuck It Up (feat YG – Prod. DJ Official); A Good Night in the Ghetto; Kamaiayh
12.; Mos Def; Auditorium w/ the Ruler; the Ecstatic; Downtown
13.; Beat Konducta; Movie Finale; Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4: in India; Stones Throw
14.; Bruno Pernadas; Ahhhhh; How Can We Joyful in a World Full Of Knowledge?; Pataca Disco
15.; Pixx; I Bow Down; I Bow Down – Single; 4AD
16.; Candelilla; Intimität; Intimität Single; Trocadero
17.; Camping; Mit Dir Mit Mir; Suburban Shore; Plug Research
18.; Dutch Uncles; Big Balloon; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
19.; Ty Segall; Break A Guitar; Ty Segall; Drag City
20.; Ty Segall; Take Care (To Comb Your Hare); Ty Segall; Drag City
21.; Methyl Ethel; Ubu; Ubu – Single; 4AD
22.; Cymbals Eat Guitars; Warning; Lose; Tough Love
23.; Sparta; Glasshouse Tarot; the Wiretap Scars; Dreamworks
24.; the Mystery Lights; What Happens When You Turn the Devil Down; the Mystery Lights; Wick Records
26.; Virginia Wing; Marnie; Measures Of Joy; Fire Records
27.; Stef Chura; You; Messes; Urinal Cake Records
28.; Throwing Muses; Vicky’s Box; Throwing Muss; 4AD

Nachtclub am 10. Februar 2017

RJS am 11. Februar, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Real Estate; Darling; Darling – Single; Domino
2.; Martin Courtney; Vestiges; Many Moons; Domino
3.; the Courtneys; Tour; the Courtneys II; Flying Nun Records
4.; the Courtneys; Silver Velvet; the Courtneys II; Flying Nun Records
5.; Gringo Star; Rotten; The Sides And In Between; Nevado
6.; the Beatles; Don’t Pass Me By; Weißes Album; Apple
7.; Doug Hream Blunt; Gentle Persuasion ft. Elizabeth Lane; My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt; Luaka Bob
8.; Babyfather; Greezebloc; BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow; Hyperdub
9.; Babyfather; Shook; BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow; Hyperdub
10.; Obongjayar; Creeping; Home EP; Obongjayar
11.; Obongjayar; Home; Home EP; Obongjayar
12.; Cancer; Tears; Totem; Tambourhinoceros
13.; Tropic Of Cancer; I Woke Up and the Storm was Over; Stop Suffering – EP; Blackest Ever Black
14.; Tropic Of Cancer; Be Brave; Downwards Single; Downwards
15.; Yula Kasp; Conscious; Ocean Blues EP; Kill the DJ Records
16.; Yula Kasp; Leisure; Ocean Blues EP; Kill the DJ Records
17.; Peter Peter; Bien Réel; Noir Eden; Arista France
18.; Belle Mare; How Much Longer; Heaven Forget; Belle Mare
19.; Harry Mud; Get to Work; Alienation Generation; USSB
20.; Harry Mud; My Heart Wins the Race; Alienation Generation; USSB
21.; Wendeburg; Is It Smooth Enough; Temperenzgesellschaft; USSB
22.; Noveller; Deep Shelter; A Pink Sunset For No One; Fire Records
23.; Noveller; A Pink Sunset For No One; A Pink Sunset For No One; Fire Records
24.; Novella; Does The Island Know; Change of State; Sinderlyn
26.; Molly Burch; Try; Try – Single; Captured Tracks
27.; Patsy Cline; She’s Got You; The Very Best Of; MCA
28.; Mac DeMarco; This Old Dog; This Old Dog – Single; Captured Tracks

