Nachtclub am 26. Mai 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Ty Segall; Black Magick; Sentimental Goblin; Suicide Squeeze
2. the Flaming Lips; How; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
3. PVT; Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend; New Spirit; Felte
4. Isolée; Mangrove; Mangroove; Maeve
5. the Courtneys; Tour; the Courtneys II; Flying Nun Records
6. Dutch Uncles; Combo Box; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
7. Moiré; Bootleg (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
8. Dirty Projectors; Death Spiral; Dirty Projectors; Domino
9. Wild Pink; Battle of Bedford Falls; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
10. Thundercat; Jethro; Drunk; Brainfeeder
11. Ja König Ja; Temptation; Temptation; JKJ
12. Pick a Piper; Geographically Opposed; Distance; Tin Angel Records
13. Pick a Piper; Flood of my Eyes; Distance; Tin Angel Records
14. Chrome Sparks; Wake; Wake – Single; Counter Records
15. Sleaford Mods; Moptop; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
16. Laura Marling; Don’t Pass Me By; Semper Femina; More Alarming
17. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; French Press; the French Press EP; SubPop
18. the Go! Team; Rolling Blackouts; Rolling Blackouts; Memphis Industries
19. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; Julie’s Place; the French Press EP; SubPop
20. Desperate Journalist; Hollow; Grow Up; Fierce Panda
21. Kelly Lee Owens; S.O. Kelly Lee Owens; Smalltown Supersound
22. Acid Pauli; Majid; BLD; Ouie
23. Sneaks; Hair Slick Back; It’s A Myth; Merge

Nachtclub am 19. Mai 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Soundgarden; Rusty Cage; Badmotorfinger; A&M
2. Soundgarden; Jesus Christ Pose; Badmotorfinger; A&M
3. Temple of the Dog; Hunger Strike; Temple of the Dog; A&M
4. Beach Fossils; This Year; This Year – Single; Captured Tracks
5. Jane Weaver; Did You See Butterflies?; Modern Kosmology; Fire Records
6. Jane Weaver; Modern Kosmology; Modern Kosmology; Fire Records
7. Andy Votel; Girl on a Go-Ped (feat. Jane Weaver); Styles of the Unexpected; Twisted Nerve
8. Rare Silk; Storm; American Eyes; Palo Alto Records
9. Buttering Trio; Refugee Song; Threesome; Raw Tapes
10. Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2; Star Stuff; Star Stuff; Company Records
11. Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2; Don’t Blame Yourself; Star Stuff; Company Records
12. Les Sins; Bellow; Michael; Carpark
13. Bernache; Your Name; Your Name; Bernache
14. Men I Trust; Humming Men; Men I Trust; Return to Analog
15. W.H.Lung; Inspiration!; Inspiration! / Nothing Is – Single; Melodic
16. Girlpool; Soup; Powerplant; Anti
17. Girlpool; Your Heart; Powerplant; Anti
18. Girlpool; Cut Your Bangs; Chinatown – Single; Wichita
19. Girlpool; Cornerstore; Powerplant; Anti
20. Aldous Harding; Blend; Party; 4AD
21. Andy Shauf; Early To the Party; the Party; Anti
22. Aldous Harding; Living the Classics; Party; 4AD
23. Juana Molina; Paraguaya; Halo; Crammed Discs
24. Horacio Molina; Te Regalo Es Canción (con Juana Molina); Te Regalo Es Canción; CBS
25.; Juana Molina; Los Pies Helados; Halo; Crammed Discs
26.; Infinite Bisous; Lost In Translation / 1; W/ Love; Tasty Morsels
27.; Infinite Bisous; Confused Porn; W/ Love; Tasty Morsels
28.; Dee Dee Sharp; I Really Love You; I Really Love You – Single; Cameo-Parkway Records
29.; Shabazz Palaces & Quazarz; Shine A Light feat. Thadillac; Shine A Light – Single; Sub Pop

