Nachtclub am 24. Februar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; No Joy; Califone; Creep EP; Grey Market
2.; Califone; Vampiring Again; Quicksand / Cradlesnakes; Thrill Jockey
3.; No Joy; Moon in my Mouth; More Faithful; Mexican Summer
4.; Wray; Hypatia; Hypatia; Communicating Vessels
5.; Link Wray & His Ray Men; Rumble; Link Wray & the Wraymen; Edsel Records
6.; Wray; Below; Hypatia; Communicating Vessels
7.; Max Shrager; Thoughts Of You; Thoughts Of You EP; Big Crown Records
8.; the Shacks; Orchids; the Shacks EP; Big Crown Records
9.; Max Shrager; Silver; Thoughts Of You EP; Big Crown Records
10.; ShitKid; 666; ShitKid EP; PNKSLM
11.; ShitKid; Whyte; ShitKid EP; PNKSLM
12.; ShitKid; Hillside; ShitKid EP; PNKSLM
13.; Daeva; Dream; Beta Persei; Furious Hooves
14.; Daeva; Ache; Beta Persei; Furious Hooves
15.; Tropic Of Cancer; A Color; the Sorrow of Two Blooms; Blackest Ever Black
16.; Dirty Projectors; Death Spiral; Dirty Projectors; Domino
17.; Dirty Projectors; Winner Take Nothing; Dirty Projectors; Domino
18.; Amber Coffmann; All to Myself; All to Myself; Columbia
19.; Dirty Projectors; Cool Your Heart; Dirty Projectors; Domino
20.; PVT; Salt Lake Heart; New Spirit; Felte
21.; PVT; Fake Sun in China ; New Spirit; Felte
22.; PVT; Another Lfe; New Spirit; Felte
23.; Nils Bech; Glimpse Of Hope – Joe Goddard Remix; Glimpse Of Hope (Joe Goddard Remix); DFA
24.; Michael Mayer; For You feat. Joe Goddard (DJ Koze Mbira Mix); For You (DJ Koze Remixes); !K7
26.; Coldcut, Roots Manuva, Matthew Herbert; Only Heaven – Matthew Herbert Remix; Only Heaven Remixed; Ahead Of Our Time

Nachtclub am 17. Februar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Marika Hackman; Boyfriend; Boyfriend – Single; AMF
2.; Dutch Uncles; Streetlight; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
3.; Dutch Uncles; Combo Box; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
4.; Dutch Uncles; Jetson; Dutch Uncles; Tapete
5.; Shi; Pretty When I Cry; 6.; Shi; Finally Russian; 7.; Moiré; Bootleg (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
8.; Moiré; Lost You (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
9.; JonWayne; Out Of Sight; Rap Album 2; Authors
10.; JonWayne; Green Light; Jonwayne is Retired EP; Authors
11.; Kamaiyah; Fuck It Up (feat YG – Prod. DJ Official); A Good Night in the Ghetto; Kamaiayh
12.; Mos Def; Auditorium w/ the Ruler; the Ecstatic; Downtown
13.; Beat Konducta; Movie Finale; Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4: in India; Stones Throw
14.; Bruno Pernadas; Ahhhhh; How Can We Joyful in a World Full Of Knowledge?; Pataca Disco
15.; Pixx; I Bow Down; I Bow Down – Single; 4AD
16.; Candelilla; Intimität; Intimität Single; Trocadero
17.; Camping; Mit Dir Mit Mir; Suburban Shore; Plug Research
18.; Dutch Uncles; Big Balloon; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
19.; Ty Segall; Break A Guitar; Ty Segall; Drag City
20.; Ty Segall; Take Care (To Comb Your Hare); Ty Segall; Drag City
21.; Methyl Ethel; Ubu; Ubu – Single; 4AD
22.; Cymbals Eat Guitars; Warning; Lose; Tough Love
23.; Sparta; Glasshouse Tarot; the Wiretap Scars; Dreamworks
24.; the Mystery Lights; What Happens When You Turn the Devil Down; the Mystery Lights; Wick Records
26.; Virginia Wing; Marnie; Measures Of Joy; Fire Records
27.; Stef Chura; You; Messes; Urinal Cake Records
28.; Throwing Muses; Vicky’s Box; Throwing Muss; 4AD

