Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Vaali; Womp Womp – feat. Jeremih; Womp Womp – Single; Def Jam
2.; James Blake; Don’t Miss It – feat. Dominic Maker; Don’t Miss It; James Blake
3.; TT ; I’ve Been Fine; Lovelaws; Loveleaks / Caroline
4.; Warmduscher; I Got Friends; Whale City; the Leaf Label
5.; Warmduscher; 1000 Whispers; Whale City; the Leaf Label
6.; Courtney Barnett; Walking On Eggshells; Tell Me How You Really Feel; Marathon Artists (Rough Trade)
7.; Bully; Guess There; Losing; Sub Pop
8.; Electrelane; the Valleys; All Tomorrow’s Parties Recordings 3.1; All Tomorrow’s Parties Recordings
9.; Bully; Kills To Be Resistant; Losing; Sub Pop
10.; the Police; the Bed’s Too Big Without You; ; Reggatta de Blanc; A&M
11.; Lump; Shake Your Shelter; Lump; Dead Oceans
12.; Lump; Lump Is a Product (Credits); Lump; Dead Oceans
13.; Dauerfisch; Album Credits; Crime of the Century; Bungalow
14.; Yuno; Fall In Love; Fall In Love – Single; SubPop
15.; Henry Canyons; I’m On It; Cool Side of the Pillow; Backwoodz Studioz
16.;; Without Bloom; Goodbye; Felte
17.;; Hate; Goodbye; Felte
18.; Michele Mercure; Too Much; Eye Chant; Freedom To Spend
19.; Marc Barreca; Community Life; Music Works For Industry; Freedom To Spend
20.; DJ Healer; We Are Going Nowhere; Nothing 2 Loose; All Possible Worlds
21.; Laurie Anderson; O Superman; Big Science; Warner Bros.
22.; Prime Minister of Doom; Getting Things Started; Mudshadow Propaganda; Planet Uterus
23.; Prime Minister of Doom; Grand Finale; Mudshadow Propaganda; Planet Uterus
24.; DJ Healer; 2 the Dark; Nothing 2 Loose; All Possible Worlds
25.; DJ Seinfeld ; Sagrada; Sakura EP; Lobster Fury
26.; Yotam Avni; Luna; Circulation; Hotflush Recordings
27.; Banjo or Freakout; Go Ahead; Banjo or Freakout; Memphis Industries
28.; Not Waving; Where Are We (feat. Marie Davidson); Good Luck; Diagonal Records

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