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Nachtclub am 08. November 2019

RJS 9. November 2019

1. Knife Wife; Dreamland; Family Party; Sister Polygon Records 2. Knife Wife; Silly Pony; Family Party; Sister Polygon Records 3. Eleni Poulou + Pyrolotar; Im Pop – feat. Lene; Various: Pop, die Platte; Tummy Touch 4. Der Plan; Lass die Katze Steh’n; Unkapitulierbar; Bureau B 5. Stahlschrank; Egal Ist Sehr Gut; Various: Pop, die Platte; […]

Nachtclub am 01. November 2019

RJS 2. November 2019

1. Velvet Negroni; Wine Green; Neon Brown; 4AD 2. Velvet Negroni; One One; Neon Brown; 4AD 3. Velvet Negroni; Scratchers; Neon Brown; 4AD 4. Lee Scratch Perry + Peaking Lights; Life of the Plants; Life of the Plants – Single; Stones Throw 5. Lee Perry; I am the Upsetter; I Am the Upsetter – Single; […]

Nachtclub am 25. Oktober 2019

RJS 26. Oktober 2019

1. Vagabon; Secret Medicine; Vagabon; Vagabon / Nonesuch 2. Vagabon; Water Me Down; Vagabon; Vagabon / Nonesuch 3. Vagabon; Cleaning House; Infinite Worlds; Father/Daughter Records 4. Corridor; Domino; Junior; SubPop 5. Corridor; Topographe; Junior; SubPop 6. Corridor; Le Grand Écart; Supermercado; Requiem Pour Un Twister 7. Happa; Only Darkness – feat. Shame; Only Darkness – […]

Nachtclub am 18. Oktober 2019

RJS 19. Oktober 2019

1. Boys Age; Phantasm Gem; Phantasm Gem – Single; Boys Age 2. Boys Age; Round And Round; Neverchanging, Neverending; Boys Age’s Worlds 3. Boys Age; Have A Nice Day; Else; Boys Age 4. Jacques Greene; Drop Location; Dawn Chorus; Lucky Me 5. Thom Yorke; Dawn Chorus; Anima; XL 6. Jacques Greene; Sibling; Dawn Chorus; Lucky […]

Nachtclub am 11. Oktober 2019

RJS 12. Oktober 2019

1. Angel Olsen; Lark; All Mirrors; JagJaguwar 2. Angel Olsen; the Waiting; Half Way Home; Bathetic Records 3. Angel Olsen; What It Is; All Mirrors; JagJaguwar 4. Angel Olsen; Summer; All Mirrors; JagJaguwar 5. Gary Wilson; It’s Summer Time; the King of Endicott; Cleopatra Records 6. Molly Sarlé; This Close; Karaoke Angel; Partisan Records 7. […]

Nachtclub am 04. Oktober 2019

RJS 5. Oktober 2019

1. Chromatics; the Sound of Silcence; Closer To Grey; Italians Do It Better 2. Stefanie Schrank; Nothing Is Lost; Unter Der Haut Eine Überhitzte Fabrik; Staatsakt 3. Stefanie Schrank; Fabrik; Unter Der Haut Eine Überhitzte Fabrik; Staatsakt 4. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; LA Ray; TNG; Euphorie Records 5. Locas in Love; Oh; Kalender; Staatsakt 6. Stabil […]

Nachtclub am 27. September 2019

RJS 28. September 2019

1. Klaus Johann Grobe; Downtown; Downtown – Single; Radicalis Music 2. Klaus Johann Grobe; Between the Buttons; Im Sinne der Zeit; Trouble In Mind 3. Degrees of Freedom; August Is An Angel; DJ-Kicks (Leon Vynehall); !K7 4. Kemikal; Genie – ft. Time Cow; DJ-Kicks (Leon Vynehall); !K7 5. Salami Rose Joe Louis; Love the Sun; […]

Nachtclub am 13. September 2019

RJS 14. September 2019

1. Black Marble; One Eye Open; One Eye Open – Single; Sacred Bones 2. Depeche Mode; Get the Balance Right!; Get the Balance Right – Single; Mute 3. Black Marble; A Great Design; A Different Arrangement; Hardly Art 4. Black Marble; Feels; Feels – Single; Sacred Bones 5. Miel De Montagne; Pourquoi Pas; Miel De […]

Nachtclub am 16. August 2019

RJS 17. August 2019

1. Toro Y Moi; Labyrinth; Boo Boo; Carpark 2. Toro Y Moi; Baby Drive It Down; Outer Peace; Carpark / Indigo 3. Toro Y Moi; Who I Am (Channel Tres Remix); Who I Am – Single; Carpark 4. Channel Tres; Topdown; Channel Tres EP; Godmode 5. Toro Y Moi; Human Nature; Various: BxF Celebrates the […]

Nachtclub am 02. August 2019

RJS 3. August 2019

1. Claude Fontaine; Hot Tears; Claude Fontaine; Innovative Leisure 2. Claude Fontaine; Love Street; Claude Fontaine; Innovative Leisure 3. Jennifer Lara; A Change Gonna Come; Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara; Studio One 4. Claude Fontaine; I’ll Play the Fool; Claude Fontaine; Innovative Leisure 5. Claude Fontaine; Little Sister; Claude Fontaine; Innovative Leisure 6. Ishmael Ensemble; […]