Nachtclub am 03. Februar 2017

RJS am 4. Februar, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Flamingo Und Drogen; Farbfernseher EP; EOR
2.; Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Wo Soll Ich Hin?; Wo Soll Ich Hin?; EOR
3.; Der Ringer; Morton Morbid; Soft Kill; Staatsakt
4.; Die Heiterkeit; Pop & Tod; Pop & Tod I & II; Buback
5.; Deseo De Muerte; Olvida; Un Deseo De Muerte; Deseo De Muerte
6.; Sufyvn; Quest; Kerma; Sufyvn
7.; Sufyvn; Ownworld; Kerma; Sufyvn
8.; Tears Run Rings; Belly Up; In Surges; Deep Space Recordings
9.; Marc Almond; Tears Run Rings; Tears Run Rings – Single; Parlophone
10.; Tears Run Rings; How Will the Others Survive; Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never; Clairecords
11.; Cancer; Esca; Totem; Tambourhinoceros
12.; When Saints Go Machine; Fail Forever; Fail Forever; !K7
13.; Bruno Pernadas; Ya Ya Breathe; Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked To Retrieve Them; Pataca Disco
14.; Carthago; Hanen; Alech – Single; Habibi Funk Records
15.; Dalton; Soul Brother; Alech / Soul Brother – Single; Habibi Funk Records
16.; Henry Canyons; Dis Mois feat. Zoe Rose Palladino; Canyonland (Dubplates from Jakarta #6); Jakarta
17.; Marcello Giombini; Disco 3; Computer Disco; Mondo Groove
18.; Kyle Dixon; Stranger Things; Stranger Things, Vol. 1 OST; Lakeshore Records
19.; Cairobi; From Some Other Planet’s Sky; Cairobi; Week Of Wonders
20.; Cairobi; Gristly Words; Cairobi; Week Of Wonders
21.; Bruno Pernadas; Anywhere in Spacetime; Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked To Retrieve Them; Pataca Disco
22.; Bruno Pernadas; Lachrymose; Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked To Retrieve Them; Pataca Disco
23.; Gory; ibm; here is a EP; Gory
24.; Brent Cash; the New High; the New High; Marina Recors
26.; Elder Island; Golden; Seeds in the Sand EP; Metropolis Recordings
27.; Frankey & Sandrino; Wega; Wega EP; Joun
28.; Isolée; Mangrove; Mangroove; Maeve

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Can; I Want More; Flow Motion; EMI
2.; Can; Moonshake; Future Days; Spoon
3.; Phantom Band; Neon Man; Nowhere; Spoon
4.; Holger Czukay; the Photo Song; Der Osten ist Rot / Rome Remains Rome; Grönland
5.; Eurythmics; Take Me To Your Heart; In the Garden; RCA
6.; Can; Vitamin C; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
7.; Can; Mushroom; Tago Mago; Spoon
8.; Jah Wobble; Swallow In the World feat. Jaki Liebezeit; the Inspiration Of William Blake; All Saints
9.; Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit; the Librarian feat. David Sylvian; Secret Rhythms 2; Nonplace
10.; Joachim Witt; Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater); Edelweiß; WEA
11.; Joachim Witt; Ich Fahr Nach Afrika; Edelweiß; WEA
12.; Depeche Mode; the Bottom Line – feat. Jaki Liebezeit; Ultra; Mute
13.; Can; I’m So Green; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
14.; Can; Spoon; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
15.; Spoon; Hot Thoughts; Hot Thoughts; Matador
16.; Menace Beach; Maybe We’ll Drown; Lemon Memory; Memphis Industries
17.; Menace Beach; Can’t Get a Haircut; Lemon Memory; Memphis Industries
18.; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Almost Cut My Hair; Déjà vu; Atlantic
19.; Cloud Nothings; Modern Act; Life Without Sound; Wichita
20.; Cloud Nothings; You’re Not That Goot at Anything; Cloud Nothings; Carpark
21.; Cloud Nothings; Sight Unseen; Life Without Sounds; Wichita
22.; Dillon Cooper; Survival of the Fittest; Cozmik; DC
23.; Mobb Deep; Survival of the Fittest; the Infamous; Loud Records
24.; New Gen; Rather Get Money (feat. TE dness); Various – New Gen ; XL Recordings
26.; New Gen; Busy (feat. Ray BLK); Various – New Gen ; XL Recordings
27.; Kamaiyah; Freaky Freaks (Prod. Trackademicks); A Good Night in the Ghetto; Kamaiayh