Nachtclub am 10. Februar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Real Estate; Darling; Darling – Single; Domino
2.; Martin Courtney; Vestiges; Many Moons; Domino
3.; the Courtneys; Tour; the Courtneys II; Flying Nun Records
4.; the Courtneys; Silver Velvet; the Courtneys II; Flying Nun Records
5.; Gringo Star; Rotten; The Sides And In Between; Nevado
6.; the Beatles; Don’t Pass Me By; Weißes Album; Apple
7.; Doug Hream Blunt; Gentle Persuasion ft. Elizabeth Lane; My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt; Luaka Bob
8.; Babyfather; Greezebloc; BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow; Hyperdub
9.; Babyfather; Shook; BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow; Hyperdub
10.; Obongjayar; Creeping; Home EP; Obongjayar
11.; Obongjayar; Home; Home EP; Obongjayar
12.; Cancer; Tears; Totem; Tambourhinoceros
13.; Tropic Of Cancer; I Woke Up and the Storm was Over; Stop Suffering – EP; Blackest Ever Black
14.; Tropic Of Cancer; Be Brave; Downwards Single; Downwards
15.; Yula Kasp; Conscious; Ocean Blues EP; Kill the DJ Records
16.; Yula Kasp; Leisure; Ocean Blues EP; Kill the DJ Records
17.; Peter Peter; Bien Réel; Noir Eden; Arista France
18.; Belle Mare; How Much Longer; Heaven Forget; Belle Mare
19.; Harry Mud; Get to Work; Alienation Generation; USSB
20.; Harry Mud; My Heart Wins the Race; Alienation Generation; USSB
21.; Wendeburg; Is It Smooth Enough; Temperenzgesellschaft; USSB
22.; Noveller; Deep Shelter; A Pink Sunset For No One; Fire Records
23.; Noveller; A Pink Sunset For No One; A Pink Sunset For No One; Fire Records
24.; Novella; Does The Island Know; Change of State; Sinderlyn
26.; Molly Burch; Try; Try – Single; Captured Tracks
27.; Patsy Cline; She’s Got You; The Very Best Of; MCA
28.; Mac DeMarco; This Old Dog; This Old Dog – Single; Captured Tracks

Nachtclub am 03. Februar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Flamingo Und Drogen; Farbfernseher EP; EOR
2.; Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Wo Soll Ich Hin?; Wo Soll Ich Hin?; EOR
3.; Der Ringer; Morton Morbid; Soft Kill; Staatsakt
4.; Die Heiterkeit; Pop & Tod; Pop & Tod I & II; Buback
5.; Deseo De Muerte; Olvida; Un Deseo De Muerte; Deseo De Muerte
6.; Sufyvn; Quest; Kerma; Sufyvn
7.; Sufyvn; Ownworld; Kerma; Sufyvn
8.; Tears Run Rings; Belly Up; In Surges; Deep Space Recordings
9.; Marc Almond; Tears Run Rings; Tears Run Rings – Single; Parlophone
10.; Tears Run Rings; How Will the Others Survive; Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never; Clairecords
11.; Cancer; Esca; Totem; Tambourhinoceros
12.; When Saints Go Machine; Fail Forever; Fail Forever; !K7
13.; Bruno Pernadas; Ya Ya Breathe; Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked To Retrieve Them; Pataca Disco
14.; Carthago; Hanen; Alech – Single; Habibi Funk Records
15.; Dalton; Soul Brother; Alech / Soul Brother – Single; Habibi Funk Records
16.; Henry Canyons; Dis Mois feat. Zoe Rose Palladino; Canyonland (Dubplates from Jakarta #6); Jakarta
17.; Marcello Giombini; Disco 3; Computer Disco; Mondo Groove
18.; Kyle Dixon; Stranger Things; Stranger Things, Vol. 1 OST; Lakeshore Records
19.; Cairobi; From Some Other Planet’s Sky; Cairobi; Week Of Wonders
20.; Cairobi; Gristly Words; Cairobi; Week Of Wonders
21.; Bruno Pernadas; Anywhere in Spacetime; Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked To Retrieve Them; Pataca Disco
22.; Bruno Pernadas; Lachrymose; Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked To Retrieve Them; Pataca Disco
23.; Gory; ibm; here is a EP; Gory
24.; Brent Cash; the New High; the New High; Marina Recors
26.; Elder Island; Golden; Seeds in the Sand EP; Metropolis Recordings
27.; Frankey & Sandrino; Wega; Wega EP; Joun
28.; Isolée; Mangrove; Mangroove; Maeve