Nachtclub am 18. Dezember 2020

1.; Sleaford Mods; Mork ‘n Mindy; Spare Ribs; Rough Trade
2.; Musikgruppe; Bojen; Aufnahmen Im Studio;
3.; Kristof Schreuf; Bourguois With Guitar; Bourguois With Guitar; Buback
4.; Naked Roommate; Mad Love; Do the Duvet; Upset the Rhythm
5.; Frank + Tony; Bring the Sun – feat. Gry; You Go Girl; Scissor And Threat
6.; Frivolous; Back Into the Deep; Meteorolgy; Cadenza
7.; Sevdaliza; Oh My God; Joanna – Single; Twisted Eleganze
8.; Salami Rose Joe Lewis; Fantasy; Chapters of Zdenka; Brainfeeder
9.; Salami Rose Joe Lewis; I Stay In Bed These Days Too Much; Chapters of Zdenka; Brainfeeder
10.; Caribou; Sunny’s Time; Suddenly; City Slang
11.; A Tribe Called Quest; Excursions; the Low End Theory; Zomba
12.; Pa Salieu; No Warnin’ – feat. Boy Boy; Send Them To Coventry; Warner
13.; R.A.P. Fereira; Leaving Hell; Purple Moonlight Pages; Ruby Yacht
14.; Princess Nokia; Balenciaga; Everything Sucks; Princess Nokia Inc.
15.; Princess Nokia; Happy Place; Everything Is Beautiful; Princess Nokia Inc.
16.; CAN; Vitamin C; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
17.; CAN; Spoon; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
18.; Tortoise; Galapagos (Springheel Jack Rmx); Galapagos 12”; Warp
19.; Stereolab; Miss Modular; Dots and Loops; Duophonic
20.; Burial, Four Tet + Thom Yorke; His Rope; Her Revolution / His Rope; XL Recordings
21.; Friends Of Gas; Abwasser; Kein Wetter; Staatsakt
22.; Culk; Jahre Später; Zerstreuen Über Euch; Siluh
23.; Die Arbeit; Haut, Knochen + Gesichter; Material; Undressed
24.; the Flying Burrito Brothers; Sweet Desert Childhood; Flying Again; CBS
25.; New Dog; Kathleen; the Songs of Townes Van Zandt; New Dog
26.; Beck; End of the Day; Sea Change; Geffen
27.; Aphex Twin; Windowlicker; Windowlicker; Warp
28.; Fontaines D.C.; No; A Hero’s Death; Partisan

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