Nachtclub am 20. Januar 2017

RJS am 21. Januar, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Cherry Glazerr; Trash People; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
2.; Cherry Glazerr; Told You I’d Be With the Guys; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
3.; Cherry Glazerr; Nuclear Bomb; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
4.; Echo Ladies; Close To Be Close To Me; Close To Be Close To Me; Hybris
5.; Hiss Golden Messenger; Like A Mirror Loves A Hammer; Heart Like a Levee; Merge Records
6.; Surface to Air Missive; Time Being; A V; Leaving Recoreds
7.; Lambchop; Relatives #2; Flotus; City Slang
8.; Lambchop; Betweenus; I Hope You’re Sitting Down; City Slang
9.; Terry; Hot Heads; Terry HQ; Upset the Rhythm!
10.; John Maus; Real Bad Job; Songs; Upset the Rhythm
11.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Pilene; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
12.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Blistering Heat; Sun Stare Sound; Young Aspiring Professionals
13.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Romreisen; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
14.; Egoism; Moon; Moon; Egoism
15.; Cherry Glazerr; Moon Dust; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
16.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Moonstruck; the Megaphonic Thrift; ClubAC30
17.; the Megaphonic Drift; Hendene; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
18.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Exploding Eyes; A Thousand Years of Deconstruction; Spoon Train Audio
19.; Sonic Youth; Incinerate; Rather Ripped; Geffen
20.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Fire Walk With Everyone; the Megaphonic Thrift; ClubAC30
21.; Mondo Fumatore; White Devil; the Yeah the Yeah and the Yeah; Rewika
22.; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Rich; Fever To Tell; Polydor
23.; Cherry Glazerr; Nurse Ratched; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
24.; Cherry Glazerr; Cry Baby; Haxel Princess; Burger Records
26.; Big Thief; Interstate; Masterpiece; Saddle Creek
27.; 18+; Leaf; Collect; Houndstooth
28.; Efdè; My Bleep (Original Mix); My Bleep – EP; Voyage Direct
29.; Elder Island; Golden; Seeds in the Sand;

Nachtclub am 13. Januar 2017

RJS am 14. Januar, 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Jay Som; Ghost; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
2. DTCV; Histoire Seule; Confusion Moderne; La Souterraine
3. Laetitia Sadier; Afflux De Luxe; 16 Visions of Ex-Futur; Crammed Disks
4. Stereolab; Peng! 33; Peng; Too Pure
5. Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul; Afflux de Luxe; Ex-Futur Album; Crammed Disks
6. Jaakko Eino Kalevi; I’m Always Crying; 16 Visions of Ex-Futur; Crammed Disks
7. Jaakko Eino Kalevi; Who Put the Bomb; Modern Life; Helmi Levyt
8. Jay Som; Turn Into; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
9. Jay Som; Unlimited Touch; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
10. Jay Som; Slow; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
11. Nilufer Yanya; Small Crimes ; Small Crimes – Single; Nilufer Yanya
12. Nilufer Yanya; Small Crimes (Bullion Remix); Small Crimes (Bullion Remix) – Single; Nilufer Yanya
13. the Flaming Lips; One Night While Hunting for Fairies and Witches and Wizzards to Kill; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
14. Dip in the Pool; On Retinae (West Version); On Retinae – Single; Music From Memory
15. Heinz Becker, Karl-Heinz Stegmann, Isabel Zeumber; Mein Tanzlied; Ich Träume So Leise Von Dir – 12”; Music From Memory
16. Kleenex; Nice; First Songs; Mississippi Records
17. Kleenex; 1978; First Songs; Mississippi Records
18. Steven Warwick; CTFO; Nadir; Pan
19. Heatsick & Young Marco; Dream Tennis – Young Marco Remix; Sorry for the Late Reply: Various Remixes For Various Reasons; Safe Trip
20. Jacco Gardner, Young Marco; End of August – Young Marco Remix; Sorry for the Late Reply: Various Remixes For Various Reasons; Safe Trip
21. the Flaming Lips; How; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
22. the Flaming Lips; Us and Them; the Dark Side of the Moon; Warner
23. the Flaming Lips; Any Colour You Like; the Dark Side of the Moon; Warner
24. the Flaming Lips; Sunrise; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
26. Jay Som; Our Red Door; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
27. Rolando Simmons; Magick Machine; Walk On Strawberries EP; 030303