Archiv des Monats November, 2018

Nachtclub am 23. November 2018

RJS 24. November 2018

1.; Beach House; Alien; Alien – Single; Bella Union 2.; Public Practice; Foundation; Distance Is a Mirror – EP; Wharf Cat Records 3.; Talking Heads; Once in a Lifetime; Remain In Light; Sire 4.; Public Practice; Fate/Glory; Distance Is a Mirror – EP; Wharf Cat Records 5.; B-52’s; 52 Girls; Play Loud; Island 6.; the […]

Nachtclub am 16. November 2018

RJS 17. November 2018

1.; Say Sue Me; Just Joking Around; Just Joking Around / B Lover – Single; Damnably 2.; Say Sue Me; Old Town; Where We Were Together; Damnably 3.; Spesh; Candy Legs; Famous World; KIllroom Records 4.; Carla Dal Forno; Lay Me Down; Top Of the Pops – EP; Dal Forno 5.; Kleenex; Nice; First Songs; […]

Nachtclub am 09. November

RJS 10. November 2018

1. Deerhoof; Midnight, the Stars and You; …Plays Music of the Shining; Famous Class 2. Kurt Vile; Hysteria; Bottle It In; Matador 3. Kurt Vile; Mutinies; Bottle It In; Matador 4. Kurt Vile; Yeah Bones; Bottle It In; Matador 5. Kurt Vile; Skinny Mini; Bottle It In; Matador 6. Doc Watson; Shady Grove; Memorial; Sugar […]