Nachtclub am 28. August 2020 – mit Nepumuk

1.; Joey Bada$$; Shine; the Light Pack – EP; Pro Era
2.; Roy Ayers Ubiquity; Everybody Loves the Sunshine; Everyboday Loves the Sunshine; Polydor
3.; Twit One; jederliebtihn; Stepping Stones; Melting Pot Music
4.; Nepumuk; Standpunkt; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
5.; Knowsum; Voyage; Vier (the Loops); Sichtexot
6.; Nepumuk; Alles Nur Geklaut; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
7.; Mos Def; Auditorium w/ the Ruler; The Ecstatic; Downtown
8.; Nepumuk; Verlierer; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
9.; Savanna Silver Band; Like I Do; Pure Silver; Image
10.; Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus); Drive Thru ( Prod. Samiyam); Duality; FL
11.; Nepumuk; Embryo – feat. Frau Butz; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
12.; Nepumuk; Nepumuk Shit – feat. J. Lauxen; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
13.; P!offP; Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt; P!off?; Transparent
14.; Nepumuk; Mammon; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
15.; Nepumuk; Fiktion; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
16.; Nepumuk; In Farbe; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
17.; King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard; the River; Quarters EP; Heavenly
18.; Nepumuk; Sonne; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
19.; Nepumuk; WhattheFunk; What the Funk; Sichtexot
20.; Retrogott & Hulk Hodn; Verstopfung; KontemporärKontamination; ENTBS
21.; Nepumuk; Alpha – feat. Retrogott; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
22.; Knowsum; Broken Hearts Club; Lush Space Daze; Sichtexot
23.; the Beach Boys; Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder); Pet Sounds; Capitol
24.; MF Doom; Vomitspit; MM…Food; Rhymesayers
25.; Nepumuk; A.I.S.; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
26.; Nepumuk; Zapfenstreich; What the Funk; Sichtexot
27.; Piero Umiliani; Crepusculo Sul Mare; La Consolazione Della Pietra
; Omicron
28.; Gino Paoli; Senza Fine; Una Sera Con Gino Paoli
; Ricordi
29.; Knowsum; Ghost – feat. Anne-Louise Hoffmann; Hi-Hat Club, Vol. 7 – Hyasynthus; Melting Pot Music
30.; Hiob & Morlock Dilemma; Papierflieger; Kapitalismus Jetzt; MA
31.; Eloquent + Knowsum; E1; JLALSD; Eloquent
32.; Jaylib; The Heist; Champion Sound; Stones Throw
33.; Nepumuk; Rap Ist Nicht Tot, Er Riecht Nur Modisch; Füreinbreitespublikum; Sichtexot
34.; Nepumuk; Kreiselmann; Ad Absurdum; Sichtexot
35.; Yussef Kamaal; Lowrider; Black Focus; Brownswood Recordings
36.; Hauptberuflich; Nepumuk; Achtung Mensch; Sichtexot

Nachtclub am 21. August 2020

1.; Peaches; Flip This; Flip This – Single; Peaches
2.; Peaches; AA XXX; The Teaches Of Peaches; Kitty Yo
3.; Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Kapitän; Kapitän – Single; Schlappvogel Records
4.; the Notwist; Ship; Ship – Single; Morr Music
5.; Black Marble; Johnny and Mary; I Must Be Living Twice; Sacred Bones
6.; Black Marble; Emma’s House; I Must Be Living Twice; Sacred Bones
7.; the Field Mice; If You Need Someone; Coastal; Sarah Records
8.; Lives of Angels; Ascension; Elevator to Eden; Fire Records
9.; Black Marble; MSQ-No Extras ; A Different Arrangement; Hardly Art
10.; Harry the Nightgown; Tough Love; Harry the Nightgown; Wiggle World
11.; Harry the Nightgown; March of the Angry Man; Harry the Nightgown; Wiggle World
12.; Cherry Glazerr; Daddi; Stuffed & Ready; Secretly Canadian
13.; Yves Jarvis; Victim; Victim – Single; Anti
14.; Yves Jarvis; That Don’t Make It So; The Same But By Different Means; Anti
15.; Young Jesus; Pattern Doubt; Welcome To Conceptual Beach; Saddle Creek
16.; Young Jesus; (un)knowing; Welcome To Conceptual Beach; Saddle Creek
17.; Gordon Koang; Stand Up (Clap Your Hands); Unity; Music In Exile
18.; Gordon Koang; Asylum Seeker; Unity; Music In Exile
19.; Jim-E-Stack; Sweet Summer Sweat; Sweet Summer Sweat – Single; Jim-E Stack
20.; Octavian; Rari – feat. Future; Rari – Single; Octavian
21.; Shabjdeed; NKD GLG; Sindibad El Ward; BLTNM
22.; Jim-E-Stack; A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother; A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother – Single; Jim-E Stack
23.; Lambert Windges; All The Feelings; All the Feelings – Single; Windges
24.; Lambert Windges; Everyday I’m Still Me; Faint; Windges
25.; A.G. Cook; Lil Song; 7G; PC Music
26.; Ford & Lopatin; Too Much MIDI – Please Forgive Me (Alan Braxe Bonus Rmx); Channel Pressure Remixes; Software
27.; A.G. Cook; Drink Blood; 7G; PC Music
28.; ML Buch; O; Skinned; Anyines
29.; A.G. Cook; Crimson & Clover; 7G; PC Music
30.; A.G. Cook; Chandelier; 7G; PC Music

