Nachtclub am 27. Januar 2017 – Jaki Liebezeit R.I.P.

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Can; I Want More; Flow Motion; EMI
2.; Can; Moonshake; Future Days; Spoon
3.; Phantom Band; Neon Man; Nowhere; Spoon
4.; Holger Czukay; the Photo Song; Der Osten ist Rot / Rome Remains Rome; Grönland
5.; Eurythmics; Take Me To Your Heart; In the Garden; RCA
6.; Can; Vitamin C; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
7.; Can; Mushroom; Tago Mago; Spoon
8.; Jah Wobble; Swallow In the World feat. Jaki Liebezeit; the Inspiration Of William Blake; All Saints
9.; Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit; the Librarian feat. David Sylvian; Secret Rhythms 2; Nonplace
10.; Joachim Witt; Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater); Edelweiß; WEA
11.; Joachim Witt; Ich Fahr Nach Afrika; Edelweiß; WEA
12.; Depeche Mode; the Bottom Line – feat. Jaki Liebezeit; Ultra; Mute
13.; Can; I’m So Green; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
14.; Can; Spoon; Ege Bamyasi; Spoon
15.; Spoon; Hot Thoughts; Hot Thoughts; Matador
16.; Menace Beach; Maybe We’ll Drown; Lemon Memory; Memphis Industries
17.; Menace Beach; Can’t Get a Haircut; Lemon Memory; Memphis Industries
18.; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Almost Cut My Hair; Déjà vu; Atlantic
19.; Cloud Nothings; Modern Act; Life Without Sound; Wichita
20.; Cloud Nothings; You’re Not That Goot at Anything; Cloud Nothings; Carpark
21.; Cloud Nothings; Sight Unseen; Life Without Sounds; Wichita
22.; Dillon Cooper; Survival of the Fittest; Cozmik; DC
23.; Mobb Deep; Survival of the Fittest; the Infamous; Loud Records
24.; New Gen; Rather Get Money (feat. TE dness); Various – New Gen ; XL Recordings
26.; New Gen; Busy (feat. Ray BLK); Various – New Gen ; XL Recordings
27.; Kamaiyah; Freaky Freaks (Prod. Trackademicks); A Good Night in the Ghetto; Kamaiayh

Nachtclub am 20. Januar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Cherry Glazerr; Trash People; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
2.; Cherry Glazerr; Told You I’d Be With the Guys; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
3.; Cherry Glazerr; Nuclear Bomb; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
4.; Echo Ladies; Close To Be Close To Me; Close To Be Close To Me; Hybris
5.; Hiss Golden Messenger; Like A Mirror Loves A Hammer; Heart Like a Levee; Merge Records
6.; Surface to Air Missive; Time Being; A V; Leaving Recoreds
7.; Lambchop; Relatives #2; Flotus; City Slang
8.; Lambchop; Betweenus; I Hope You’re Sitting Down; City Slang
9.; Terry; Hot Heads; Terry HQ; Upset the Rhythm!
10.; John Maus; Real Bad Job; Songs; Upset the Rhythm
11.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Pilene; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
12.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Blistering Heat; Sun Stare Sound; Young Aspiring Professionals
13.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Romreisen; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
14.; Egoism; Moon; Moon; Egoism
15.; Cherry Glazerr; Moon Dust; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
16.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Moonstruck; the Megaphonic Thrift; ClubAC30
17.; the Megaphonic Drift; Hendene; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
18.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Exploding Eyes; A Thousand Years of Deconstruction; Spoon Train Audio
19.; Sonic Youth; Incinerate; Rather Ripped; Geffen
20.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Fire Walk With Everyone; the Megaphonic Thrift; ClubAC30
21.; Mondo Fumatore; White Devil; the Yeah the Yeah and the Yeah; Rewika
22.; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Rich; Fever To Tell; Polydor
23.; Cherry Glazerr; Nurse Ratched; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
24.; Cherry Glazerr; Cry Baby; Haxel Princess; Burger Records
26.; Big Thief; Interstate; Masterpiece; Saddle Creek
27.; 18+; Leaf; Collect; Houndstooth
28.; Efdè; My Bleep (Original Mix); My Bleep – EP; Voyage Direct
29.; Elder Island; Golden; Seeds in the Sand;

