Nachtclub am 20. Januar 2017

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Cherry Glazerr; Trash People; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
2.; Cherry Glazerr; Told You I’d Be With the Guys; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
3.; Cherry Glazerr; Nuclear Bomb; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
4.; Echo Ladies; Close To Be Close To Me; Close To Be Close To Me; Hybris
5.; Hiss Golden Messenger; Like A Mirror Loves A Hammer; Heart Like a Levee; Merge Records
6.; Surface to Air Missive; Time Being; A V; Leaving Recoreds
7.; Lambchop; Relatives #2; Flotus; City Slang
8.; Lambchop; Betweenus; I Hope You’re Sitting Down; City Slang
9.; Terry; Hot Heads; Terry HQ; Upset the Rhythm!
10.; John Maus; Real Bad Job; Songs; Upset the Rhythm
11.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Pilene; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
12.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Blistering Heat; Sun Stare Sound; Young Aspiring Professionals
13.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Romreisen; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
14.; Egoism; Moon; Moon; Egoism
15.; Cherry Glazerr; Moon Dust; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
16.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Moonstruck; the Megaphonic Thrift; ClubAC30
17.; the Megaphonic Drift; Hendene; Fa Meg Til Verden I Tide; Neues Records
18.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Exploding Eyes; A Thousand Years of Deconstruction; Spoon Train Audio
19.; Sonic Youth; Incinerate; Rather Ripped; Geffen
20.; the Megaphonic Thrift; Fire Walk With Everyone; the Megaphonic Thrift; ClubAC30
21.; Mondo Fumatore; White Devil; the Yeah the Yeah and the Yeah; Rewika
22.; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Rich; Fever To Tell; Polydor
23.; Cherry Glazerr; Nurse Ratched; Apocalipstick; Secretly Canadian
24.; Cherry Glazerr; Cry Baby; Haxel Princess; Burger Records
26.; Big Thief; Interstate; Masterpiece; Saddle Creek
27.; 18+; Leaf; Collect; Houndstooth
28.; Efdè; My Bleep (Original Mix); My Bleep – EP; Voyage Direct
29.; Elder Island; Golden; Seeds in the Sand;

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