Nachtclub am 27. Juli 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Underworld + Iggy Pop; Bells & Circles; Teatime Dub Encounters; Caroline
2. Ovlov; Spright; Tru; Exploding In Sound
3. Ovlov; Baby Alligator; Tru; Exploding In Sound
4. Stove; Graduate & Congratulate; Is A Toad In the Rain; Exploding In Sound
5. Sitcom; Still Life; Be the One You Love; Sitcom
6. Stephen Stills; Old Times Good Times; Stephen Stills; Atlantic
7. Chassol + Bonnie Banane; Feu Au Lac; Feu Au Lac; Entreprise
8. Jimmy Whoo; Burn a Car feat. Bonnie Banane; Chambre 51; JimmyWhoo
9. Mr. Twin Sister; Jaipur; Jaipur – Single; Twin Group
10. Twin Sister; Lady Daydream; Vampires With Dreaming Kids & Color Your Life – Douple EP; Double Six
11. Spröde Lippen; Magdeburg; Nicht Schneller Nur Lauter; Latenz
12. Spröde Lippen; Position Es; Schleifen; Latenz
13. Sampa the Great; Blessings; the Great Mixtape; Wondercore Island Records
14. Sampa the Great; Flowers feat. Remi; Birds and the Bee9; Big Dada
15. Teleman; Submarine Life; Submarine Life – Single; Moshi Moshi
16. Tanukichan; Natural; Sundays; Company Records
17. Tanukichan; The Blue Sky; Sundays; Company Records
18. Toro Y Moi; Labyrinth; Boo Boo; Carpark
19. Astronauts, Etc. ; Visitor; Living In Symbol; Company Records
20. Astronauts, Etc. ; the Border; Living In Symbol; Company Records
21. Les Sins; Talk About; Michael; Carpark
22. Tanukichan; This Time; Sundays; Company Records
23. Noname; Sunny Duet – feat. the Mind; Telefone; Noname
24. Jamila Woods; Vry Blk feat. Noname (prod. by OddCouple & Kweku Collins); Heavn; Closed Sessions
25. Buddy; Black – feat. Asap Ferg ; Harlan & Alondra; Cool Lil’ Company / RCA
26. Buddy; Hey Up There – feat. Ty Dolla $ign; Harlan & Alondra; Cool Lil’ Company / RCA
27. Gia Margaret; Birthday; There’s Always Glimmer; Orindal
28. Gia Margaret; Goodnight; There’s Always Glimmer; Orindal
29. Kate NV; Two; For; Rvng Intl.
30. Kate NV; YOU; For; Rvng Intl.
31. Underworld + Iggy Pop; I See Big; Teatime Dub Encounters; Caroline

Nachtclub am 20. Juli 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Shame; One Rizla; Songs Of Praise; Dead Oceans
2. Moaning; Tired; Moaning; SubPop
3. Snail Mail; Speaking Terms; Lush; Matador
4. Jaguwar; Night Out; Ringthing; Tapete
5. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim; Adventures of Ew McNasty; Spencer For Higher; Daupe!
6. Lorde Fredd33; Possum Play; Norf: the Legend of Hotboy Ronald; New Age Narcissism
7. Ayalew Mesfin; Hasabe (My Worries); Hasabe (My Worries); Now Again
8. 1954; It Was Love; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
9. Melody’s Echo Chamber; Visions of Someone Special, on a Wall of Reflections; Bon Voyage; Domino / Fat Possum
10. Die Nerven; Niemals; Fake; Glitterhouse
11. Heads. Wolves At the Door; Collider; This Charming Man Records
12. Suuns; Make It Real; Felt; Secretly Canadian
13. A.A.L. (Against All Logic); This Old House Is All I Have; 2012-2017; Other People
14. Tierra Whack ; Hungry Hippo; Whack World ; Tierra Whack
15. Tierra Whack ; Fruit Salad; Whack World ; Tierra Whack
16. Shitkid; All My Fears; This Is It; PNKSLM
17. Kwam E. Es Ist Kwam; Whut Da Phunk; Nur! Musik
18. DJ Koze; Drone Me Up, Flashy – feat. Sophia Kennedy; Knock Knock; Pampa
19. Lauren Auder; the Baptist; Who Carry’s You – EP; True Panther Sounds
20. Jitwam; thelove; Jitwam; Cosmic Compositions
21. Dabrye; Lil Mufukuz – feat. MF Doom; Three / Three; Ghostly International
22. Chris Carter; Blissters; Chemistry Lessons Vol. 1; Mute
23. Olden Yolk; Vital Signs; Olden Yolk; Trouble In Mind
24. Caroline Says; I Tried; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
25. Caroline Says; Mea Culpa; No Fool Like An Old Fool; Western Vinyl
26. Galcher Lustwerk; Life; 200% Galcher; Lustwerk Music
27. Palmbomen II; Pure Tibet; Memories Of Cindy; Beats In Space Records
28. Primitive Trust; Little Love; Primitive Trust – Single; Aus Music