Nachtclub am 26. Juli 2019

RJS 27. Juli 2019

1. Bambina; I Do Not Do I; I Do Not Do I; Diaper Party 2. the Fernweh; the Liar; the Fernweh; Skeleton Key Records 3. Joy Division; Love Will Tear Us Apart; Substance; Factory 4. Sophia Kennedy + Stella Sommer; Man Weiß Es Nicht Genau; Man Weiß Es Nicht Genau – Single; Buback 5. Ezra; […]

1. Fontaines D.C. Too Real; Dogrel; Partisan Records 2. Clinic; Ferryboat of the Mind; Wheeltappers and Shunters; Domino 3. Levin Goes Lightly; Nichts Ändern; Nackt; Tapete 4. Levin Goes Lightly; Zu Nah; Nackt; Tapete 5. Grace Ives; Mirror; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music 6. Grace Ives; Icing On the Cake; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music […]

Nachtclub am 12. Juli 2019

RJS 13. Juli 2019

1. Sampa the Great; OMG; OMG Single; Ninja Tune 2. Maranta; Radiate; Radiate – Single; Paradise Palms Records 3. Tycho; Japan; Weather; Ninja Tune 4. David Sylvian; the Boy with the Gun; Secrets of the Beehive; Virgin 5. Tycho; Skate; Weather; Ninja Tune 6. Saint Sinner & the Human Experience; Sad; Sad – Single; Artist […]

Nachtclub am 05. Juli 2019

RJS 6. Juli 2019

1. Dehd; Lucky; Water; Fire Talk 2. Dehd; Wild; Water; Fire Talk 3. Dehd; Baby; Water; Fire Talk 4. Chris Staples; World On Fire; Holy Moly; Barsuk 5. Stephen Steinbrink; Synesthetic Ephemera; Arranged Waves; Melodic 6. Tan Le Racoon; Tanuki Is Back; Funeral Parade of Roses; Legere Recordings 7. Some Of My Best Friends; So […]

Nachtclub am 28. Juni 2019

RJS 29. Juni 2019

1. Sales; Checkin’ Out; Sales LP; Sales 2. Sales; Be My Baby; Sales LP; Sales 3. Yaeji; Guap; Guap; Godmode 4. Die Heiterkeit; Dünnes Eis; Pop & Tod I & II; Buback 5. Kaytranada; Glowed Up feat. Anderson Paak; 99.9%; XL Recordings 6. Jackie Lynn; Bright Lights; Jackie Lynn; Thrill Jockey 7. Jackie Lynn; Alien […]

Nachtclub am 21. Juni 2019

RJS 22. Juni 2019

1. Motorbass; Neptune; Pansoul; Different Recordings / PIAS 2. Sun Ra And His Astro Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra; Neptune; Discipline 27-II; El Saturn Records 3. Cassius; Cause Oui – feat. Mike D; Dreems; Because Music 4. Cat Power; Cherokee; Sun; Matador 5. Crumb; Fall Down; Jinx; Crumb Records 6. Crumb; Cracking; Jinx; Crumb Records 7. Standing […]

Nachtclub am 14. Juni 2019

RJS 15. Juni 2019

1. Vanishing Twin; Magician’s Success; the Age Of Immunology; Fire Records 2. Vanishing Twin; Wise Children; the Age Of Immunology; Fire Records 3. Stereolab; International Colouring Contest; Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Version); Duophonic / UHF 4. Julia Shapiro; I Lied; Perfect Version; Hardly Art 5. Chastity Belt; Caught In a Lie; I Used To Spend […]

Nachtclub am 07. Juni 2019

RJS 8. Juni 2019

1. Die Cigaretten; Typen mit Girls; Typen Mit Girls – Single; La Pochette Surprise Records 2. ZigarettenRauchen & Rosa; Männer; Varioius: Raumschiff Monika Compilation; Monika 3. the Staple Singers; Let’s Do It Again; Let’s Do It Again; Spy Records 4. Die Cigaretten; Yo, Future!; Pillen – Single; Die Cigaretten 5. Prada Meinhoff; Stress; Stress EP; […]

Nachtclub am 31. Mai 2019

RJS 1. Juni 2019

1. Parekh + Singh; Hello; Science City; Peacefrog 2. Parekh + Singh; Evening Sun; Science City; Peacefrog 3. Parekh + Singh; One Hundred Shadows; Science City; Peacefrog 4. Parekh & Singh; Panda; Ocean; Peacefrog 5. Jaguwar; Lunatic; Ringthing; Tapete 6. Jaguwar; Muffhead; I; Prospect Records 7. My Bloody Valentine; Only Shallow; Loveless; Creation 8. Stephen […]

Nachtclub am 24. Mai 2019

RJS 25. Mai 2019

1. Cate Le Bon; Mother’s Mother’s Magazines; Reward; Mexican Summer 2. Cate Le Bon; Here It Comes Again; Reward; Mexican Summer 3. Gruff Rhys; Shark Ridden Waters – feat. Andy Votel; Hotel Shampoo; Ovni 4. LCD Soundsystem vs. John Cale; All My Friends; All My Friends Single; DFA / EMI 5. Cate Le Bon; Me […]