Nachtclub am 14. August 2020

1.; Peel Dream Magazine; New Culture; Moral Panics; Tough Love
2.; Peel Dream Magazine; Verfremdungseffekt; Moral Panics; Tough Love
3.; Stereolab; Changer; Switched On; Duophohnics
4.; Peel Dream Magazine; Eyeballs; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
5.; Peel Dream Magazine; Dialectrics; Moral Panics; Tough Love
6.; Lena Platonos; Bloody Shadows From A Distance; Gallop; Lyra
7.; Obel; Familiar; Citizen Of Glass; PIAS
8.; Wye Oak; No Place; No Horizon EP; Merge
9.; Wye Oak; Better (For Esther); Tween; City Slang
10.; Dead Man’s Bones; Pa Pa Power; …featuring the Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Children’s Choir; Anti
11.; Wye Oak; AEIOU; No Horizon EP; Merge
12.; Bon Iver; Auatc; Auatac – Single; JagJaguwar
13.; Bon Iver; Michicant; Bon Iver; 4AD
14.; Wye Oak; Sky Witness; No Horizon EP; Merge
15.; Otta; I’ll Always Be the Man; Songbook; PIAS
16.; Otta; Sick Inside; Songbook; PIAS
17.; B.C. Camplight; I Only Drink When I’m Drunk; Shortly After Takeoff; Bella Union
18.; B.C. Camplight; Ghosthunting; Shortly After Takeoff; Bella Union
19.; Vinyl Williams; Mithras; Azure ; Vinyl Williams
20.; Vinyl Williams; Never Tell the World; Azure ; Vinyl Williams
21.; Washed Out; Too Late; Purple Noon; SubPop
22.; Washed Out; Good Luck; High Times; Mirror Universe Tapes
23.; Washed Out; Hold Out; Life Of Leisure EP; Kemado
24.; Washed Out; Floating By; Mister Mellow; Stones Throw
25.; Blu + Exile; Miles Davis; Miles; Dirty Science Records
26.; Blu + Exile; True & Livin’; Miles; Dirty Science Records
27.; the Impressions; Moonlight Shadows; We’re A Winner; ABC Records
28.; Blu + Exile; Bright As Stars; Miles; Dirty Science Records
29.; Helado Negro; We Will You; Island Universe Story Two; Asthmatic Kitty

