Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Day Wave; Home; the Days We Had; Harvest Records
2. Fripp + Eno; the Heavenly Music Corporation; (No Pussyfooting); Island
3. Day Wave; Bring You Down; the Days We Had; Harvest Records
4. Fazerdaze; Lucky Girl; Morningside; Grönland Records
5. the Chills; Pink Frost; Kaleidoscope World; Flying Nun Records
6. Fazerdaze; Little Uneasy ; Morningside; Grönland Records
7. Mac DeMarco; My Old Man; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
8. Mac DeMarco; For the First Time; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
9. Mac DeMarco; Goodbye Weekend; Salad Days; Captured Tracks
10. Mac DeMarco; On the Level; This Old Dog; Captured Tracks
11. Emma Ruth Rundle; Marked For Death; Marked For Death; Sargent House
12. Astrobal; Ma Recontre; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
13. Astrobal; Australasie feat. Laetitia Sadier; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
14. Brian Eno; Kurt’s Rejoinder; Before and After Science; Island
15. Astrobal; Isao & Io; Australasie; Karaoke Kalk
16. Der Plan; Lass die Katze Stehn!; Lass die Katze Stehn!; Bureau B
17. Der Plan; Space-Bob; Gummitwist Single; WEA
18. Andreas Dorau & Moritz Reichelt; Der Letzte Pop Song des Jahrhunderts; Various – PopTics; Bungalo
19. Slowdive; Don’t Know Why; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
20. Slowdive; Slomo; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
21. Slowdive; Celia’s Dream; Just For A Day; Creation Records
22. Neil Halstead; Driving With Bert; Sleeping On Roads; 4AD
22. Thomas Cohen; Honeymoon; Bloom Forever; Stolen Recodings
23. Trentemöller; Hands Down feat. Jennylee; Hands Down – Single; In My Room
24. Jennylee; Boom Boom – Trenmöller Remix; Boom Boom Remix – Single; Rough Trade
25. Matthew Dear; Wrong With Us; DJ-Kicks (Matthew Dear); !K7
26. Lapalux; Rottet Arp feat. Louisahhh; Rottet Arp – Single; Brainfeeder

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