Nachtclub am 13. Juli 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Turner; Multiorgel; Lukin Orgel; Ladomat 2000
2. Buffalo Daughter; New Rock; New Rock; Grand Royal
3. Yoshinori Sunahara; Cross Wind Take Off; Take Off and Landing; Bungalow
4. Cat Power; Cross Bones Style; Moon Pix; Matador
5. Beastie Boys; Intergalactic; Hello Nasty; Grand Royal
6. Beastie Boys; I Don’t Know; Hello Nasty; Grand Royal
7. A Tribe Called Quest; Da Booty; the Love Movement; Jive
8. Massive Attack; Teardrop; Mezzanine; Virgin
9. Air; All I Need – feat. Beth Hirsch; Moon Safari; Virgin
10. LB; Ashes To Ashes; Pop Artificielle; KK Records
11. Stina Nordenstam; Reason to Believe; People Are Strange; East West
12. Arab Strap; One Day, After School; Philophobia; Chemikal Underground
13. Belle & Sebastian; the Boy With the Arab Strap; the Boy With the Arab Strap; Jeepster
14. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; Talk About the Blues; Acme; Mute
15. Black Star; Astronomy 8th Light; Black Star; Rawkus
16. Gang Starr; You Know My Steez; Moment of Truth; EMI
17. Eins Zwo; Kalt Wie Eis; Sport – EP; Yo Mama
18. Notwist; Day 7; Shrink; Community / Virgin
19. Elliott Smith; Independence Day; XO; Dreamworks
20. Mark Hollis; Watershed; Mark Hollis; Polydor
21. Boards of Canada; Rue the Whirl; Music Has the Right to Children; Warp
22. Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman; Never Tell you; Showcase; Burial Mix
23. Mercury Rev; Holes; Deserter’s Songs; V2
24. Beck; Nobody’s Fault By My Own; Mutations; Geffen
25. Sparklehorse ; Hundreds of Sparrows; Good Morning Spider; Parlophone
26. Isolée; Beau Mot Plage; Beau Mot Plage – Single; Playhouse

Nachtclub am 06. Juli 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Dancehall; Burn; the Band; Vibe / Anti-Vibe
2. Dancehall; Vitamins; the Band; Vibe / Anti-Vibe
3. Sister Nancy; Bam Bam; Various Fat City 5 Comp. Fat City
4. King Jammy – Wayne Smith; Under Mi Sleng Teng; Under Me Sleng Teng – Single; Tommy Boy
5. MM Studio; the Good Star Dub; Good Star Dubs; AlbumLabel
6. Sink Ya Teeth; Petrol Blue; Sink Ya Teeth; Hey Buffalo Records
7. LCD Soundsystem; Time to Get Away; Sound Of Silver; EMI
8. Sink Ya Teeth; If You See Me – Album Mix; Sink Ya Teeth; Hey Buffalo Records
9. Chastity; Anoxia; Death Lust; Captured Tracks
10. Chastity; Come; Death Lust; Captured Tracks
11. Chastity; Scary; Death Lust; Captured Tracks
12. Chastity Belt; Drone; Time To Go Home; Hardly Art
13. Bodega; Bodega Birth; Endless Scroll; What’s Your Rupture
14. Bodega; Gyrate; Endless Scroll; What’s Your Rupture
15. Vinyl Williams; Noumena; Noumena – Single; Requiem Pour Un Twister
16. Vinyl Williams; Riddles of the Sphinx; Brunei; Company Records
17. Jeremy Jay; On the Brighton Shore; Demons; El Segell del Primavera
18. jeremy Jay; Gallop; Slow Dance; K Records
19. Bernice; Glue; Puff: in the Air Without A Shape; Arts & Crafts
20. Can; She Brings the Rain; Singles ; Spoon
21. Bernice; He’s the Moon; Puff: in the Air Without A Shape; Arts & Crafts
22. Lena Platonos; Bloody Shadows From Afar; Gallop; Lyra
23. Agnes Obel; Familiar; Citizen Of Glass; PIAS
24. Freddie Gibbs; Weight; Freddie; ESGN
25. Freddie Gibbs / Madlib; Scarface; Pinata; Madlib Invazion
26. Okzharp & Mante Ribane; Dun; Closer Apart; Hyperdub
27. Okzharp & Mante Ribane; Make U Blue; Closer Apart; Hyperdub
28. Blawan; Careless; Wet Will Always Dry; Ternesc
29. Blawan; Stell; Wet Will Always Dry; Ternesc
30. Blawan; Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garagw; His He She & She; Hinge Finger