Nachtclub am 07. August 2020

1.; Naked Roommate; Mad Love; Mad Love – Single; Upset the Rhythm
2.; Tom Tom Club; Wordy Rappinghood; Tom Tom Club; Island
3.; Buscabulla; Ta Que Tiembla; Regresa; Domino
4.; Eloquent + Knowsum; Cheat; JLALSD; Eloquent
5.; Eloquent + Knowsum; art; JLALSD; Eloquent
6.; Psycho’n’Odds, Tru Corners, Nativ, Buds Penseur, ; Kilo; Radiated Universe; Vinyl Digital
7.; Psycho’n’Odds, Tru Corners, Nativ, Buds Penseur, ; Broke; Radiated Universe; Vinyl Digital
8.; Dean Blunt; Troll – feat. Joanne Robertson + Vegyn; Troll; World Music
9.; Jah Wobble; Dim Sum – feat. GZ Tian; Dim Sum – Single; Jah Wobble
10.; Deema; Rat Race; Rat Race – Single; Different Recordings
11.; Jockstrap; Acid; Wicked City – EP; Warp
12.; Arlo Parks; Black Dog; Black Dog – EP; Transgressive
13.; Little Simz; Might Bang, Might Not; Drop 6; Age 101 Music
14.; Little Simz; One Life, Might Live; Drop 6; Age 101 Music
15.; Drab City; Hand On My Pocket; Good Songs For Bad People; Bella Union
16.; Locked Groove; Enter Revolution; Enter Revolution – EP; Locked Groove Records
17.; Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Kacke In der Jacke; Kacke In der Jacke – Single; Schlappvogel Records
18.; Gum Country; Pills; Somewhere; Kingfisher Bluez
19.; the Radio Dept.; You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby; You Fear the Wrong Thing – Single; Just So!
20.; Art Feynman; I’m Gonna Miss Your World; Half Price at 3:30; Western Vinyl
21.; Temple; Empty Promises; Both-And; Native Cat
22.; Louis Prince; The Number Thirteen; Thirteen; Last Gang Records
23.; New Dog; Nothin’; The Songs of Townes Van Zandt; New Dog
24.; Khruangbin; Time (You And I); Mordechai; Dead Oceans
25.; Owen Pallett; A Bloody Morning; Island; Domino
26.; Wilma Archer; Cheater – feat. Sudan Archives; A Western Circular; Domino
27.; Peel Dream Magazine; Pill; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
28.; Peel Dream Magazine; Do It; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
29.; Peel Dream Magazine; Eyeballs; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
30.; Midwife; S.W.I.M.; Forever; the Flenser

Nachtclub am 31. Juli 2020

1. Pozi; Whitewashing; 176 – EP; Prah Recordings
2. Pozi; 176; 176 – EP; Prah Recordings
3. Fontaines D.C.; A Lucid Dream; Televised Mind; Partisan
4. Fontaines D.C.; Sha Sha Sha; Dogrel; Partisan
5. the Beach Boys; Your Summer Dream; Surfer Girl; Capitol
6. Fontaines D.C.; Love Is the Main Thing; Televised Mind; Partisan
7. Midwife; 2018; Forever; the Flenser
8. Midwife; Anyone Can Play Guitar; Forever; the Flenser
9. Midwife; Language; Forever; the Flenser
10. Shinichi Atobe; Lake 2; Yes; DDS
11. Darkstar; Jam – Horsepower Productions Remix; Jam – Horsepower Productions Remixes – Single; Warp
12. Sweatson Klank; Together In Love; Good Days; Friends Of Friends
13. Sweatson Klank; And Then You; Good Days; Friends Of Friends
14. Ata Records; Planet Nine; The Library Archive, Vol. 01; Ata Records
15. Ata Records; Nuclear Wind I; The Library Archive, Vol. 01; Ata Records
16. Cindygod; Rhys; EP2; Fire Talk
17. Sharada Shashidhar; Messages; Rahu; Leaving Records
18. Sharada Shashidhar; Loose Ends; Rahu; Leaving Records
19. Idris Muhammad; Piece Of Mind; Power Of Soul; CTI Records
20. Bishop Nehru; Meathead – feat. MF Doom; Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts; Nehruvia
21. Lorde Fredd33; Kane; Norf: the Legend Of Hotboy Ronald; New Age Narcissism
22. Finn Foxell, Lord Apex, Flowzart; Money Calling; Stuck In Motion EP; Elevation / Meditation
23. Visit Venus; First Man on the Moog; Music For Space Tourism Vol. 1; Yo Mama
24. Apollo Brown + Che Noir; the Apple – feat. Planet Asia; As God Intended; Mello Music Group
25. Apollo Brown + Che Noir; Blood Is Thicker; As God Intended; Mello Music Group
26. Raekwon; Knowledge God; Only Built For Cuban Linx…; Loud Records
27. Raekwon; Incarcerated Scarfaces; Only Built For Cuban Linx…; Loud Records
28. SD9; Jukebox; 40Ëš.40; On-Retainer
29. SD9; Numeros; 40Ëš.40; On-Retainer
30. Cass McCombs; the Wine of Lebanon; the Wine of Lebanon – Single; Anti
31. Fontaines D.C.; No; A Hero’s Death; Partisan