Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Snail Mail; Pristine; Lush; Matador
2.; Flasher; Pressure; Constant Image; Domino
3.; Virginia Wing; Pale Burnt Lake; Ecstatic Arrow; Fire Records
4.; Virginia Wing; Be Released; Ecstatic Arrow; Fire Records
5.; Jane Weaver; Arrows; the Silver Globe; Finders Keepers Records
6.; Virginia Wing; Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day; Ecstatic Arrow; Fire Records
7.; Jefferson Airplane; Triad; Crown of Creation; RCA
8.; Witch; Introduction; We Intend to Cause Havoc; Now Again Music
9.; Witch; Home Town; We Intend to Cause Havoc; Now Again Music
10.; Witch; Like A Chicken; We Intend to Cause Havoc; Now Again Music
11.; Snail Mail; Speaking Terms; Lush; Matador
12.; Snail Mail; Heat Wave; Lush; Matador
13.; Helium; Aging Astronauts; the Magic City; Matador
14.; Snail Mail; Let’s Find an Out; Lush; Matador
15.; Ariel Pink; Time To Live; Dedicated To Bobby Jameson; Mexican Summer
16.; Crack Cloud; Time Unsubsidized; Crack Cloud; Meat Machine
17.; Crack Cloud; Bastard Basket; Crack Cloud; Meat Machine
18.; Talking Heads; Making Flippy Floppy; Speaking In Tongues; Rhino
19.; B. Fleischmann; Here Comes the A Train; Stop Making Fans; Morr Music
20.; Fahrland; Yesterday – feat. Mz Sunday Luv; Mixtape Vol. 01; Kompakt
21.; Fahrland; I Am Robot; Mixtape Vol. 01; Kompakt
22.; Fahrland; Sky So High; Mixtape Vol. 01; Kompakt
23.; Geiger Vs. Supermayer; Good Evening – Supermayer Rmx; Immer 2; Kompakt
24.; Kurtis Blow; the Breaks; Kurtis Blow; Mercury
25.; Geronimus Brothers; Late; Just Another Weekday – EP; Jakarta Records
26.; Sudan Archives; Nont For Sale; Sink; Stones Throw Records
27.; Kadjha Bonet; Procession; Childqueen; Fat Possum
28.; Kadjha Bonet; Another Time Lover; Childqueen; Fat Possum

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