Nachtclub am 25. September 2020

1. Sufjan Stevens; Video Game; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty
2. Sufjan Stevens; Run Away With Me; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty
3. Faye Webster; Better Distractions; Better Distractions – Single; Sectetly Canadian
4. Faye Webster; Room Temperature; Atlanta Millionaires Club; Sectetly Canadian
5. Patsy Cline; I Fall To Pieces; the Patsy Cline Story; MCA
6. Sault; Son Shine; Untitled (Rise); Forever Living Originals
7. Sault; Scary Times; Untitled (Rise); Forever Living Originals
8. Sault; Monsters; Untitled (Black Is); Forever Living Originals
9. Sault; Miracles; Untitled (Black Is); Forever Living Originals
10. Flohio; Unveiled; Unveiled – Single; Alpha Tone
11. Flohio; Way2; Way2 – Single; Alpha Tone
12. Foyer des Arts; Drums On My Mind; Draußen die herrliche Sonne; Tapete
13. Foyer des Arts; Eine Königin Mit Rädern Untendran (Gerd Bluhm Remix); Draußen die herrliche Sonne; Tapete
14. Katya Yonder; Вновь и вновь ; Multiply Intentions; Metron Records
15. Katya Yonder; Наверняка; Multiply Intentions; Metron Records
16. Katya Yonder; Invented Journey; Multiply Intentions; Metron Records
17. Sufjan Stevens; Landslide; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty
18. Sufjan Stevens; Death With Dignity; Carrie & Lowell; Asthmatic Kitty
19. Sufjan Stevens + Lowell Brams; The Runaraound; The Runaround – Single; Asthmatic Kitty
20. A.G. Cook; Oh Yeah; Apple; PC Music
21. A.G. Cook; Gold Leaf; 7G; PC Music
22. Boy H. Werner; Who’s Gonna Tell You a Story; Who’s Gonna Tell You a Story – Single; Hand 11
23. Zora Jones; Melancholy Princess; Ten Billion Angels; Fractal Fantasy
24. Zora Jones; I Wanna Lose You; Ten Billion Angels; Fractal Fantasy
25. ML Buch; Can You Hear My Heart Leave; Skinned; Anyines
26. Baal & Mortimer; Cracks; Deixis; Buereau B
27. Caitlin Pasko; Horrible Person; Greenhouse; CP
28. Lucas Santtana; Um Professor Está Falando Com Vocè; O Céu é Velho Há Muíto Tempo; No Format!
29. Lucas Santtana; Hold Me In; Sem Nostalgia; Mais Um Dicsos

Nachtclub am 11. September 2020

1. Naked Roommate; We Are the Babies; Do the Duvet; Upset the Rhythm
2. Naked Roommate; Fondu Guru; Do the Duvet; Upset the Rhythm
3. The World; Jackson 5; Reddish; Lumpy Records
4. Spun Out; Another House; Touch the Sound; Spun Out Productions
5. Corey Flood; Heaven Or; Hanging Garden; Fire Talk
6. Corey Flood; Down the Hill; Hanging Garden; Fire Talk
7. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Blaue Zähne; EÖE; Schlappvogel Records
8. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Jugendlich; EÖE; Schlappvogel Records
9. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Kacke In Der Jacke; EÖE; Schlappvogel Records
10. Unhappybirthday; Cristal; Mondchateau; Tapete
11. Unhappybirthday; Keanu; Schauer; Night People
12. Dirty Projectors; Holy Mackerel; Super Joao; Domino
13. Dirty Projectors; Lose Your Love; Flight Tower – EP; Domino
14. Ava Luna; Weight Of Your Life; Pigments EP; Western Vinyl
15. Bill Callahan; Pigeons; Gold Record; Drag City
16. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Anna; EÖE; Schlappvogel Records
17. Trio; Achtung Achtung; Trio; Universal
18. Trio; Nur Ein Traum; Trio; Universal
19. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Kaptiängelöt; EÖE; Schlappvogel Records
20. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Kein Bock auf Frühstück; EÖE; Schlappvogel Records
21. Bärchen und die Milchbubis; Ich Will Nicht Älter Werden; Und dann macht es Bumm; No Fun
22. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Hohe Schuhe; EÖE; Schlappvogel Records
23. Kleenex Aktiv; Sternklare Nacht; Various – Sowas Von Egal 2; Bureau B
24. Plastiktanz; Mir Geht Es Danke Gut; Various – Sowas Von Egal 2; Bureau B
25. Naked Roommate; Fill Space; Do the Duvet; Upset the Rhythm
26. Domenique Dumont; Comme Ca; Comme Ca; Antinote
27. Naked Roommate; Je Suis Le Bébé; Do the Duvet; Upset the Rhythm
28. Telex; Moskow Diskow; Looking For Saint Tropez; Vogue
29. A.G. Cook; Silver; 7G; PC Music
30. A.G. Cook; Being Harsh; 7G; PC Music
31. Charli XCX; Claws; How I’m Feeling Now; Warner
32. A.G. Cook; Superstar (Live at Secret Sky); 7G; PC Music

