Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Ty Segall; Black Magick; Sentimental Goblin; Suicide Squeeze
2. the Flaming Lips; How; Oczy Mlody; Bella Union
3. PVT; Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend; New Spirit; Felte
4. Isolée; Mangrove; Mangroove; Maeve
5. the Courtneys; Tour; the Courtneys II; Flying Nun Records
6. Dutch Uncles; Combo Box; Big Balloon; Memphis Industries
7. Moiré; Bootleg (feat. DRS); No Future; Ghostly International
8. Dirty Projectors; Death Spiral; Dirty Projectors; Domino
9. Wild Pink; Battle of Bedford Falls; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
10. Thundercat; Jethro; Drunk; Brainfeeder
11. Ja König Ja; Temptation; Temptation; JKJ
12. Pick a Piper; Geographically Opposed; Distance; Tin Angel Records
13. Pick a Piper; Flood of my Eyes; Distance; Tin Angel Records
14. Chrome Sparks; Wake; Wake – Single; Counter Records
15. Sleaford Mods; Moptop; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
16. Laura Marling; Don’t Pass Me By; Semper Femina; More Alarming
17. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; French Press; the French Press EP; SubPop
18. the Go! Team; Rolling Blackouts; Rolling Blackouts; Memphis Industries
19. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; Julie’s Place; the French Press EP; SubPop
20. Desperate Journalist; Hollow; Grow Up; Fierce Panda
21. Kelly Lee Owens; S.O. Kelly Lee Owens; Smalltown Supersound
22. Acid Pauli; Majid; BLD; Ouie
23. Sneaks; Hair Slick Back; It’s A Myth; Merge

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