Nachtclub am 25. September 2020

1. Sufjan Stevens; Video Game; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty
2. Sufjan Stevens; Run Away With Me; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty
3. Faye Webster; Better Distractions; Better Distractions – Single; Sectetly Canadian
4. Faye Webster; Room Temperature; Atlanta Millionaires Club; Sectetly Canadian
5. Patsy Cline; I Fall To Pieces; the Patsy Cline Story; MCA
6. Sault; Son Shine; Untitled (Rise); Forever Living Originals
7. Sault; Scary Times; Untitled (Rise); Forever Living Originals
8. Sault; Monsters; Untitled (Black Is); Forever Living Originals
9. Sault; Miracles; Untitled (Black Is); Forever Living Originals
10. Flohio; Unveiled; Unveiled – Single; Alpha Tone
11. Flohio; Way2; Way2 – Single; Alpha Tone
12. Foyer des Arts; Drums On My Mind; Draußen die herrliche Sonne; Tapete
13. Foyer des Arts; Eine Königin Mit Rädern Untendran (Gerd Bluhm Remix); Draußen die herrliche Sonne; Tapete
14. Katya Yonder; Вновь и вновь ; Multiply Intentions; Metron Records
15. Katya Yonder; Наверняка; Multiply Intentions; Metron Records
16. Katya Yonder; Invented Journey; Multiply Intentions; Metron Records
17. Sufjan Stevens; Landslide; the Ascension; Asthmatic Kitty
18. Sufjan Stevens; Death With Dignity; Carrie & Lowell; Asthmatic Kitty
19. Sufjan Stevens + Lowell Brams; The Runaraound; The Runaround – Single; Asthmatic Kitty
20. A.G. Cook; Oh Yeah; Apple; PC Music
21. A.G. Cook; Gold Leaf; 7G; PC Music
22. Boy H. Werner; Who’s Gonna Tell You a Story; Who’s Gonna Tell You a Story – Single; Hand 11
23. Zora Jones; Melancholy Princess; Ten Billion Angels; Fractal Fantasy
24. Zora Jones; I Wanna Lose You; Ten Billion Angels; Fractal Fantasy
25. ML Buch; Can You Hear My Heart Leave; Skinned; Anyines
26. Baal & Mortimer; Cracks; Deixis; Buereau B
27. Caitlin Pasko; Horrible Person; Greenhouse; CP
28. Lucas Santtana; Um Professor Está Falando Com Vocè; O Céu é Velho Há Muíto Tempo; No Format!
29. Lucas Santtana; Hold Me In; Sem Nostalgia; Mais Um Dicsos

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