Nachtclub am 04. September 2020

1.; Widowspeeak; The Good Ones; Plum; Captured Tracks
2.; Mazzy Star; She’s My Baby; So Tonight That I Might See; Capitol
3.; Widowspeeak; Money; Plum; Captured Tracks
4.; Machinedrum + Freddie Gibbs; Kane Train; Kane Train / Ur2yung – Single; Ninja Tune
5.; Machinedrum; Gunshotta; Vapor City; Ninja Tune
6.; J-E-T-S; Fire Fly; Zoospa; Innovative Leisure
7.; Sylvan Esso; Kick Jump Twist – Machinedrum Remix; Kick Jump Twist – Single; Loma Vista
8.; Sylvan Esso; Rooftop Dancing; Rooftop Dancing – Single; Loma Vista
9.; Mountain Man; Rang Tang Ring Toon; Magic Ship; Bella Union
10.; Sylvan Esso; Ferris Wheel; Ferris Wheel – Single; Loma Vista
11.; Serge Gainsbourg; Aux Armes Et Caetera; Aux Armes Et Caetera; Universal
12.; Grace Jones; Walking in the Rain; Nightclubbing; Island
13.; Sly & Robbie, Nils Peter Molvaer, Eivind Aarset, Vladislav Delay; If I Gave You My Love; Nordub; Sony
14.; Sly & Robbie, Nils Peter Molvaer, Eivind Aarset, Vladislav Delay; How Long; Nordub; Sony
15.; Vladislav Delay, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare; (521); 500 Push-UP; Vladislav Delay
16.; Luomo; Class; Vocalcity; Forcetracks
17.; Hether; Pink Purple Blues; Hether Who?; Hether4theweather
18.; Hether; Falling In Loves Too Mean; Hether Who?; Hether4theweather
19.; Adrienne Lenker; Anything; Anything – Single; 4AD
20.; Big Thief; U.F.O.F.; U.F.O.F.; 4AD
21.; Nines; Energy – feat. Skrapz; Crabs In a Bucket; Zino Records
22.; Vince Staple; Crabs in a Bucket; Big Fish Theory; Def Jam
23.; Nines; Airplane Mode – feat.
NSG; Crabs In a Bucket; Zino Records
24.; Sneaks; This World; Happy Birthday; Merge
25.; Sneaks; Faith; Happy Birthday; Merge
26.; Sneaks; Tough Luck; Gymnastics; Merge
27.; Ultra Beauty; Get Pure; Ultra-Beauty – EP; Sister Polygon
28.; Ultra Beauty; Soap; Ultra-Beauty – EP; Sister Polygon
29.; Sneaks; Hair Slick Back; Its A Myth; Merge
30.; Bobfather; Life’s A Poem; Live Until You Die; Copyright Control
31.; Bobfather; Now It’s Time; Live Until You Die; Copyright Control
32.; Aphex Twin; Diskhat1; Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments EP Pt. 2; Warp
33.; Ashraf Sharif Khan + Viktor Marek; Maschinenland; Sufi Dub Brothers; Fun In the Church
34.; Ashraf Sharif Khan + Viktor Marek; Sufi Dub Brothers; Sufi Dub Brothers; Fun In the Church