Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Ride; All I Want; All I Want – Single; Wichita
2. Slowdive; Everyone Knows; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
3. Cherry Glazerr; Had Ten Dollaz; Had Ten Dollaz; Suicide Squeeze
4. Cherry Glazerr; Only Kid on the Block; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
5. Chromatics; Cherry; Cherry; Italians Do It Better
6. Johnny Jewel; Windswept; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
7. Desire; Saturday; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
8. Chromatics; Blue Moon; Windswept; Italians Do It Better
9. Heaven; It’s Not Enough; It’s Not Enough – Single; Italians Do It Better
10. Raveonettes; Scout; 2016 Atomized; Beat Dies Reocrds
11. Raveonettes; Run Mascara Run; 2016 Atomized; Beat Dies Reocrds
12. Linda Scott; Every Little Star; Mulholland Drive OST; Milan
13. the Raveoettes; My Time’s Up; Raven in the Grave; Vice Records
14. Mount Kimbie; Marilyn feat. Micachu; Marilyn – Single; Warp
15. Mount Kimbie; Meter, Pale, Tone (feat. King Krule); Cold Spring Fault Less Youth; Warp
16. Micachu & the Shapes; Dreaming; Good Sad, Happy Bad; Rough Trade
17. Trans Am; Alles Verboten; California Hotel; Thrill Jockey
18. Echo & the Bunnymen; With a Hip; Heaven Up Here; Sire
19. DJ Hell; Car Car Car; Zukunftsmusik; Gigolo
20. DJ Hell; 2 Die 2 Sleep; Zukunftsmusik; Gigolo
21. DJ Hell & Melissa; This is For You; Munich Machine; Disko B
22. Public Memory; Afterlife; Veil of Counsel – Single; Felte
22. Lowly; Look At the Sun; Heba; Bella Union
23. Laurel Halo; Jelly; Jelly – Single; Hyperdub
24.; UK Lonely; UK Lonely EP; Hotflush
25. Lapalux; Rottet Arp feat. Louisahhh; Rottet Arp – Single; Brainfeeder

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