Nachtclub am 23. Oktober

1.; the Springfields; This Perfect Day; Singles 1986-91; Slumberland
2.; the Beatles; Rain; Hey Jude; Apple
3.; the Springfields; Sunflower; Singles 1986-91; Slumberland
4.; Good Sad Happy Bad; Honey; Shades; Textile Records
5.; Micachu & the Shapes; Dreaming; Good Sad Happy Bad; Rough Trade
6.; Good Sad Happy Bad; Blessed; Shades; Textile Records
7.; Tirzah; I’m Not Dancing; I’m Not Dancing – EP; Greco-Roman
8.; Good Sad Happy Bad; Bubble; Shades; Textile Records
9.; Tirzah; Make it Up; Make It Up – EP; Greco-Roman
10.; Slow Pulp; Trade It; Moveys; Winspear
11.; Slow Pulp; At It Again; Moveys; Winspear
12.; Skullcrusher; Lift; Farm b/w Lift; Secretly Canadian
13.; Skullcrusher; Places / Plans; Skullcrusher EP; Secretly Canadian
14.; Fanclubwallet; Car Crash in G Major; Car Crash in G Major – Single; Gavel Tapes
15.; Talking Heads; Seen And Not Seen; Remain In Light; Sire
16.; Talking Heads; Listening Wind; Remain In Light; Sire
17.; Talking Heads; Born Under Punches (the Heat Goes On); Remain In Light; Sire
18.; Magdalena Bay; Woww; Woww – Single; Luminelle Recordings
19.; Deradoorian; Corsican Shores; Find the Sun; Anti
20.; Deradoorian; Devil’s Market; Find the Sun; Anti
21.; Darkside; Paper Trails; Psychic; Other People
22.; Isola; Ischia; EP1; Godmode
23.; Isola; Said It Again; EP1; Godmode
24.; Channel Tres; Topdown; Channel Tres EP; Godmode
25.; Khotin; Groove 32; Finds You Well; Ghostly International
26.; Boards of Canada; Rue the Whirl; Music Has the Right to Children; Warp
27.; the Sugarhill Gang; Rapper’s Delight; the Sugarhill Gang; Bellaphon
28.; Nightmares On Wax; Pipes Honour; Smokers Delight; Warp
29.; Nightmares On Wax; Nights Introlude; Smokers Delight; Warp

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