Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Underworld + Iggy Pop; Bells & Circles; Teatime Dub Encounters; Caroline
2. Ovlov; Spright; Tru; Exploding In Sound
3. Ovlov; Baby Alligator; Tru; Exploding In Sound
4. Stove; Graduate & Congratulate; Is A Toad In the Rain; Exploding In Sound
5. Sitcom; Still Life; Be the One You Love; Sitcom
6. Stephen Stills; Old Times Good Times; Stephen Stills; Atlantic
7. Chassol + Bonnie Banane; Feu Au Lac; Feu Au Lac; Entreprise
8. Jimmy Whoo; Burn a Car feat. Bonnie Banane; Chambre 51; JimmyWhoo
9. Mr. Twin Sister; Jaipur; Jaipur – Single; Twin Group
10. Twin Sister; Lady Daydream; Vampires With Dreaming Kids & Color Your Life – Douple EP; Double Six
11. Spröde Lippen; Magdeburg; Nicht Schneller Nur Lauter; Latenz
12. Spröde Lippen; Position Es; Schleifen; Latenz
13. Sampa the Great; Blessings; the Great Mixtape; Wondercore Island Records
14. Sampa the Great; Flowers feat. Remi; Birds and the Bee9; Big Dada
15. Teleman; Submarine Life; Submarine Life – Single; Moshi Moshi
16. Tanukichan; Natural; Sundays; Company Records
17. Tanukichan; The Blue Sky; Sundays; Company Records
18. Toro Y Moi; Labyrinth; Boo Boo; Carpark
19. Astronauts, Etc. ; Visitor; Living In Symbol; Company Records
20. Astronauts, Etc. ; the Border; Living In Symbol; Company Records
21. Les Sins; Talk About; Michael; Carpark
22. Tanukichan; This Time; Sundays; Company Records
23. Noname; Sunny Duet – feat. the Mind; Telefone; Noname
24. Jamila Woods; Vry Blk feat. Noname (prod. by OddCouple & Kweku Collins); Heavn; Closed Sessions
25. Buddy; Black – feat. Asap Ferg ; Harlan & Alondra; Cool Lil’ Company / RCA
26. Buddy; Hey Up There – feat. Ty Dolla $ign; Harlan & Alondra; Cool Lil’ Company / RCA
27. Gia Margaret; Birthday; There’s Always Glimmer; Orindal
28. Gia Margaret; Goodnight; There’s Always Glimmer; Orindal
29. Kate NV; Two; For; Rvng Intl.
30. Kate NV; YOU; For; Rvng Intl.
31. Underworld + Iggy Pop; I See Big; Teatime Dub Encounters; Caroline

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