Nachtclub am 01. März 2019 – R.I.P. Mark Hollis

1. Mark Hollis; Watershed; Mark Hollis; Polydor
2. Talk Talk; Talk Talk; The Party’s Over; EMI
3. Talk Talk; Dum Dum Girl; It’s My Life; EMI
4. Talk Talk; Happiness Is Easy; Colour Of Spring; EMI
5. Talk Talk; The Rainbow; Spirit of Eden; EMI
6. Unknown Artist; Wealth; Wealth / New Grass – Single; F
7. Talk Talk; Wealth; Spirit of Eden; EMI
8. Anja Garbarek; the Gown; Smiling & Waving; Virgin
9. Broken Social Scene; Sentimental Xs; Forgiveness Rock Record; Arts & Crafts
10. Rocko Schamoni; Mark Hollis Lebt; Mark Hollis Lebt; Tapete
11. Markus Güntner; Such A Shame; Forget Sandra EP; Ware
12. Talk Talk; I Don’t Believe in You; the Colour Of Spring; EMI
13. Talk Talk; I Believe in You; Spirit of Eden; EMI
14. Slowdive; Blue Skied an’ Clear; Pygmalion; Creation
15. Talk Talk; Ascension Day; Laughing Stock; Verve
16. Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man; Show; Out of Season; Go Beat
17. Rustin Man; Our Tomorrows; Drift Code; Domino
18. Movietone; Useless Landscapes; Day And Night (1997); Domino
19. Hood; Your Ambient Voice; Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys (1997); Domino
20. Talk Talk; After The Flood; Laughing Stock; Verve
21. Mark Hollis; the Gift; Mark Hollis; Polydor

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