Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Marika Hackman; Boyfriend; Boyfriend – Single; AMF
2.; Dutch Uncles; Streetlight; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
3.; Dutch Uncles; Combo Box; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
4.; Dutch Uncles; Jetson; Dutch Uncles; Tapete
5.; Shi; Pretty When I Cry; 6.; Shi; Finally Russian; 7.; Moiré; Bootleg (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
8.; Moiré; Lost You (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
9.; JonWayne; Out Of Sight; Rap Album 2; Authors
10.; JonWayne; Green Light; Jonwayne is Retired EP; Authors
11.; Kamaiyah; Fuck It Up (feat YG – Prod. DJ Official); A Good Night in the Ghetto; Kamaiayh
12.; Mos Def; Auditorium w/ the Ruler; the Ecstatic; Downtown
13.; Beat Konducta; Movie Finale; Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4: in India; Stones Throw
14.; Bruno Pernadas; Ahhhhh; How Can We Joyful in a World Full Of Knowledge?; Pataca Disco
15.; Pixx; I Bow Down; I Bow Down – Single; 4AD
16.; Candelilla; Intimität; Intimität Single; Trocadero
17.; Camping; Mit Dir Mit Mir; Suburban Shore; Plug Research
18.; Dutch Uncles; Big Balloon; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
19.; Ty Segall; Break A Guitar; Ty Segall; Drag City
20.; Ty Segall; Take Care (To Comb Your Hare); Ty Segall; Drag City
21.; Methyl Ethel; Ubu; Ubu – Single; 4AD
22.; Cymbals Eat Guitars; Warning; Lose; Tough Love
23.; Sparta; Glasshouse Tarot; the Wiretap Scars; Dreamworks
24.; the Mystery Lights; What Happens When You Turn the Devil Down; the Mystery Lights; Wick Records
26.; Virginia Wing; Marnie; Measures Of Joy; Fire Records
27.; Stef Chura; You; Messes; Urinal Cake Records
28.; Throwing Muses; Vicky’s Box; Throwing Muss; 4AD

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