Nachtclub am 12. Mai 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Ride; All I Want; All I Want – Single; Wichita
2. Slowdive; Everyone Knows; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
3. Cherry Glazerr; Had Ten Dollaz; Had Ten Dollaz; Suicide Squeeze
4. Cherry Glazerr; Only Kid on the Block; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
5. Chromatics; Cherry; Cherry; Italians Do It Better
6. Johnny Jewel; Windswept; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
7. Desire; Saturday; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
8. Chromatics; Blue Moon; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
9. Heaven; It’s Not Enough; It’s Not Enough – Single; Italians Do It Better
10. Raveonettes; Scout; 2016 Atomized; Beat Dies Reocrds
11. Raveonettes; Run Mascara Run; 2016 Atomized; Beat Dies Reocrds
12. Linda Scott; Every Little Star; Mulholland Drive OST; Milan
13. the Raveoettes; My Time’s Up; Raven in the Grave; Vice Records
14. Mount Kimbie; Marilyn feat. Micachu; Marilyn – Single; Warp
15. Mount Kimbie; Meter, Pale, Tone (feat. King Krule); Cold Spring Fault Less Youth; Warp
16. Micachu & the Shapes; Dreaming; Good Sad, Happy Bad; Rough Trade
17. Trans Am; Alles Verboten; California Hotel; Thrill Jockey
18. Echo & the Bunnymen; With a Hip; Heaven Up Here; Sire
19. DJ Hell; Car Car Car; Zukunftsmusik; Gigolo
20. DJ Hell; 2 Die 2 Sleep; Zukunftsmusik; Gigolo
21. DJ Hell & Melissa; This is For You; Munich Machine; Disko B
22. Public Memory; Afterlife; Veil of Counsel – Single; Felte
22. Lowly; Look At the Sun; Heba; Bella Union
23. Laurel Halo; Jelly; Jelly – Single; Hyperdub
24.; UK Lonely; UK Lonely EP; Hotflush
25. Lapalux; Rottet Arp feat. Louisahhh; Rottet Arp – Single; Brainfeeder

Nachtclub am 05. Mai 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Day Wave; Home; the Days We Had; Harvest Records
2. Fripp + Eno; the Heavenly Music Corporation; (No Pussyfooting); Island
3. Day Wave; Bring You Down; the Days We Had; Harvest Records
4. Fazerdaze; Lucky Girl; Morningside; Grönland Records
5. the Chills; Pink Frost; Kaleidoscope World; Flying Nun Records
6. Fazerdaze; Little Uneasy ; Morningside; Grönland Records
7. Mac DeMarco; My Old Man; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
8. Mac DeMarco; For the First Time; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
9. Mac DeMarco; Goodbye Weekend; Salad Days; Captured Tracks
10. Mac DeMarco; On the Level; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
11. Emma Ruth Rundle; Marked For Death; Marked For Death; Sargent House
12. Astrobal; Ma Recontre; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
13. Astrobal; Australasie feat. Laetitia Sadier; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
14. Brian Eno; Kurt’s Rejoinder; Before and After Science; Island
15. Astrobal; Isao & Io; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
16. Der Plan; Lass die Katze Stehn!; Lass die Katze Stehn!; Bureau B
17. Der Plan; Space-Bob; Gummitwist Single; WEA
18. Andreas Dorau & Moritz Reichelt; Der Letzte Pop Song des Jahrhunderts; Various – PopTics; Bungalo
19. Slowdive; Don’t Know Why; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
20. Slowdive; Slomo; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
21. Slowdive; Celia’s Dream; Just For A Day; Creation Records
22. Neil Halstead; Driving With Bert; Sleeping On Roads; 4AD
22. Thomas Cohen; Honeymoon; Bloom Forever; Stolen Recodings
23. Trentem̦ller; Hands Down feat. Jennylee; Hands Down РSingle; In My Room
24. Jennylee; Boom Boom – Trenmöller Remix; Boom Boom Remix – Single; Rough Trade
25. Matthew Dear; Wrong With Us; DJ-Kicks (Matthew Dear); !K7
26. Lapalux; Rottet Arp feat. Louisahhh; Rottet Arp – Single; Brainfeeder