Nachtclub am 13. Januar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Jay Som; Ghost; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
2. DTCV; Histoire Seule; Confusion Moderne; La Souterraine
3. Laetitia Sadier; Afflux De Luxe; 16 Visions of Ex-Futur; Crammed Disks
4. Stereolab; Peng! 33; Peng; Too Pure
5. Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul; Afflux de Luxe; Ex-Futur Album; Crammed Disks
6. Jaakko Eino Kalevi; I’m Always Crying; 16 Visions of Ex-Futur; Crammed Disks
7. Jaakko Eino Kalevi; Who Put the Bomb; Modern Life; Helmi Levyt
8. Jay Som; Turn Into; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
9. Jay Som; Unlimited Touch; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
10. Jay Som; Slow; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
11. Nilufer Yanya; Small Crimes ; Small Crimes – Single; Nilufer Yanya
12. Nilufer Yanya; Small Crimes (Bullion Remix); Small Crimes (Bullion Remix) – Single; Nilufer Yanya
13. the Flaming Lips; One Night While Hunting for Fairies and Witches and Wizzards to Kill; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
14. Dip in the Pool; On Retinae (West Version); On Retinae – Single; Music From Memory
15. Heinz Becker, Karl-Heinz Stegmann, Isabel Zeumber; Mein Tanzlied; Ich Träume So Leise Von Dir – 12”; Music From Memory
16. Kleenex; Nice; First Songs; Mississippi Records
17. Kleenex; 1978; First Songs; Mississippi Records
18. Steven Warwick; CTFO; Nadir; Pan
19. Heatsick & Young Marco; Dream Tennis – Young Marco Remix; Sorry for the Late Reply: Various Remixes For Various Reasons; Safe Trip
20. Jacco Gardner, Young Marco; End of August – Young Marco Remix; Sorry for the Late Reply: Various Remixes For Various Reasons; Safe Trip
21. the Flaming Lips; How; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
22. the Flaming Lips; Us and Them; the Dark Side of the Moon; Warner
23. the Flaming Lips; Any Colour You Like; the Dark Side of the Moon; Warner
24. the Flaming Lips; Sunrise; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
26. Jay Som; Our Red Door; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
27. Rolando Simmons; Magick Machine; Walk On Strawberries EP; 030303

Nachtclub am 06. Januar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Sir Was; In the Midst; In the Midst; City Slang
2. Sir Was; Falcon; Says Hi; City Slang
3. Blond Ambition; Hurricanes; Hurricanes; CSCN
4. Ex Cops; the Millionaire; You Are a Lion, I am A Lamb – Single; Other Music Recording Co.
5. Minks; The Funeral Song; By the Hedge; Captured Tracks
6. Karies; Keine Zeit für Zärtlichkeit; Es Geht Sich Aus; This Charming Man Records
7. Blumfeld; Zeittotschläger; Ich-Maschine; What’s So Funny About
8. Karies; Es Geht Sich Aus; Es Geht Sich Aus; This Charming Man Records
9. Eyedress; Sofia Coppola; Sofia Coppola Single; Manimal Records
10. Sevdaliza; Marilyn Monroe; Children of Silk EP; Sevdaliza
11. L.A. Salami; I Shook Hands With the Strange Boys; I Shook Hands With the Strange Boys – Single; Sunday Best
12. Strange Boys; Be Brave; Be Brave; Rough Trade
13. the Seeds; Can’t Seem to Make You Mine; the Seeds; Sonet
14. Jess Williamson; Heart Song; Heart Song; Brutal Honest
15. Wildhart; Heal; Shine; Gaphals
16. ADR; Lost Ya; Throat; PAN
17. Dave Aju; Anyway; Open Wide; Circuscompany
18. PVT; Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend; Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend; Felte
19. PVT; Shiver; Homosapien; Felte
20. Gold Class; the Soft Delay; It’s You; Felte
21. Felt; Something Sends Me to Sleep; Gold Mine Trash; Rough Trade
22. Hideous Towns; Value; Disquiet Living; the Lost and Lonesome Recording Co.
23. Jim James; Hide in Plain Sight; Eternally Even; Capitol
24. My Morning Jacket; Lowdown; At Dawn; Darla
26. Jess Williamson; White Bed; Heart Song; Brutal Honest
27. Cat Power; Cross Bones Style; Moon Pix; Matador