Archiv des Monats September, 2020

Nachtclub am 25. September 2020

RJS 26. September 2020

1. Sufjan Stevens; Video Game; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty 2. Sufjan Stevens; Run Away With Me; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty 3. Faye Webster; Better Distractions; Better Distractions – Single; Sectetly Canadian 4. Faye Webster; Room Temperature; Atlanta Millionaires Club; Sectetly Canadian 5. Patsy Cline; I Fall To Pieces; the Patsy Cline Story; MCA 6. Sault; […]

Nachtclub am 11. September 2020

RJS 12. September 2020

1. Naked Roommate; We Are the Babies; Do the Duvet; Upset the Rhythm 2. Naked Roommate; Fondu Guru; Do the Duvet; Upset the Rhythm 3. The World; Jackson 5; Reddish; Lumpy Records 4. Spun Out; Another House; Touch the Sound; Spun Out Productions 5. Corey Flood; Heaven Or; Hanging Garden; Fire Talk 6. Corey Flood; […]

Nachtclub am 04. September 2020

RJS 5. September 2020

1.; Widowspeeak; The Good Ones; Plum; Captured Tracks 2.; Mazzy Star; She’s My Baby; So Tonight That I Might See; Capitol 3.; Widowspeeak; Money; Plum; Captured Tracks 4.; Machinedrum + Freddie Gibbs; Kane Train; Kane Train / Ur2yung – Single; Ninja Tune 5.; Machinedrum; Gunshotta; Vapor City; Ninja Tune 6.; J-E-T-S; Fire Fly; Zoospa; Innovative […]