Nachtclub am 22. Februar 2019

1.; Drahla; Fictional Decision; A Compact Cassette; Captured Tracks
2.; Drahla; Silk Spirit; Third Article EP; Blank Ad
3.; Panda Bear; Inner Monoloque; Buoys; Domino
4.; Avey Tare; Saturdays (Again); Saturdays (Again) – Single; Domino
5.; Tears for Fears; My Girls; My Girls; Tears for Fears
6.; Becca Stevens; My Girls; Weightless; Sunnyside
7.; Donny McCaslin; the Opener – feat. Sun Kil Moon; Blow; Motema Music
8.; Red House Painters; Grace Cathedral Park; Red House Painters; 4AD
9.; Julia Jacklin; Body; Crushing; Polyvinyl
10.; Julia Jacklin; You Were Right; Crushing; Polyvinyl
11.; Shit And Shine; You Were Very High; Very High EP; Diagonal Records
12.; Steely Dan; Black Cow; Aja; ABC
13.; Benny Sings; Not Enough; City Melody; Stones Throw
14.; Benny Sings; Familiar; City Melody; Stones Throw
15.; Cornelius; Drop; Point; Matador
16.; Benny Sings; My World – feat.Cornelius; City Melody; Stones Throw
17.; Michael Franks; I Don’t Know Why I’m So Happy I’m Sad; the Art of Tea; Reprise
18.; Benny Sings; Duplicate – feat. Mocky; City Melody; Stones Throw
19.; Laurie Anderson; From the Air; Big Science; Warner Bros.
20.; Laurie Anderson; Blue Lagoon; Mister Heartbreak; WEA
21.; Odetta Hartman; Misery; Old Rockhounds Never Die; Memphis Industries
22.; Wild Nothing; Summer Holiday; Gemini; Captured Tracks
23.; C’Mon Tigre; Gran Torino; Racines; African Tape
24.; C’Mon Tigre; Guide To Poison Tastin; Racines; BDC / Indigo

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